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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam holds the baby Steffy intends to adopt. She feels the bonding and he says she will fit right into her family. She says they may not be together anymore but they are still family. She is her daughter but she belongs to him too. Then Liam gives the baby girl a bottle and says he feels sorry for the poor woman who had to give him up. And he tells the baby she is so lucky to have such a great mom. On one side of the backstage watching Zoe and friends in talent show is the thug and watching them and the thug from other side is Reese. The thug makes a move and Reese jumps over everything to grab him and tells him quickly that he has the $50,000. There will be more so just leave Zoe alone. The thug checks out the money and leaves. Eric sits around the table with Quinn, Maya and Pam. They discuss the loss to Hope and he says that is what makes family so great that they can pick each other up in a crisis.

Steffy confides in Liam that her mother is out now making the down payment to the mom. And that she wants to name the baby Phoebe and hope for that same bond that she had with her own Phoebe with Kelly. He does ask about Flo and then the dad and Steffy assures him she could not handle the responsibilities with a hard life and the father is not involved at all. Liam says he was skeptical at first but she certainly has proved him wrong. She went out and found this baby and she truly is her mom. Reese is still there when Zoe is finished with the talent show and asks him truth time. She wonders why he is here. He sounded worried over the phone. He has not seemed himself lately. He says that is about to change as he feels things are suddenly going to go his way. Liam starts to go but Steffy keeps wanting him to stay and meet Flo as she will be back. He says he wishes he had Beth but Kelly having this sister feels good. He thanks her for doing this. She says she is ready to sign the papers and let the press have a field day that she has one baby and now goes out and gets another. Liam even tells her that he will be a father figure for this baby along with Kelly. A baby cries and he asks if he might go pick her up. He tells Phoebe that he is really glad she is here. She belongs in his daughter’s life. He gives her a kiss on her forehead.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer and Jack argued over Eve trying to get him to be mayor. Will talked to Marlena about John finding out any information on Leo’s mother. She said John needed more to go on. Leo tried to get Sonny to have sex with him. Rex accused Eric and Sarah of having an affair. Eric said there was nothing going on between them. She confessed that she slept with Xander. Rex couldn’t believe it. He wanted to know how Eric knew about it. Eric left the apartment. Jack was upset with Jennifer for telling him all of the bad things he did. He told her that all she did was tell him what he couldn’t do. He wasn’t going to turn his back on Eve no matter how much Jennifer hated her. Eve found Xander in her room. He told her that she didn’t hold up her end of the bargain. She said she gave him the information he needed to become CEO, but he blew it. He took Rolf’s diary from her. She fought him to try and get it back. Eric went to see Marlena. He wanted to talk to her about Sarah. Rex told Sarah that he didn’t have a right to be upset with her having sex with Xander. She reminded him about how he cheated on her. He said that she wanted to hurt him as much as he hurt her. She said that was what she was doing. He said that she hurt Eric more than she hurt him. Xander told Eve that she wasn’t getting the diary. He wanted to keep it until he got what he wanted. She said she couldn’t make Victor hire him. He said he would have to ruin her plans. Jack told Jennifer that there was nothing that would bring his memory back. She said there was. They saw Will at the town square. Jack wanted to know who he was. She said they had a lot in common.

Leo tried to blackmail Sonny into having sex with him. Jennifer told Jack that Will went through the same thing as him. Will told Jack that he used Rolf’s serum and he got his memory back. Jack wanted to know where it was. Jennifer told Jack what Kayla told him. Will asked about Rolf’s notes. Jack asked if Will was happy that he had his memory back. Will said he was happy, but upset at the same time. Will made it seem as if it wasn’t a good thing to have your memory back. Xander told Eve that all he had to do was give the notes to someone and Jack will get his memory back. She wanted to know what he wanted her to do. She said he blew it. She wanted him to leave town because everyone hated his guts. Rex offered to talk to Eric for Sarah, but she didn’t want his help. Eric told Marlena about how close he got to Sarah. He told her that he found Sarah in bed with Xander. Marlena was shocked. Eric told her that Sarah tried to sleep with him before she slept with Xander. Eric told her what happened when he walked in on Sarah and Xander. Marlena asked if he was upset about Sarah sleeping with Xander or the fact that she slept with anyone. He asked if she thought he was jealous. Xander took the diary and was going to be in touch with Eve when he figured out his plans for her. Rex told Sarah why he went to her room. He told her that he missed her so much. He didn’t want her to turn to a jerk like Xander. He wanted her to turn to a jerk like him. He wanted to know if he could have one more chance. Eric told Marlena that he was still in love with Nicole. He wanted to know what kind of man he would be if he fell in love with someone so soon. Marlena told him that it was okay to move on with Sarah. She told him that Nicole would want him to move on with his life. She told him that he needed to talk to Sarah. He told her that Rex loved Sarah. He said that Rex wants her back. He told her that Rex is his brother and he couldn’t hurt him the way he hurt Brady. Marlena wanted to know how hiding his feelings wouldn’t help Rex. Rex said he would never cheat on Sarah again. She asked why it happened. He told her why he cheated on her. She wanted to know what changed now. He told her that he wanted her in his life. He said he loved her and would make up from the pain that he caused her. Sonny told Leo that he was married to Will in his heart and wouldn’t betray him. Leo said he would give the pictures to anyone. Sonny told him to show the pictures. Sonny said that he would lose the new life that he has. Leo said he would get back to him. Will tried to tell Jack that it would be good for him to get his memory back. When Will left, Jennifer said she wanted Jack to meet someone in the same position. She told him about the real Jack. She told him that he always found hope in a real situation. She said she didn’t know or like the man he is now. She said it made her sad. Sonny called Will and told him that Leo tried to blackmail him into having sex with him. Marlena told Will that John found Leo’s mother. Eric walked in on Rex and Sarah kissing. Eric wanted to know what was going on. Rex said that he was a happy man.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ryan visits Lulu in her hospital room with the intention of killing her before she wakes up completely. Laura finds him along with Jordan and they get him to leave. He later finds out that she has no memory of what is going on. Robert shows up at GH and says that Arthur met with Anna at some point.

