The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 1/23/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is not sure if she is being too premature of wanting another little girl. Taylor tells her the guy will call back and this is Kelly’s little sister. Flo feeds the baby and says her real mother should be holding her. Reese says she does not know what these people would do to his daughter so he had to do this. He made a bad choice but only because there were no good choices. Flo says the real mother does not deserve this punishment. He says what is done is done and that is a fact. And the best thing they can do is find this baby a good home and she will see this when she meets the adoptive mother. He cannot do this without Flo. He calls Taylor who is delighted that he wants her and Steffy to come over this afternoon. He slips out and tells Flo it is all in her hands now; he cannot be involved. It is too much a coincidence. His daughter’s life depends on what he does next. Liam asks Hope if she wants food or anything but she turns him down. He too wonders if this photo of ultrasound is bringing her comfort. Perhaps it would be best to put it away. She claps back at him that he has another daughter so that might work for him but not for her. While she is out walking the grounds, Wyatt stops by. Liam says Hope is angry, not against him but just the whole situation. She’s looking for some sort of closure that Beth is looking down on them but there has been no sign. He confides in Wyatt that Steffy is thinking about adopting another little girl and for now it would be best that Hope not know.

Flo welcomes Taylor and Steffy and they get to know each other. Flo says sometimes love makes you do things you never thought you would do. Reese meets with Zoe but tells her he may have a quick emergency and have to go. There’s no sin with him worrying about her. He says he has not seen much of her since Catalina and he does not want to live through that again. Now there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Liam explains the adoption for Steffy to Wyatt and why she wants Kelly to have that Phoebe closeness. And she already has a specific baby in mind but he is not going to tell Hope until he has to. Wyatt warns him that this could really set Hope back. While eating Reese spies the thug looking at him and Zoe. Steffy wonders if Flo has any questions for her. She begins to tell her that she runs her family’s company and flexible hours so she can even work at home. She tells her she had a twin sister and wants that same closeness for her baby, Kelly. When Flo leaves the room to get the baby Steffy wonders to Taylor why Flo didn’t ask any questions. Taylor assures her that they had already talked and she had answered anything Flo wanted to know. Flo brings out the baby and lets Steffy hold her and it is instant love at first sight.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer went to Eveís place to see Jack. Eve told her that he wasnít there. Jennifer told her that she was trying to hurt her by keeping Jack away from her. Eve said it wasnít about her. Jennifer let her know that he wasnít going to marry Eve. Eve showed her a bridal magazine and said that Jack bought it for her. Jack told JJ that he was running for mayor. JJ told him that he dated Abeís daughter and almost killed his son. Ted talked to Kate. She wanted to know why he was in Salem. He said he turned over a new leaf. Melinda ripped into Hope for letting Xander walk. Hope and Eli told her that the evidence against Xander was deleted. Abe wanted to know what was going on. Melinda told him that thanks to Hope and her department, Xander walked. Melinda wanted him to fire Hope. Haley talked to Kayla about JJ and how she was staying with him. Kayla was concerned about how close Haley was getting with JJ. Tripp showed up at the hospital because he got burned at work. JJ told Jack about what happened when he shot Theo. JJ told him how he tried to commit suicide. Jack apologized for not being there. Jack said he didnít know what kind of a father he was. JJ said he was a great father. JJ said he had people who helped him so now he wants to pay it forward. Jack asked if he was talking about Haley. Jennifer didnít think that a bridal magazine meant marriage. Jennifer thought that Jack wouldnít marry Eve if he had his memory back. Jennifer told her about the diary that had the serum. Eve acted as if she didnít know what happened to the diary. Ted told Kate about Hope helping him. He said he was going to be a model citizen. Kate didnít believe that. He told her to ask Hope. She said that Hope was married. He said he met Rafe and it wasnít pleasant. Kate didnít believe him. He said he wanted to be with her. When Eli tried to defend Hope, Melinda said he defended her because they were related. Melinda blamed the department for the proof about Xander getting away. Abe said it was his department that messed up. Kayla told Tripp how Stefan was let go. Haley walked in and didnít know what was going on. Kayla introduced Tripp and Haley to each other. JJ wanted to know what happened between Jack and Jennifer. JJ said he had more in common with Eve. JJ said that Eve was using him to get back at Jennifer. Jack asked if she tried to sleep with him. Jennifer told Eve that Jack was going to get his memory back. Eve said that Jack has been around her and still didnít get his memory back. Jennifer told her that she was delusional if she thought she could get Jack if he had his memory back. Eve said she would prove that she would be able to get Jack back without playing dirty.

