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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor keeps asking Reese if this is not his baby then where did the baby come from. He apologizes and says he could not tell her over the phone. Liam shows up at Steffy’s. She senses something is wrong. He says it has been a hard day and he knows he should have called first but he would really like to see Kelly. Instead he left Hope with Brooke and he has just been riding around. Hope cries and Brooke tries to comfort her and says just lean on Liam and even others. She is thinking going to a support group probably would do her good. Steffy invites Liam in and is happy for him to see Kelly. She only had a virus so she is fine now. He says he knows he is being selfish and he wants to be strong for Hope but he came here to see his daughter yet Hope does not have that luxury. Hope tells Brooke that it is weird, the birds are in the trees and cars on the road, for them it is just another regular day. She just wants some peace. She does not feel Beth is looking down on her at all. Reese is about to answer Taylor when a lady walks out of the bedroom and introduces herself as Florence and says the baby is hers. But she cannot keep her and Reese is helping her with adoption if they can find the right home. Steffy tells Liam that she imagined it just like he did. She wanted Beth to be a sister for Kelly and she knows he and Hope would have been wonderful parents. He says now adoption is the only way for Steffy. She says a conversation for another time but she has been thinking about it. It doesn’t just happen overnight; it takes time. Now she just wants to focus on Liam and Hope and them getting better.

Brooke reminds Hope that she said she felt Beth was still with her so she will always find her in her heart, in her dreams, all sorts of places. Taylor listens and Flo tells her that Dr. Buckingham took care of everything as she fell apart. Her life has been pretty much a wreck and adoption made the most sense. Everything is now falling in place. Reese says this all happened very quickly and he had not had time to explain to her. Taylor has a sudden light bulb moment – Steffy could adopt this baby? He nods yes. Liam holds Kelly and tells her that he loves her so much. She has her whole life ahead of her and he will always be there with her. He wishes she could have met her sister but she knows Beth would want them to all be happy. Hope tells Brooke that she is supposed to be holding her baby and not her mother holding her. Brooke tells her again that she will get through this, be patient and never forget Beth and she will always know somehow that she was loved. Reese says that when Taylor told him Steffy wanted to adopt he took that seriously. Taylor said yes, she wants to look into some agencies. Reese says he thought of her right away and this opportunity won’t come along every day. Taylor says this all came out of the blue but she will talk to Steffy. He cautions her because of Hope and what just happened he thinks it best if his name is left out of this. But talk to Steffy right away. Taylor sees him look at Flo and says she will as soon as she can.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rex showed up at Ericís apartment and wondered what was going on between him and Sarah. Abby went to see Chad to confront him about setting up a meeting with her and her family. She ended up being moved that he was willing to help her family get back together. JJ showed up while Melinda and Haley were talking. He said he knew who was talking to. Melinda called JJ a serial eavesdropper. He said that he found Haley when she tried to commit suicide. He said that he knew they were related. Melinda said they werenít. He wanted to know what she was hiding. Eve ran into Kayla and told her that Jack was missing. They argued over what she was doing to Jack and Jennifer. Jack didnít understand how Jennifer could fall in love with him. He told her that he shouldnít be with someone like her. He said he should be with someone like Eve and not her. Chad told Abby that he offered Eve a job in Paris. He asked her how things went with her family. She said it went well. She told him what happened. She told him that she knew it wasnít going to last just like with them. Rex apologized for the mistake he made with Mimi. He said he gave up too easily on them which was why he came back. She asked if he was abandoning his daughter. He said he wasnít going to abandon her. He told her that he kept thinking about her. Eric wanted to leave them alone to talk, but she didnít want him to. She told Rex that she didnít think about him. He told her that she wasnít over him and she admitted that she wasnít. Haley wanted JJ to forget that he saw her with Melinda. He said he wouldnít and wanted to take her away. She told him to go. Kayla told Eve that Eve wanted revenge for why she was back in Salem. Eve reminded her that she was going home to an empty bed. Kayla reminded her about Paige. Kayla tried to convince her to leave Salem. Jennifer told Jack that she was nothing like Eve. Jennifer told him about his family. He didnít think it was an excuse to violate another person. She wanted him to forgive himself. She told him that he got them through all of the bad times they went through. She told him that his childhood was why he wanted to run away, but she wasnít going to let him. Chad told Abby that he couldnít deny his feelings for her. He wanted to kiss her. They kissed each other.