Sam goes to meet with Kristina and Shiloh about something. She discovers that it was supposedly Daisy who has sending her the messages. Sam sees. Kristina is mortified. Shiloh offers her a bigger role in the organization, which she accepts. Sam tells Jason they have to breakup when she gets home.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

It is morning and Phyllis informs Nick that the guest room was very comfortable, then asks if he believes her. Meanwhile, Abbey and Arturo visit the ranch to see Victor and announce their engagement. Victor isn’t happy and pulls out a prenupt for Arturo to sign. At the Abbott house Jack admits to Kyle and Billy that Kerry lied to him but they advise him to give her another chance. Jack calls Kerry and invites her to the engagement party for Abbey and Arturo at his house. At their apartment, Mia tells Rey their ceremony was amazing but Rey senses something. Mia says she has a headache from celebrating. Rey gets a text invite to the party but Mia doesn’t want to go and mentions Arturo’s selfishness at their wedding. At the ranch Abbey isn’t happy about the prenup and tells Victor he won’t sign it but Arturo grabs it and signs and tells Victor he loves Abbey. Victor bides them a long “engagement”. The two later arrive at the Abbott house to their surprise party. Meanwhile Nick has invited Sharon, Victoria and Nikki to his house and tells Sharon he knows she was involved. Nick is furious at them and demands the truth. The women fill Nick in about the night of the murder. The night is replayed with JT showing up and Nikki coming to her defense. Nikki informs Nick that JT admitted to harming Victor and leaving him to die and how he turned off Victor’s ventilator. They continue a replay of that night and all four women are solemn as they speak. Nikki defends her actions in protecting her daughter and admits she killed him. Nick still doesn’t understand why they didn’t call the cops. Sharon admits there was no going back. They continue with the details of the burial. They tell him hiding the truth took a toll but they didn’t have a choice. They fill him in about Tessa locating the video footage that JT took and about the blackmail. They all agree that Tessa is not the blackmailer. Phyllis admits she held onto the fireplace poker. Sharon tells her she probably planted the poker but Nick sticks up for Phyllis and doesn’t believe she would do that. He then gets a text invite to the engagement party. The women press him to go and act normal. Nick makes them promise not to tell Victor about Phyllis and Sharon’s involvement. He leaves with Victoria for the party, and Sharon calls Phyllis a bitch and they argue.

Mia and Rey arrive at the party and Mia asks Abbey if she is using new makeup as a greeting. Then Nick and Victoria arrive as does Kerry. Jack gives a toast at dinner and asks if anyone wants to speak. Victoria and Nick toast with heartfelt words. Mia asks for more wine and then says someone needs to speak for the Rosales family. Meanwhile, Phyllis is justifying her actions about the poker. They argue more and Phyllis mentions her loyalty. Sharon reminds them they need to stick together. At the ranch Victor is watching Johnny and Katie. While reading to Johnny, Katie disappears and Victor searches for her. Back at the party, Jack looks on as Kerry is texting away. Mia continues downing wine and tells the couple how happy she is for them and that she welcomes Abbey even though the Rosales family isn’t as rich as them. She tells him it’s hard to impress someone who has everything. She mentions that moving up in the world has agreed with Arturo and laughs loudly. Rey ushers her out as Mia turns back and tells Abbey to call her about her makeup. Jack questions how well he knows Kerry. Later he goes through her purse and finds the syringe. Later Abbey tells Arturo he better talk to Mia or she will. Mia and Rey later fight. Mia is mad and insists she spoke the truth. She insists Arturo’s heart will be broken. At Nick’s the three women discuss how it feels like someone has been watching them. Shortly after, Victor finds Kate who was talking to her imaginary friend in the dark hallway.

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