Haley and Tripp opened up to each other about their pasts. Abe told Melinda how Sheila messed up the evidence. Melinda was upset that the evidence was messed up. He wanted her to watch the way she was talking to him. She ended up quitting. Hope thanked Eli for standing up for her. He wanted to know why Rafe was gone. She told him how Sami needed him to help with Johnny. Eli wanted to know how long Rafe would be gone, but she didnít know. Ted tried to get Kate to take him back, but she didnít want to. Eli told Hope that Rafe loved her and nothing would happen. She said it was a bad time to be away. He asked if it was because of Ted. She told him it was none of her business. Melinda told Abe that she planned on quitting for a long time. He told her that he accepted her resignation and wanted her to clear his desk. JJ told Jack how he got together with Eve. Jack thought it was weird that they had the same taste in women. Jack was glad that they had a chance to talk. He said that he would be there for JJ. JJ gave him a card with his address on it so he could visit him. Eve showed Jennifer the contract Chad gave her. She told Jennifer that she would have taken the job and Jack with her to Paris. Jennifer thought she didnít take the job because she was afraid. Eve said that she and Jack were going to get married. Jennifer said that it would only be a matter of time before she lost Jack and was alone. Jennifer left Eveís room. Jack showed up and told her that she had some explaining to do. Jennifer met Melinda at the park. Melinda told her that she resigned as D.A. Melinda wanted to give Jennifer scoop for her paper. Ted continued to get Kate to take him back, but she refused. Hope showed up when Kate left. Abe told Eli that Melinda quit. Eli was happy that she was gone. He said she wouldnít be a problem anymore. Jennifer asked if she was sure about the story. Melinda told her to print it. Jack confronted Eve about her being with JJ. She admitted to being with him. She said they both made mistakes. He told her that he wasnít in a position to judge. She told him to focus on the mayoral race. He agreed to run against Abe.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason wakes up after being knocked out in he tunr. He tries to get a hold of Sam but cannot seem to find her anywhere. Sam then shows up and explains to officers that they need to get him out but the police explain that it could take hours. Sam contacts Spinelli to help figure things out. Valentin explans to Charlotte that Lulu was unable to take her for her visit. 
Maxie goes to visit Nathan's grave. Peter shows up and helps her grieve him. Nina goes to visit the grave herself and talks about Nathan. Sonny and Laura have lunch while Jordan shows up to inform her information about Lulu. Finn and Anna try to figure out why Kevin would be part of the twin study as she didn't work with him. Kim gets angry at Oscar for going into the tunnel. Franco and the boys come home and Aiden wants to make cupcakes. 

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mia and Rey get ready to renew their vows and Arturo and Rey have a heartfelt talk and Arturo agrees to be Rey's best man. The brothers are both happy that they have a good relationship again and Arturo tells Rey that he has always looked up to him. Mia persudes Devon to let her use the Athletic club dining room for her wedding and he even gives her free food and drinks because he reminds her of Hilary. Cane tells Victoria that Billy went to visit Lily and told her about their kises. Victoria is upset with Billy for what he did and they argue and in the end Billy tells Victoria that he doesn't think she is capable of caring about anyone anymore and that iswhy she kissed Cane to sabatage her chance at a relationship with him. Devon asks Ana why the contracts for the songwriter only have her name and he demands that she tell him the truth or he will pull the song from distribution. Ana is forced to Devon that she is the person who wrote the song. Nick talks to Nikki and tells her that the person terrorizing them has to be someone who was there with them that night. Nikki goes directly to Phyllis's office to confront her because she thinks that she is the one who set up Victor. Phyllis denies setting up Victor but after Nikki pushes her some more she admits she never threw the fire poker in the lake.

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