Abby stopped herself from kissing Chad. She wasnít ready to be vulnerable with him. She said they had to win back their trust. She reminded him that she slept with Stefan. She reminded him how he treated Charlotte before she found out who her father was. Abby didnít know if she could forgive that. JJ ran into Eve and Kayla. Eve asked him where Jack was. He told her that Jack was with his mother, but he wouldnít tell her where they were.  Eve left to find him. Jennifer told Jack about their love and wanted him to believe in it. Sarah told Rex that she had strong feelings for him. She said she wanted to strangle him. Rex wanted to stay with Eric, but Sarah didnít want him to stay there. Eric told her that heís his brother. She said she wasnít bringing Ericís shirt back as long as he was there. Jennifer told Jack that she loved him and wanted him back. When they were about to kiss, Eve walked in. Chad told Abby that he was wrong for not believing her. She told him that Melinda wanted to prosecute him for kidnapping her, but she wasnít going to help her. She said she knew he did what he did because he loved her. Melinda told Haley to fix things with JJ or she would. Kayla and JJ talked about Haley. Eve interrupted Jack and Jennifer. Eve talked him into leaving with her. Jennifer wanted him to go home with her. Abby said she understood that he wanted to get her the help she needed, but she didnít like how he took her child from her. He wanted to try and make things work. She said she loved him, but she wasnít ready. She hoped that someday she would be ready. Rex wanted Eric to help him get Sarah back. Haley went to see JJ at his place because she had nowhere else to go. Jack told Jennifer that he only met with her because of the money. He left with Eve.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Curtis is shocked to find out that Valentin and Nina are back together. Valentin says they were able to bond again. Obrecht confronts Nina about not getting her hopes up over her daughter. Nina really doesn’t seem to want to hear it. Valentin shows back up and manipulates her into not spending alone time with Sasha. Ryan pleads with Ava to move with him out of the country. She considers it and asks Sonny if she can have Avery for extended periods but he is not interested.

Carly finds Franco going through Kevin’s office and gets him to stop. They end up talking about Kevin’s personality change as of late. Franco ends up leaving. Ryan walks in and is confused why she is here. Carly demands to know why he lied to her. Ryan cannot believe she is still on that subject. Sam and Jason both warn Alexis and Sonny individually about Shiloh. Kristina confronts both of them about how they are being judgmental.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Nick is shocked at Nikki’s confession and thinks she just means that she somehow feels responsible indirectly for JT’s murder. Nikki corrects him and flat out admits to killing JT. She fills him in on how JT was buried at Chancellor garden. Nick is shocked. More so when he realizes the timing of JT’s death as prior to his masquerading as JT. He apologizes and realizes this all drove her to drink again. Nikki justifies her actions and how JT treated Victoria and how she was protecting her child. She gives details on what happened and how she killed JT. Nick tells her she did exactly what he would have done. Nikki is so relieved that Nick understands. When Nikki mentions ‘we’ Nick questions who she is referring to but Nikki only mentions Victoria as the ‘we’ and leaves out Phyllis or Sharon. Meanwhile a nervous Phyllis is trying to get ahold of Nick with texts to get a feel for where she stands with him. At Victoria’s house, Billy apologizes for not being there for Victoria. They share several heartfelt moments. Billy offers to stay but Victoria assures him she will be ok. Meanwhile, Arturo is angry at the near kiss and accuses Mia of trying to seduce him. They argue and Mia reminds him they were each other’s first. Mia brings up how she moved to GC to be with Rey but that he keeps punishing her and making her feel unhappy and alone. Tension is thick as they argue more and Arturo leaves. At the hotel Sharon and Rey are feeling guilty even though nothing happened and they platonically shared the bed. The initially decide on breakfast on the way back. Rey gets a text from Mia and calls her with no mention of Sharon. He tells her he will see her soon and that he loves her so much. He hangs up and feels guilty. Sharon assures him he has nothing to feel guilty about, and they decide to skip breakfast.

Arturo arrives at Abbey’s house with something to tell her and to get off his chest. Abbey is nervous until he tells her he loves her. Arturo tells her he is no longer afraid and talks about his parents and how his dad hurt his mother. He doesn’t want to be that guy. Abbey assures him he never could. Arturo tells her something changed in him last night and that he wants a future with her and wants to start now. They kiss and Arturo carries her upstairs. At the coffee house, Billy blasts Phyllis for her actions. She justifies her actions that she was tired of everyone thinking so highly of JT. They argue and Phyllis realizes Billy is getting close with Victoria and suggests that maybe he should be thanking her. Billy is disgusted with her and leaves. Billy then heads back to Victoria’s where Reed apologizes to Victoria as Billy looks on. Reed feels awful at how hard of a time he gave his mom. They talk and Reed feels it best if he gets on with his life back at school. Back at the ranch Nikki eyes the booze. Rey arrives home. Mia eventually mentions she knows he was with Sharon and in turn tells him that Arturo was there and fixed the heat. They both agree that neither should be upset. Rey tells her he is done with drama and they need to be in a place where they trust each other. He tells her their marriage needs to be stronger than their suspicions, and he assures her he is all in with their marriage and proves it to her as the begin kissing fervently on the couch. Nick is back home where Phyllis insists she speaks first. She apologizes and offers to do whatever she needs to do for his forgiveness. Nick pauses and then orders her to come over and kiss him and tells her she didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt and that she just got caught up in the moment. He tells her he appreciates her honesty and that it’s one of the things he loves about her and they kiss. Meanwhile at the ranch Nikki is pouring bottles of booze down the drain.

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