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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tries but Hope is not responding except with disdain that there has been no explanation of why Beth did not make it and she feels like she is still here. She ignores the symphathy cards and such they are receiving. He tells her that Wyatt called and he and Sally will stop by for a few minutes later if she does not mind. Liam says he will understand if she does not want to but he thinks all are trying to be supportive and they should let them try. That is what family and friends are there for. He does not want her to fall deeper in despair. She still cannot get over it that Beth is not here. Bill continues to entertain Will at the office and is proud of his accomplishments. Katie calls and says she is running late so Bill says that is okay, he will bring Will home on time. He tells Will he will give him some advice. Continue being good to Liam and Hope as they need family especially now. Donna tells Katie and Thorne that she tried to see Hope but she is spending most of her time alone. Sally tells Wyatt that she thinks she has a way to perk Hope up. She will meet him at the cabin. Bill brings Will home and he gushes that they spent the day playing business, talking money and women. He asks Katie if Bill can stay for dinner. Hope tells Wyatt that she appreciates him coming by but he of all people should know nothing is going to heal this place in her heart right now. He talks to her alone. He says he did not want to bring it up but he has lost a child too. He agrees it is cruel, fine one moment and then in labor and lose the child. Beth did not deserve that without a chance at life. She cries she does not understand it.

Will asks again if his father can stay for dinner. Bill says he does not want to impose. Katie says they have plenty so no problem. Will thanks both Katie and Thorne for letting Bill stay. Bill thanks Thorne too. Later he tells Katie it all looks wonderful and he remembers her being a terrific cook. She asks Will to say grace and he wants them all to hold hands. He thanks God for several things including his dad being with them and if God can be with Beth who has no parents. He tells the group that it makes him sad but glad that they are all here together. Wyatt is surprised when he sees Sally coming in with a puppy. He thinks it is a sweet gesture but he is not sure Hope is ready for that right now with her being so raw with emotions. Sally goes into Hope’s bedroom anyway and says she can only imagine how devastating it must be. She wanted to come by and help. Hope finally turns her head and sees the little pup. Hope goes into a shocked rage and says she does not understand. She lost a baby and that cannot be replaced by a dog. Nothing can do that. Sally feels awful as Hope cries her heart out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rex wanted to talk Sarah into going out with him and Eric to cheer him up. She wasn’t willing to go with him. When she left, Rex told Eric that she hated him and that he had to work harder to get her to forgive him. Eli told Xander that he was going down for shooting Marlena. Lani found out that the evidence against Xander was off the computer. Rafe was upset when he caught Ted with Hope. They told him that nothing was going on. They let him know that Stefan was free. Rafe was still upset and wanted him to leave. When Ted left, Rafe was upset that she got Ted to help Stefan and now the man who kidnapped his sister was free. Stefan told Chad that he was getting the company back. Chad told him that he had it back. Stefan told Gabi that she wasn’t getting the company back. When Chad left to talk to the board, she tried to convince Stefan to give her her company back so they wouldn’t have to see each other again. Rex told Eric that he would never cheat on Sarah again. Eric thought it was a start. Rex thought it wasn’t enough. Rex thought it might have been uncomfortable for him to ask for his help. He noticed the chemistry between Eric and Sarah and wanted him to use that to his advantage. Rex apologized for asking for his help to get Sarah back when he lost the love of his life. Eric asked Sarah to go out with him and Rex. Eli and Lani told Abe that someone deleted the footage of Xander shooting Marlena. Abe said his office and John were the only ones with access to the footage. Sheila said John was there, but said he had an accent. There was a flashback of Xander pretending to be John.

