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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Taylor that adoption is always an option she wanted to explore and now Taylor is telling her there is a brand new baby and she could give Kelly her own Phoebe. It is a miracle, meant to be as things like this just do not happen. Reese tells Flo she did a great job. She wonders why he did not use the actual mother unless she was a deadbeat and would scare Taylor off. And she still is not sure he is telling her the entire story. Wyatt visits Liam and gives him a big hug. He says he came empty handed and Liam says he did not expect anything; just him being here. Will surprises Bill by showing up at his office. He says he never is too busy for him. He’s shocked and delighted that Will gives him a present, an airplane made from a $100 bill. He says he does it at school with $1’s and sells them for $3. Bill is proud that Will is so smart. He tells him that is all important but other stuff is too, like people - fathers, mothers, children, especially the children. Money is important but family is more so. Reese tells Flo just keep doing what she has been doing being mom and she will see what a great tipper he is. Steffy laments to Taylor that she needs to talk to Liam before she says yes to this. It would be insensitive otherwise so her decision will have to wait. Flo tells Reese that she saw how he looked at that woman, Taylor, and she could be jealous. She thinks he will sweet talk her into adopting the baby. He says there is no sweet talk and both of them are doing something good for that child.

Steffy calls Liam to come over. He wants to make sure nothing is wrong with Kelly. She says she understands his loss and pain but that is why she needs to talk to him. Since they last spoke something has come up again…….adoption. She thought Beth was going to be Kelly’s sister. She has no idea what she is going to miss unless she does not have to. An opportunity has come. Another baby needs a home and Steffy thinks she is the one to give it to her. Will tells his dad that his family now feels like fake. It is not just he, his mom and dad, but Thorne too. He thanks Bill for being his dad and teaching him a lot. Taylor calls Reese and says she has told Steffy. She is shocked but is thinking it over but they have some logicistal questions they need answered. Reese says he will explain everything they need to know but when Steffy sees the baby there is o way she could not want to take her home with her. Steffy tells Liam that she has not met the birth mother or the baby yet and she is not trying to replace Beth. But she wants his approval before she does anything. He hems and haws and says just because Beth is gone does not mean that Steffy should not adopt this one. She says it would only be her adopting but she wonders if he would agree to meet her too at same time since it will affect him and little Kelly. And even others have said it was meant to be and she is beginning to feel that way too. Liam agrees to it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben went to see Hope to look for Ciara. Hope let him know Ciara was with Theo. Ben didnít understand what happened. Ted wanted Stefan to give a statement blaming Ben for the kidnapping. Stefan didnít want to do it. Kate went to see Abby, but she didnít want to hear what she had to say. Gabi went to see Chad and he gave her a hard time at first. Hope told Ben that Stefan was turning against him. Stefan and Ted talked about his case. Sarah wanted to go check on Eric. Rex wanted to go, but she didnít want him to go with him. Eric threatened to kill Xander. Kate told Abby that she hated helping Gabi. Kate told her that she convinced the board to hire Chad. Gabi wanted Chad to work with her, but he wanted to sell Gabi Chic. She asked him not to do that. Ben didnít believe that Stefan would turn against him. Ted interrupted their conversation, Ben left the office. Chloe went to Ericís apartment and saw Rex. Sarah tried to stop Eric from killing Xander. Eric wanted to kill him. Sarah used Holly to get her not to kill Xander. Eric punched Xander.

Ted told Hope that they had to find another way to get Ben if Stefan didnít turn against Ben. She thanked him for taking the case. Rex talked to Chloe about Mimiís baby. Sarah called Eli to show up at the mansion. Eli was surprised that Xander was alive. Eli arrested him for shooting Marlena. Gabi wanted Chad to think of Arianna before he got rid of her company. He didnít want her to use Arianna as an excuse to keep the business. Gabi reminded him that she was in love with him. She reminded him about what Abby did to her. He was still furious with her for what she did. He told her that he couldnít stand the sight of her. He wanted her to stay out of his life. Abby didnít think she could forgive Kate. Abby told her that she wasnít a good person. She told her to make amends with Chad. Chloe talked to Rex about Lucas. Sarah asked Eric if he thought Nicole survived. Lani brought Xander to the police station. He questioned Xander about shooting Marlena. Ted told Hope that Stefan didnít get arraigned. He said someone else confessed to the crime. He said the charges against him were dropped. Chloe gave Rex advice on how to get Sarah back. He wanted to remind Sarah of their love. Eric said he thought that Nicole could be alive, but he didnít think she was. He wanted Xander to pay for what he did. Eli told Xander that he wasnít going anywhere. Kate wanted to know how Abby could forgive Gabi and not her. Abby said she didnít forgive her. She did it for Arianna. Kate told her to forgive Chad for the kids. Chad said he would keep Gabi Chic for Ariannaís sake. Stefan showed up at the mansion.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura has her swearing in ceremony. Jordan and Mac beg Maxie to cancel Lucy’s book launch party but Maxie isn’t interested in getting into a fight with Lucy over it. Jordan tries to use Nathan against Maxie but Lulu tells her not to. Elizabeth gets the boys ready to go see Laura’s ceremony. Cam tries to get information out of Jake about how people are treating Aiden. Cam is worried about Aiden. Laura declares herself as Laura Webber in front of the town denouncing her last name Collins.

Carly and Sonny have to deal with Mike as he forgets where he is and throws a fit over his watch. He hits Sonny in the face and causes bleeding. Sonny doesn’t want to deal with it after it happens. Ryan calls to try to manipulate them into giving Ava, Avery. Scott tries to get Ava to not go with Kevin anywhere.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane goes to visit Lithat ly and they get into another arguement because she got a job teaching the ladies a GED class and since he came for a surprise visit she couldn't reschedule her first class with the ladies. Cane still has the same problem he can't live in the present when he is with Lily and keeps talking about the future and that hurts Lily too much. Lily feels that Cane doesn't listen to her and he doesn't support her and Cane feels upset because Lily leaves their visit early to go teach her first GED class. Rey feels like he is back on track with Mia and tells Sharon who is happy for him. Mia is still confused about her feelings since she can't stop thinking about Arturo. Arturo tells Mia to put their almost kiss in the past along with their relationship and make a fresh start with Rey. Arturo tells Mia he has moved on with Abby and they won't mention their almost kiss to anyone. Phyllis wonders why suddenly Nick is sure Victor is innocent . Nick almost slips and tells her that Nikki killed JT but Phylliss knows Nick well enough that she knows what he was going to say so she is worried that Nikki told Nick that she helped her bury JT's body.

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