The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 1/15/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Reese this is a beautiful child and has given her a lot to think about. She will talk to her daughter and see if she is ready to adopt. When Reese puts the baby down Taylor does ask how Flo met Dr. Buckingham. All she says is she knew she was going to give up the baby and an agency directed her to Dr. Buckingham. Alone with him Flo asks how did she do. He said fine, he owes her. He needed to pull this off and she did. Xander kisses Zoe and says he likes the new 2.0 taking their time. He thinks he knows what went wrong in London and he knows now about her abandonment issues. She says she tried to get in touch with her dad but there was no response. She thinks he is still very disturbed about losing Hope’s baby. He thinks she is so caring that he is falling in love with her again. Reese and Flo discuss their past involvement and she mentions being a craps dealer in Vegas and he was her favorite customer. He says he has this big project and she came when he called and no one ever does that. There will be a little money in it for her when it is done and the less she knows about this the better. She wonders if he is in trouble. Taylor rushes home and says she has something very important to tell Steffy. Reese has a baby girl to give up for adoption and she thinks Steffy might want to meet the mother and daughter too. Taylor pours out all these details that she only knows it is a private adoption and will go fast to give this child a good home quickly.

Reese says he tries to do something good for someone and suddenly Flo thinks he might be a criminal. He says trust him, he can not divulge all the details now but they are both doing something good for someone. The thug interrupts with a phone call and when Reese says he is almost there the thug says Reese has his orders and he has his. Steffy says the timing is quick and she had not made up her mind if she could do this. But yes she thinks she can and even Liam who was just here brought up adoption as a plan for her. Taylor adds to it by saying this could be the sister she wanted to give Kelly. If really interested they need to move on this now. Reese calls on the pretence of seeing that she made it home all right. Then he asks if she had talked to her daughter. She says yes but they just got started and they need more time. He reminds her this has to be quick and he had this strong feeling that this baby belongs to her and her daughter, but there are other families who would want this baby. Steffy tells her mother that adoption usually takes a very long time and now he wants her immediate answer. She does want this for Phoebe and Taylor says she thinks that is a beautiful thought for Kelly and this Phoebe to bond from the start.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo tried to get Xander to be with him in order to get what he wanted. Xander told him that he would think about it. JJ wanted to know what was going on with Haley. Sarah talked to Sonny about Rex wanting her back. Rex asked Eric about his relationship with Sarah. Abe confronted Melinda about threatening Abby for her case. Haley didnít want to talk about her problems. She wanted to hear about his father. He told her about how it went with his father. He told her that he didnít believe that she and Melinda werenít related. He figured out that they were sisters. He thought they got in a fight and that was why she showed up at his apartment. Will talked to Marlena about Leoís issues with his mother. Marlena suggested that he go to John for help. Will wasnít sure if he should do that after what happened with Paul. John wanted to know what they were talking about. She said that Will wanted his help. Sarah continued to talk to Sonny about Rex. Sonny tried to get her to give Rex another chance, but she was still upset about him conceiving a baby. Rex wanted to know if Eric would help him with Sarah. Eric said he hasnít known her that long. Eric told him how they became friends. Sonny introduced Sarah to Xander. Sarah didnít like him instantly. When Sonny was about to leave, Leo stopped him to ask where he was going. Will told John that he didnít feel right asking him for help because he would be helping Will get back together with Sonny. John said he had a hard time with what Will did at first, but he got over it. John told Will that Paul was doing great and he had a date. John agreed to help him. Melinda told Abe that she didnít badger Abby. She was doing her job. He reminded her that she threatened to go after Abbyís husband. She wanted people to pay for their crimes. He reminded her that she went after Gabi when she was innocent. Melinda blamed him and the police force. Haley told JJ that her situation was complicated. JJ thought Melinda didnít want people to know that they were related because sheís the D.A. He asked if she was a criminal.

