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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Flo says it looks like the baby is really taken by Steffy. She tells Steffy there is no worry that the father will come in and make claims on her and she has resigned herself to the fact that she is giving her up. Wyatt comes back for something he left at Liam’s. Hope is over at Brooke’s. Wyatt says he has to say once again that he wonders why Steffy wants another baby so fast. He agrees that Hope should not know now in her state. And if Liam is really okay with this so soon after losing Beth. Liam replies that if it is good for Kelly then he is okay with it on one hand but for that sister not to be Beth is another. Reese sees the thug and wants to prolong his lunch with Zoe so he tries to order dessert. But the thug catches him and gives him another strong threat. Reese says to stop talking about his daughter. He is working on getting the rest of the money now. Zoe walks up and wants to know what is going on. Reese covers quickly that he just ran into an old acquaintance. The thug leaves while saying good to see him again. Reese explains later to Zoe that she has no idea what she means to him or what he would do to keep her safe.

Taylor tells Steffy that she can see that she fell in love with the baby the minute she held her. Steffy surprises Flo by asking if she can bring the baby out to Malibu and meet her sister if Steffy adopts and even to meet Kelly’s father. Flo agrees to that. She fills Reese in on the details and he tells her that he will make it up to her. She says Steffy really takes to the baby and she is rich enough to give her a good life. Steffy tells Taylor that she feels like she just met her daughter. She gets home and calls Liam and says this may be too soon for him but she has good news. She just met the baby and feels this particular baby is meant to be. Flo is going to bring her out to meet Kelly and she would like Liam to meet the new baby too. He says whatever is good for Kelly he will go along with and thanks her for including him. She tells Taylor she cannot stop thinking about it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby talked to Jennifer about her relationship with Chad. Abby wasnít sure if she was going to have stability with Chad. Stefan and Chad waited to hear who was going to be CEO of DiMera. They found out that they were both getting the job. Eli told Gabi that Rafe town to be with Sami. They talked about what Gabi did to Abby and Julie. She got a message and had to leave. Hope confronted Ted about seeing him with Kate. He wanted to know why it bothered her. She reminded him that Kate kidnapped him. He said his relationship with Kate is complicated and they were lovers. Abby told Jennifer that she didnít think Chad would back down from the CEO job even if it cost him his children. Haley talked to JJ about Tripp. JJ told her about Tripp. Tripp talked to Claire about Haley. When he was singing her praises, Claire thought he would have moved on with her. She told him that she thought they were getting close. She said she did things in the past to get him, but now she was letting it happen. She thought it was just her that they were getting closer. She wanted to know why he was holding back. He thought it would be messy getting together since they lived with Ciara. JJ told Haley that Jack was running for mayor. He also told her that he and Jack talked about their love life. Chad tried to talk Stefan out of taking the CEO job. Chad wanted him to leave town. Gabi interrupted their conversation to asked what the boardís decision meant to her. Ted told Hope that Kate made it clear that they were over. He noticed that she looked relieved when he told her that.

Hope told Ted that Kate was a bad influence. She told him that she wasnít jealous because she was a happily married woman. Chad told Gabi that she could keep her company. Stefan said that he would have to approve of it. She reminded him of what happened when Andre tried to take her company. He reminded her of what happened to her. She said she was a different person now and wasnít going to let them take her business from her. Abby continued to talk to Jennifer about not being sure if she could forgive Chad. JJ told Haley that he slept with Eve. Haley was shocked that he slept with her. He told her how he was with Paige. Stefan told Gabi that he was going to take Gabi Chic away from her. He told her that she could quit working there if she wanted to. Hope told Ted that she didnít want to come between his love life. He thanked her for being there for him. He wanted to take her out to repay her for what she did for him. She said she had plans. He convinced her to go out with him. She told him about going to her fatherí restaurant. Claire wanted to know if Tripp was still interested in Ciara. He said that he wasnít. She told him that Ciara moved on, but they were there. She tried to talk him into being with her. He told her that it may be a disaster and they may end up hating each other. She said it might work out. They kissed each other. Hope and Ted had dinner at Dougís Place. They talked about Rafe leaving town. She told him that Rafe left her to go with Sami. Ted asked if she was worried that Rafe would be with Sami again. He didnít understand how any man could leave her. Gabi told Stefan that she was getting started on making his life miserable. He said he was going to do the same to her. Chad went to see Abby and told her that he and Stefan were co CEO. She told him that he had to come see the kids at her motherís house if he wanted to see the kids. He told her that heís going to quit. Eli showed up during Hope and Tedís dinner. Eli told them that Melinda quit. Hope was happy about it. Gabi told Stefan that she was going to hurt him. He said he would hurt her too. She reminded him of what she did to Abby. She said imagine what she would do to her worst enemy. He told her to bring it on.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam takes Jason back to her house to get him to warm up. He refuses to see a doctor and refuses to take a shower. She has to take one herself to get him to drink some brandy. The two end up talking and they finally make love to one another again. Franco makes cupcakes with Aiden and Jake. He suggests they bring them to school tomorrow. Elizabeth comes home and Jake tells the two of them that Aiden cannot do that because he is being called gay. Elizabeth admits for some time that she has wondered if Aiden was gay.

Stella spends time with Mike. He is forgetting even more than usual. When Sonny comes home with Joss and Carly, he calls Joss Mary and asks Sonny if he can play with her tomorrow. Sonny says sure. They have no idea who Mary is. Curtis tries to figure out why things didn’t work out with Stella and Marcus. Marcus says Stella wanted to help raise him instead of be in a relationship.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ana bDevon the reason that she needed money right away and gave up the rights to amy future profits on the song Fen is sining is because she got in deep credit card debt whiile she was in college and she wahts to get herself out of the mess without his help. Ana also asks Devon if she can keep writing songs for Fen anonomously as well as writing songs for any of his future artists. Devon agrees to Ana's request after she tells him that a bad experience she had in the music business when she was younger made her prefer tp work behind the scenes. Victoria talks to Sharon and tells her about her kiss with Cane and the fact that she did it to push Billy away because she doesn't want Billy to get hurt if he finds out her part in JT's death. Sharon tells Victoria not to give up on the happiness she deserves just because she is afraid something bad will happen in the future. Billy talks to Phyllis and tells her about Victoria's kiss with Cane and she tells him that he hs to decide if he wants to put in the work it will take to have a relationship with Victioria. Nikki tells Victioria that Phyllis told her she stored the fire place poker in a storage locker but that someone must have stolen it and brought it back to the mansion. Nikki and Victoria don't belive Phyllis and decide to call Nick to tell him the new information about Phyllis. Rey and Mia have a romantic intimate ceremony with a few close friends and Arturo is so moved by the ceremony that after it is over he asks Abby to marry him..

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