Sheila told Abe what happened when Xander showed up at the office. Rafe was upset that Stefan got off on the charges. Hope told him not to blame Ted. Gabi tried to convince Stefan to let her keep her company. He reminded her of what she did to him. She said that none of his punishment would make a difference. He doubted that she was right. She tried to talk him out of getting revenge. He wanted to know why he shouldn’t do it. She said the company didn’t mean anything to him. He said it meant something to her. He threw her out of the house. She grabbed a fire poker and told him that she wasn’t leaving until he let her have the company. Sheila continued to tell Abe about “John” coming to see her. In the flashback, Xander convinced her that he was John by using his body to convince her. Sheila wanted to know what the big deal was since John had access to the file. Eli showed her a picture of Xander. She said he was John Black. Hope couldn’t believe that Rafe would think that she wanted a criminal to go free. He couldn’t believe she would turn to Ted. She told him why she wanted Stefan to pay. Rafe noticed that she left Gabi off the list and walked away. Gabi continued to threaten Stefan with the fire poker. She told him that no one would miss if she hit him with the poker. Chad walked in and agreed with her. He told her that Stefan wasn’t worth it. Chad also told her that the board said everything was on hold until they figured out which one was going to be CEO of the company. Gabi threatened to kill Stefan if she didn’t get her company back before she left. Stefan told Chad to leave. Hope confronted Xander about deleting the evidence of him shooting Marlena. He didn’t know what she was talking about. She said Sheila would testify to it. He said that if it came out that they lost evidence, it would look bad for the police. Abe was furious that Sheila gave Xander the evidence. She apologized for it. Rex wanted Eric to find a way for him to be alone with Sarah. Hope told Eli and Lani to let Xander go. Hope said they didn’t have any evidence to keep him. She said they were working on finding the deleted evidence before he left. Rafe got a call from Sami. Chad told Stefan that he wasn’t leaving the house. Stefan told him that he was taking back what was his.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Joss and Oscar find Cam doing community service. They look over the planner Joss made and Oscar goes over all the things he personal would like to do in PC at some point. They make a list and Joss and Cam clearly start to bond. Jason meets with Drew to discuss keeping Joss distanced from Oscar a little. He doesn’t want her to take up all the time he has. He needs Jason to discuss this with Carly.

Laura, Monica, and Scott sit down with Alexis. Gail has left funding for mental health at the hospital. However, it cannot be used until further instruction is given. Sam goes to a seminar hosted by Shiloh where Daisy rips apart Kristina for being hit by her high school boyfriend. Willow tells Lulu that Charlotte might be cheating. They tell Valentin and Nina and Nina refuses to believe it to be even a possibility.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil returns home for a visitto check on his family he is happy to hear about Devon's success with Fen's hit song but is worried that the songwriter wanting to remain secret could cause the company problems like they had with Tessa. Devon tells Neil he trusts Ana and is sure that things will turn out well with the songwriter. Ana agrees to let Devon buy the song so that LP can own the rights to it which leaves Devon wondering why the songwriter needs money so quickly. Fen wonders if Ana is in trouble because she just agreed to sell her song for less money then it would be worth if she woulkd have waited to see the song make a profit. Ana assures Fen she isn't in any trouble and she will tell Devon she wrote the song but she can't do it now. Nikki and Victoria tell Phyllis and Sharon that Nikki told Nick the truth but she didn't mention that they were involved in helping them bury the body.Billy and Victoria decide to have lunch but since Phyllis is in a bad mood she walks over to Billy and Victoria's table and tells Victoria that Billy recently asked her to get back togeth but she told him no so Victoria gets angry slaps Billy and storms off. Billy tells Phyllis that she is so bitter she can't stand to see anyone happy but he wil fight to be with Victoria because he has realized that she is the love of his life. Cane goes to Victoiria's house to pick up a scarf he left there and he tals to her about Lily and how hard its been for him having to do everything while she is gone. Victoria tells him that she understands how he can feel alone because she has felt the same way since JT died and everything that is happening now . Cane and Victoria continue to talk about how they feel and the talking leads to a kiss. Nikki arrives home and hears a noise and she asks who is there but when she gets no answer and sees a shadow she doesn't asks again and just shoots at the shadow.

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