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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Taylor that yes Kelly is a blessing especially after what Hope and Liam went through. Taylor asks if she has thought any more about adopting this new baby girl. Hope holds onto the ultrasound and Brooke asks if that is a good idea to keep dwelling on it. Hope says it is the only thing she has left. Brooke says maybe it is time to go back to the office as life does have to go on. Hope says HFTF seems a lifetime away now. None of that matters any more. Flo catches Reese with a fake birth certificate but he tells her not to worry about it. He calls Taylor and says he does not want to pressure her but he needs an answer today. Taylor says her daughter is still interested and wants more details and that could be today. He says he will call her back and set it up. Taylor tells Steffy that she knows why she wants another baby so close in age to Kelly but she needs to be prepared to be a mother to another young baby too and she needs to know that before Reese calls back. Hope won’t listen to Brooke anymore that she will have another baby when the time is right. Hope says no, she has lost two babies already and she does not think she can go through tht again. Flo says that she thought when he called her that it meant the two of them getting together the way they had been. He says it is and she wants him to prove it. He kisses her. She says she is still willing to help but she needs to know exactly how he got that baby girl. He tells her it is best that she not know. She says he has to tell the truth or she is out and back to Vegas.

Back against the wall, Reese tells Flo that his shift was starting in Catalina and the storm hit and he was the only one there. Then he got a phone call threatening his daughter. Two patients came in, both in labor and he did everything he could but the first baby was stillborn. There was nothing he could do. The first lady did not want anybody to know and she walked out. He was on an island with no help and he had lost one baby already. He hates what he did. It is NOT him. The other patient was in labor and she pushed and pushed and she lost consciousness. He was thinking about his daughter. The patient was still out when she gave birth to a little girl. He cleaned her up and then his mind went back to Taylor who said her daughter wanted to adopt a baby girl. It was the worse decision of his life but it was the money to save his daughter’s life. When the father arrived he told his first lie, and then the father told his wife. He switched the babies and laid the dead baby in Hope’s arms. Steffy tells Taylor that she feels like this adoption is meant to be. She hoped it would be Beth but this new girl might be the answer. And she asked Liam how he would feel and he is okay with it. Taylor says more and more it sounds like she is ready. Steffy is worried about Hope’s reaction and she wants to be extra sensitive to that as it might be a constant reminder of Beth. Hope tells Brooke that she appreciates what she is trying to say but she does not need a pep talk right now. She will always love Beth and no one will replace her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack confronted Eve about why she wanted to marry him. Kayla told Jennifer that it would take years before she could use the serum on Jack. Eric caught Sarah in bed with Xander. Eric thought Xander attacked her, but she said she was with him willingly and enjoyed it. Rex told Kate that he cheated on Sarah. Jennifer told Kayla that she would have to get Jack to remember on his own. Jennifer told her about the dinner she had with him. Jennifer told her how Eve ruined the dinner and how he went with Eve. Jennifer didnít like how he was with a woman who was using him. Eve told Jack that Jennifer was trying to get him not to trust her. Eve told him that his marriage wasnít great. He said that the family said that he loved him. She was trying to get him to be the man he wanted to be with her by his side. He didnít believe that she loved him. She showed him the job offer she got and that she turned it down. Sonny told Brady that he was with Leo. Brady thought Leo might have something over him. Xander made Leo think they slept together. Leo said he didnít remember it. Eric and Sarah argued over her sleeping with Xander. Kayla told Jennifer that she tried to talk Eve out of getting revenge. Jennifer said it didnít work. Jennifer said that when he realizes whatís going on, he will want to be with her. Eve told Jack that he meant more to her than a career. He apologized for not believing her. Xander continued to tell Leo that he enjoyed being with him, but Leo didnít remember. Xander wanted to know what he had over Sonny. Brady told Sonny that he was CEO. Eric wanted to know how Sarah hooked up with Xander. There was a flashback of how Sarah and Xander got together. Eric told Sarah that Xander was trying to play her and asked how she could be so stupid.

Kate told Rex that he shouldnít have told Sarah the truth. He wanted to go find her. Eric was upset with Sarah. She told him that she used Xander. Eric couldnít believe that she was jump in the bed with Nicoleís killer. When he tried to leave, she stopped him. He said he couldnít look at her.  Kayla had an idea on how she could help Jennifer get his job back. Eve tried to talk Jack out of working at the Spectator. Sarah told Eric that she didnít sleep with Xander to get back at him. He told her that she wanted to sleep with him because of Rex and now she slept with Xander to get revenge. Eric said she ruined their friendship and wanted to leave. Leo didnít believe that he and Xander were together. Leo figured out that Xander drugged him. When Leo wanted to have his glass tested, Xander dropped the glass. Leo realized that he was right. Xander admitted that he drugged him. Xander bragged about being with Sarah. Leo told him that he wouldnít tell him what he knew about Sonny. Eve told Jack that he was a politician. She wanted him to run for mayor. He didnít think he could win. She thought they could spin his amnesia in their favor. Kayla told Jennifer about Rolfís diary and how the hospital might have it. Jennifer wanted to go find it. Xander saw Brady and wanted him out of the mansion. Brady told him that Victor picked him to be the new CEO of Titan. Xander was furious. Sarah questioned what she did. Kayla told Jennifer that the hospital didnít have the diary. Eve told Jack that he could be the mayor.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Drew calls the police to help look for Joss and Oscar who they think are at the entrances of the catacombs. Sam and Jason find out about this through Carly and Sam explains she knows another way in. Drew comes with them. Drew manages to get Oscar out and Jason gets Joss out. Jason doesn’t make it out himself though. Alexis runs into Shiloh at Kelly’s and they discuss Kristina. Shiloh claims he had no clue that Sam and Drew had been married at one point. Alexis seems to somewhat believe him.

Brad shows up at Charlie's and Julian gets to spend time with Wiley who he didn’t think would be there. Lucas and Michael walk in and Lucas is annoyed that Brad did this. He yells at him outside. Willow shows up and talks with Michael for a bit about Wiley. Julian looks at them annoyed the entire time.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Jack is annoyed when he catches Kerry in another lie when a Jaot employee tells him that she is out of the building and not in the lab. Jack calls Kerry andhe can't have the lunch he brought to her office because she is in the lab. Kerry is in her car and calls someone to tell the person on the other end of the phone and tells the person she is running late be she is on the way. Cane goes to the Abbott mansion and punches him, for going to tell Lily that Cane and Victoria had kissed. Cane warns Billy that if what he told Lily ruins his marriage he will make sure that Billy's life is ruined too. Phyllis calls Billy into her office and tells him that if he borrows the Jabot jjet again without permission he will be fored. Mia and Rey plan their renewal of vows and Mia persudes Rey to ask Arturo to be his best man. Mia also takes pleasure in telling Sharon that she and Rey are planning to renew their vows. Nick starts to suspect Phyllis of setting up Victor when Jack, Sharon and Michael all remind him that Phyllis hates Victor because he brought Jack's double Marco to town to hurt Jack and it caused the end of her relationship with Jack.

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