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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Sally to stop. She meant well when she gave Hope the puppy but she says she made it worse. He is not going to let her beat herself up just for wanting to help. There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows her own mind and follows her own path. Hope confides in Liam that she should not have over-reacted like that. He says it is normal as it is the hardest thing they have ever faced. She says she is scared and afraid she will never get past this. All she can feel is this pain. He says he looks at the world and plenty of people are surviving everyday like they are. She wants to believe that. He says they have to let people in. That pain in her heart he feels too. Beth has changed them forever and that is scary. But Beth is still part of them and she will know them every day. Thorne and Katie enjoy some free time from Will who is spending the night with Bill. He says he loves both her and Will and he hopes Bill is changing for the better. He knows Katie believes he is. Wyatt tells Sally this is a 100% guilt free zone. He loves seeing her smiling all the time.

Hope tells Liam that she can see him being so strong for her. She loves him for it as she knows he lost Beth and is hurting too. He says this pain will not overwhelm them. Beth would not want it to. Thorne tells Katie that he is happy with her little family with Bill, that they are all getting along. He knows he is not going to snow a little boy or her either. He does not regret opening up his heart to little Will. He will not take her love for granted. He confides in her that he lost his wife, Darla, and his daughter, Aly. They had many good years together. She sees his heartbreak and says he is not going to lose her. Hope tells Liam that even with the pain he does not have to keep being strong for her; they do need to let others in. He says yes their little girl is gone and they did not get to raise her but they are still building a future and there will be joy and happiness for them…….wonderful surprises, another child and not any time soon but it is possible. She is not sure she wants to hear that right now as she is not ready. Beth is still here. She still sees her there in her crib. She breaks down in sobs on his shoulder.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby brought Charlotte to see Chad. Gabi went to see Kate. Brady talked to Chloe about Vicor calling him. Rex told Eric that he was looking for Sarah all night and couldnít find her. Rex asked if he knew where she was. Eric said she was with him. Chloe told Brady that he should meet with Victor. Brady wasnít sure if he should meet him. Abby reminded Chad that it was his day with Charlotte. Chad said he forgot about it. Abby and Chad spent time with Charlotte. Stefan watched them with Charlotte. Gabi told Kate that they had to destroy Stefan. Kate didnít want to go after Stefan. Kate told her that she turned down the CEO at DiMera so Chad could get it. Gabi told her that Stefan was going to go after her (Kate) if he was in charge of DiMera. Abby was surprised that Stefan was at the mansion. Stefan and Chad argued over who was going to be CEO of DiMera. Srefan reminded Chad of what he did to Sonny and Victorís business. Chad said he was making amends, but Stefan didnít believe it. Brady went to see Victor. Brady wanted to know why he wanted to see him. Victor offered him the CEO position. Eric told Rex that Sarah was with him because he (Rex) wanted him (Eric) to lie. Rex told Eric that he shouldnít have cheated on Sarah. Rex said he felt like he didnít deserve her when he cheated on her. Rex told him about the things Sarah criticized him about when they were together. Eric wanted to know if he told her how he felt. Rex said he didnít. He thought that Sarah would criticize him more if he told her. Rex thought he screwed up when he was with Mimi and Noelle. Rex wanted to know how Sarah was when she was there. Eric thought about Sarah wanting to pay Rex back by being with him.

