The TV MegaSite's Friday 1/25/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Steffy that part of her knew immediately this baby girl should be part of their family. Reese tells Flo that it is a postive sign but he wants to make sure everything goes according to plan. Make it happen, this is crucial. Liam walks in and Zoe and Emma suddenly become quiet. He tells them they can still laugh around him. Taylor calls Reese and says the decision has been made. Stephanie does want the baby. He says fine as Flo is taking the baby now to see baby Kelly. Good, all they need to do is talk money. He mentions $250,000 althought that sounds like a lot these things cover a lot of things. Taylor says no problem and she will bring the check. He nixes that and says bring $50,000 to him in cash as down payment, the rest later. Taylor relays it to Steffy and says they want a lot but she wants to do it for Steffy to make her family complete. Taylor hands the money over to Reese. She wonders why there are no papers to sign now. He says all he could do is give her a receipt. He says he will miss her. He has been offered a transfer and after what happened in Catalina he is considering it. She is shocked but says she understands. He has become very important in her life and she will definitely miss him.

Steffy calls Liam over. Steffy tells Flo her daughter will be well taken care of. Steffy asks to hold the baby and just beams as she is placed in her arms. She asks Flo to stay as long as she likes as Kelly’s father is now on his way over. Flo says she wants them to bond together first so she will just take a little walk on the beach or go for a drive and come back in an hour. The thug calls and says it is too late, just the $50,000 is not enough. Reese calls Zoe and asks where she is. She should not be alone and he wants her address where she is now. Liam arrives at Steffy’s and she says something joyful has happened that will add meaning to their family. He glances knowingly at the portrait on the wall and tells Steffy that by her face and her body language she has already made up her mind. He is dumbstruck and smiles that the baby is so beautiful and even looks a little like Kelly. She lets him hold her and he is delighted. He responds and then says he is good, he can do this. But it does make him miss Beth. But it is like this baby belongs here….to Steffy, to Kelly and maybe even to him. And he thanks whoever brought this child here.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah thought she had sex with Eric. When she woke up, she found Xander in bed with her. She was upset that he was in her bed. Eve and Jack talked about him running for mayor and what his chances were of winning. Jennifer asked Abe about the candidate running against him. Eric flashed back to finding Sarah in bed with Xander. Sarah was upset when Xander wanted to have sex again. Jennifer asked Abe what he thought about the other opponent. He didnít say anything good about her. Melinda overheard him talking about her. JJ and Haley talked about Melinda running for office. Haley wanted her to change her mind. Jack was concerned about Melinda running against him. Eric and Rex talked about Sarah. Eric didnít want to talk to her, but Rex wanted to talk. Rex wanted his help, but Eric didnít want to help him. Rex said he would talk to her himself. Eve told Jack that he would be a better mayor than Abe or Melinda. Melinda told Jennifer that she didnít print why Xander ended up walking. Xander showed up at Dougís Place while Brady was there. Xander wanted to talk business with him.

Melinda told Abe that he needed to make a case for why he should be in office. JJ told Haley that she needed someone to help her. She didnít want to burden him. He said she didnít have to do this alone. She told him that she was a criminal. Jennifer met Jack at the town square. She said that he would make a great mayor. Jennifer reminded him of his past and thought he wouldnít get elected. He said heís got a clean slate now. She reminded him about the chemical dumping that caused Abby to need a bone marrow transplant. Jennifer told him that everything would come out if he ran for mayor. Sarah showed up at Ericís apartment. They got into an argument. She admitted that she was with Xander to hurt him. Jack said he was remorseful about what he did and would come clean about it. Jennifer asked if Eve reminded him about that. He said she didnít. She said that Eve was using him. He was upset with her. Xander was in Eveís room. JJ wanted Haley to open up to him about her problem. She told him that she is an illegal undocumented immigrant. She said it could ruin her sister. He asked what it would do for her. She ran off. Sarah wanted to tell Eric something and grabbed his hand. Before she could say anything, Rex walked in and wanted to know what was going on.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam wakes up next to Jason in bed and is amazed that they actually spent the night together again. Jason makes her breakfast but goes to meet with Spinelli at the Metro Court. He tells Carly that he is back with Sam and she is happy. He goes back home and Sam is glad that he is still alive. Anna tries to wait with Peter about his interrogation. Maxie shows up and tries to convince Peter it is ok as well. Peter is cleared for the time being.

Ryan regains his sight with Griffin’s help. Ava is glad. She has a minute alone with Griffin, Anna finds out through Robert that Kevin did in fact have contact with Arthur. Laura stays with Lulu until she starts to regain control of her arm and finds a doctor. Ryan is left alone with her as she opens her eyes.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil tells Cane that Lily told him whathappened with Victiria and made it clear she only wants to see this time not him. Cane tells Devon and Neil that whenever he is away from Lily he isn't the man he wants to be and he asks Neil to persude Lily to see him so they can talk Neil says no and Lily will let him know when she is ready to see him. Abby accepts Arturo's marriage proposal but when he wants to get married right there she tells him that she wants to wait so her family can be at the wedding. Jack tells Kyle he is going to break up with Kerry because he can't trust her but Kyle advises him to talk to Kerry before he ends their relationship. Kerry tells Jack that she had to pay about one hundred tickets so she had to go to ciourt and she didn't want to tell him. Kerry assuses Jack that she really wants a relationship with him and that he can trust her. Mia is happy with Rey but she tells Arturo that he only proposed to Abby because he was trying to forget her because he still loves her. Nick confronts Phyllis about JT's death and she tells him that she protected Nikki and Victoria by burying JT and keeping this secret but Nick doesn't believe that because she kept the fireplace poker. Phyllis is angry that Nick can't cut her some slack so she tells him Sharon was also involved and Sharon was keeping this secret from him on the day he and Sharon almost got married.

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