The TV MegaSite's Friday 1/18/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam explains to Wyatt that Hope is in the deepest pain of her life and is holing herself up in her room from everyone. He just has to take his cue from her and hopes in time it will pass. Meanwhile Hope is ranting at Sally who brought her a puppy that the dog will never replace her dead baby. Sally assures her that was the fartherest thing from her mind. She just wanted to cheer her up and have something else to focus on. Puppies have healing powers. Bill continues quizzing Will and Will gives it right back to him. He will give in to Will if he will eat his veggies – yuk, raw carrots. Will puts Katie on the spot by asking her if she still loves his Dad as he likes this like the family used to be. Sally comes out of the room and explains to Liam and Wyatt that she was wrong, the puppy did not ease the pain for Hope. Liam says she is not lashing out at just Sally; it is the pain talking. Their little girl is gone. Deep down Hope knows all of this and he certainly knows Sally’s good intentions. He checks on Hope. She’s cuddled up in bed and all she can say is Sally tried to replace Beth with a dog. She won’t listen to Liam when he wants to defend an insensitive Sally.

Wyatt explains to Sally to just give Hope a little more time. Will puts both Bill and Katie on the spot by asking them if they love each other even though they are divorced. They both say yes. He tells them both they are the greatest parents in the world. He hugs his mother who wraps her arms around him and gives him a bear hug. He asks if she can give his dad one too so she complies just as Thorne comes around the bend from the kitchen and spies the happy family. Hope finally comes out of the bedroom and Sally opines that she wishes she could take away her pain. She apologizes if she seemed insensitive and realizes how she should have at least run it past Liam first to get his honest reaction before springing such a surprise on Hope although she meant well. She asks Hope for her forgiveness. Without saying anything but with acceptance in her eyes, Hope reaches out her hand to take Sally’s.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric was upset when he found out that Xander was out of prison. He yelled at Eli about why Xander was out of prison. Rex told Sarah that he asked Eric to leave them alone so they could be together. Rafe told Hope that Sami needed his help. Hope was upset about him helping her. Sonny talked to Victor about how they could get rid of Leo. Leo tried to convince Xander that he would get the CEO job if he slept with him. Rafe told her that Sami was having issues with Johnny and needed his help. Hope wanted to know if her family could help. He tried to convince her that he was helping Johnny. She couldnít understand why he would help Sami after what happened. Sarah wanted to know if Rex cheated with anyone else. He told her that he was only asking for a chance. She was willing to give him a chance if he agreed to never lie to her again. She wanted him to tell her the truth. He told her he was with Noelle. She said he slept with her sister.

Sarah was upset that Rex slept with her sister. He told her how he slept with her sister. She slapped him and walked out. He went after her. While he was going after her, he ran into Chloe. Xander didnít want to be with Leo, but he agreed to it. Rafe told Hope that she wanted to be with Ted. She said she wasnít okay with him being with Sami. She wanted him to prove his love by her by staying with her. He told her that he wasnít going to be gone long. He said he needed to help Johnny because he is going through a rough time. She wanted him to see if from her point of view. She was picturing him with Sami. She said she saw him having sex with Sami. She said she wasnít okay with it. She said it hurt her to think about it. She wanted him to understand what she meant. He said he understood. He said he loved her. He said their marriage is the most precious thing to him. He said it wasnít about that. He said Johnny needed his help. He said he was sorry if it hurt her, but he needed to go for him. She told him that he already made his decision and it didnít matter how she felt. Sarah found Eric and told him not to lie for Rex. Eric told her that the text he got about Xander was true. He said she talked him out of killing Xander. She told him that Rex cheated on her for her sister. She said she wanted to get back at him so he could know what itís like to have someone you love betray you. Xander wasnít happy about being with Leo. Rex told Chloe that he slept with Sarahís sister. Chloe told him that he shouldnít have told Sarah the truth. He wanted to know if he would get Sarah back. She didnít know if he would get her back. Sarah wanted to make Rex pay. She kissed Eric. Rafe told Hope that he wasnít choosing between her and Sami. He said it wasnít about their marriage or how much he loved her. She told him to have a safe trip. Xander wanted to know what Leo had on Sonny. Leo wanted to start the night. Xander wanted a drink first. Leo kissed him. Rex told Chloe how upset Sarah was with him. Eric stopped himself from kissing Sarah. She convinced him to kiss her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lucy reads the dirty laundry of PC to the entire town during her book launch. Including Bobbie cheating on her husband, Bobbie’s past with Laura, Felicia being stalked, BJ’s death, Sonny’s women, and so on. Bobbie tries calling her out. Felicia gets tense towards her. Lucy finds out that Kevin is with Ava. She doesn’t take it well. Nina tells Valentin she is not interested in getting married right now. Maxie is not sure how she should feel about Peter.

Lulu tries to get a story published on the killer. Peter continues to tell her no. Ryan meets with Sonny and Carly with the intention of killing them. He then gets a call from Lulu about how there are more killers on his list than there were victims. He shows up at her office to talk with her alone.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nikki is surprised that the person she shot at was Victor and he is happy she is a terrible shot Victoir explains to Nikki that he has to wear an ankle bracelet ad can't leave the ranch or he will go back to jail. Nikki tells Victor what happened with JT and again she leaves out Phyllis and Sharon. Nick and Victor decide to team up to figure out who is terrorizing Nikki and Victiria reminding them about what they did to JT. Kyle and Lola spend their next date under the stars and then they go back to the Abbott mansion where Kyle gives Lola a star which he named Kola a combination of Kyle and Lola. Billy catches Cane and Victoria kissing and then Billy forgives her because he understands she was angry about what Phyllis told her. Billy tells Victoria that he has realized that he wants a serious relationship with her but Victoria tells Billy she is confised about her feelings. Nikki tells Victoria to give Billy a chance and not worry about what Phyllis told her. Cane makes a desperate plea to Devon to let him borrow his plane to go visit Lily so that he can save his marriage. Devon wants to know why he has to see Lily tonight and Cane admits he kissed Victoria. Devon is angry that Cane cheated on Lily again and he forbids him from ever telling Lily about his kiss with Victoria. Devon tells Cane that not telling Lily the truth will be his punishment for cheating on Lily again. Cane and Devon are unaware that Billy flew to the jail where Lily is to visit her.

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