Rex wanted to know how Sarah was when Eric saw her. Eric didnít want to tell him. Rex wanted to know what he wasnít telling him. Eric thought about when he was with Sarah. He stopped himself from being with her. He told her that he didnít want her like that. He told her that she couldnít right the wrong by being with someone who didnít want her. Eric told Rex that Sarah was in pain when she left. Victor told Brady that Chad messed up the company and wanted to keep it in the family. Victor didnít want to give it to Xander. Victor said Xander knows insider information about DiMera. He told him that Xander got it from Eve. Brady thought he was using him, but Victor said he thought he was right for the job. Abby told Stefan that he was never going to see her child again. Chad told Stefan to leave. She said she would leave. She said she wasnít going to be in the house as long as Stefan was there. Rex wanted to fix things with Sarah. Eric didnít think he should. Rex wanted to try anyway. When Rex took a shower, Eric went to find Sarah. Kate reminded Gabi that she caused Stefanís pain. Gabi told her that she killed his mother. Kate thought about how she told Stefan that she killed his mother. Kate told Gabi that she was going to have trouble with Stefan. Gabi said she wasnít worried about him. Kate said she should be. Gabi told her that she would never get Chad to forgive her if Stefan got his way. Kate realized that Gabi only wanted her help to get back at Stefan. Abby wanted to know what Chad was going to do if Stefan was CEO. He wasnít worried about it. He said he would protect her. He needed her to trust him. Brady wanted to know what Victorís plan was with him being CEO. Eric interrupted their conversation by asking them if they saw Sarah. Victor told him where she was. When Eric left, Victor asked if Brady was taking the job. Brady said he wasnít taking the job. Victor said he missed having him in his life. Victor hoped it wasnít too late. Abby told Chad that he would have to see the kids at her motherís house. Gabi told Kate that she wanted her help for her benefit. Gabi told Kate that Chad was willing to let her keep her company. Kate was surprised that he would help her. Kate agreed to help her for Chad. Gabi didnít care as long as she called Mr. Shin. Gabi ran into Abby at the town square. Gabi told her that she hoped Chad became CEO. Abby agreed and walked away from her. Chad and Stefan continued to argue over who was going to be CEO. Brady told Victor that things were going to be different. He wanted total control. He wanted a contract drawn up. Victor agreed to is terms. Eric caught Sarah in bed with Xander.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ryan reveals himself to Lulu and takes her ID in order to claim her as his next victim. Lulu is shocked to discover this and Ryan is cady with his remarks on how she should have figured it out. He tries to kill her but he misses and passes out. Lucy tells Ava that she cannot believe that she is seeing her precious Doc. Laura and Curtis witness all of this. 
Michael explains to Lucas that he has started a college fund for Wiley. Michael insists upon it. Laura informs Sonny and Carly that Lucy's new book might not be very flatering towards them and someone might wish to call Bobbie. Joss and Oscar visit the catacombs. They end up getting stuck down there. Lulu is taken to the hospital after being found at the Metro Court.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Cane tells Maddie he is going to visit Lily. Maddie presses him as to why he is going tonight and doesn’t buy his excuses. She questions his urgency in visiting, all while Billy is at the prison waiting for visitation with Lily. At the coffee house Arturo presents Abbey with flowers. She is impressed and they kiss. Later, Rey arrives and notices the flowers and comments that once you find the right woman not to let her go, as Sharon looks on. Sharon then gets a phone call from Phyllis and goes into the back room. Abbey reminds Rey that he arrested her father but she agrees to be cordial. Abbey then gets upset when Rey mentions Victor is out on bail, as she is always the last to know. Later, Sharon arrives at Jabot to meet Phyllis who summoned her under false pretenses. Phyllis tries to convince Sharon that they are on their own and that the Newman’s will only look after themselves. Sharon touts that at least Nick would have confided in her about the murder if they were together and she tells Phyllis she wants no part of any plan with her. Back at the coffee house Rey and Arturo chat and Rey reminisces how their father would bring their mother flowers when he did something wrong as Arturo looks a bit uncomfortable. Rey goes on to talk about the importance and trust of family and how he would understand if Arturo needs to take a step back because of the investigation. Arturo, relieved that Rey wasn’t referring to Mia, tells him that he and Abbey are solid. Arturo tells Rey he was more of a role model to him than their father ever was. A shocked Rey just stares at Arturo before standing up and giving him a heartfelt hug. Mia enters and questions what is going on. After Rey leaves for the station, Mia taunts Arturo about his feeling guilty about the other night, and insists Arturo has it bad for his sister in law. Arturo insists his future is with Abbey to which Mia just laughs. After Arturo leaves Mia walks over to the flowers. Abbey intervenes and grabs her flowers back. Mia fills Abbey in on the other night when Arturo fixed her furnace and taunts Abbey because Arturo didn’t mention it to her. Mia tries to get under Abbey’s skin which clearly works. A frustrated Abbey asks Mia ‘don’t you have someone’s nose hairs to pluck?’ and stalks off leaving a smug Mia smiling. It doesn’t take long for Abbey to find Arturo and confront him about Mia’s inferring that something salacious happened between Mia and Arturo. She then tells him she is ok with him not telling her everything and asks if Mia has always been this way. Arturo tells her she has always been that way and insists that Abbey is his future and his everything.

Back at the Ashby house Maddie continues to press Cane about the last minute plan to visit her mother. Cane finally tells her things didn’t go so well at his last visit and he needs to make things right. He insists he needs to go alone and he promises to fix things. Meanwhile Billy is visiting with Lily. The conversation is lighthearted as Billy starts to have second thoughts on ratting out Cane. Lily asks for gossip in GC and doesn’t buy his flying to see her for nothing. Billy fills her in on Victor but Lily wants to hear something she can’t see on tv. Lily realizes he is lying and insists he be honest. Billy finally relents and tells Lily about Cane and Victoria kissing on the couch like a couple of teenagers. At first Lily doesn’t believe him and reminds him that the two hate each other. Lily thinks it was a drunken mistake, but Billy assures her it wasn’t and that it wasn’t their first kiss. Lily feels like she is going to be sick but then realizes if she erupts she will have so much taken away from her. She needs to be the model prisoner and thanks Billy as she had a right to know. She tells him this would have broken her if she were outside of prison. She assures Billy she will survive. Back at Mia’s, Arturo arrives and confronts her. The two argue about Abbey and Mia asks if what he has with Abbey is like what the two of them had. Mia taunts him and suggests that he came back to see her to determine if what he has with Abbey is as good as what they had. She gushes on about what the two of them had. Rey arrives home and Arturo starts to tell Rey the truth. Mia interrupts and makes a big display of her love for Rey, telling him how much she loves him as Arturo looks on. She makes a big show of her love for him leading up to then asking Rey to marry her. An emotional Rey tells her nothing would make him happier and they hug. Back at the jail Cane waits for Lily but is told Lily cannot have any more visitors. Cane questions who the visitor was and the prison guard tells him BILLY ABBOTT!!!

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