Eric and Rex talked about what Rex did to Sarah. Rex said he didnít fight hard enough for her. He said he gave up too easily. Eric thought that it was understandable that he would want to spend time with his child. Eric asked if he hooked up with Mimi again. Rex said he thought about it, but he was in love with Sarah. Leo wanted to go with Sonny. Leo reminded him of what Victor warned him about. Will and John talked about Leoís mother. Will told him that he came up with nothing on her. John said he would be able to help him. John gave Will advice about how not to give up on Sonny. Sonny tried to pump Leo for information about his mother. Leo wanted to know why he wanted to know about her. Abe and Melinda argued over him picking Hope to be commissioner. Melinda said that she was obsessed with Ben even though he was let go. She said he would be the one to go down for it. Haley met with Marlena and told her that she didnít need her sessions. Marlena told her that what she said would be confidential. Marlena wanted to know why she tried to take her own life. Marlena said she would help her. She said she was safe and would find understanding and compassion. She said she could trust her. Leo told Sonny that he didnít want to talk about his mother. Rex wanted Eric to call Sarah so he could talk to her. Rex wanted him to leave when she came over. When Rex went to take a shower, Sarah showed up. She told him that Xander was alive and in Salem. Abe told Melinda that he stood by his decision to hire Hope. She said that he should get rid of her. He reminded her that he appointed her too. He threatened to fire her if she didnít start acting like a team player. JJ showed up to talk to her, but she didnít want to talk to him. Marlena told Haley that she wanted to help her. Haley said she kept her secret her entire life. She said she couldnít keep her secret anymore. She said she would tell her. Rex saw Sarah and thought that she was there to see him. She said why she was there. Eric went to see Xander and threatened to kill him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna has Chase take Finn out of her hospital room because she can tell that Finn is hovering even if she cannot see it. Chase tries to calm Finn down. Anna later gets her sight back. Finn tells her that however this happened it was a virus that he had never seen in this country before. Anna assumes someone did this to her. Finn wouldn’t understand why. Elizabeth and Willow meet at Charlies and discuss how Aiden is different and that is a good thing.

Cam admits to Joss that he has community service. Joss tells him that Oscar is dying. Oscar finds out he has at the least six months and at the most probably nine months. It will get worse more than likely. He and Joss start planning their time together more efficiently. Franco discovers Aiden’s talent for baking. Cam reads a hate message geared towards Aiden on their tablet. Julian tries to help Kim feel better.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Jack surprises Kerry at her office to take her to the Athletic club for breakfast but when they get to the clubshe tells him she wants to go to his house for breakfast. Jack and Kerry have a romantic morning together and she gives him a cologne she designed just for him. Kerry tries to leave early butJack catches her and she makes up an excuse that she didn't want awakward moments with his family if they came home. Jack tells her they won't be home for hours so they decide to go back upstairs. Kerry tells Jacxk she is going to get some water from the ktchen but instead she takes out an injection and gives herself a shot of medicine. Fen celebrates the release of his song on Devon's streaming service and he is glad that his parants approve and think he has talent. Michael tells Lauren he is happy for Fen but he worries that music is a tough business and he may not have another hit. Lauren tells Michael to let Fen enjoy his moment. Ana is happy that Devon released her version of the song buthas a problem since Devon wabts the songwriter under contract as soon as possible so that he can write another song for Fen to release. Fen advises Ana to tell Devon that she wrote the song but she refuses and tells him to kep his mouth shut if he wants to have a music career. Nikki tells Victoria that she told Nick what happened on girls night but she left Sharon abnd Phyllis out of the story and Victoria worries that Nick won't keep their secret and go to the police. Nikki is more worried about the person that is playing these games with them and she amd Victoria are determined to find the person who is terrorizing them. Nick tells Victor he knows he didn't kill JT amd they should call as truce and work together to get him out of jail because Nikki is under a lot of stress and needs him home now. Victor refuses to allow Michael to represent him and insists on representing himself. Victor tells Nick to let Nikki know he will be home soon.

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