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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill checks on Hope and Liam and goes back to talk to Brooke and Ridge. Ridge thanks him for doing this. Bill just wishes there was more he could do but as parents they all just need for them to know they will be there for them, all families together. Ridge says yes he needs to do something for his family. He says he knows they do not like each other but they have a history too. Brooke is his wife, til death do us part and that is the way it is going to be. But he does not know who Bill is anyway now that he has taken off his necklace. Brooke wants to wait and talk about this later. But Ridge says they need to talk. He needs to take care of his family and Bill will take care of his. Brooke says okay. Ridge is her husband and also her soul mate and their marriage is going to last. Ridge says great to Bill, they should both just concentrate on their own families. Brooke speaks up and says she disagrees with Ridge. She does believe Bill has changed. She respects that and she cares for him and always will. Children are important in their lives and they need to come first. Bill has a son who was married to Ridge’s daughter and that gives them a special bond. Ridge says he hopes Bill means what he says and Brooke says she does and they need to give him that chance. She says she wants to go check on Hope. Ridge stops her long enough to say they will get through this together.

Taylor assures Reese that he is a doctor and she knows he did all he could do to help birth Hope’s baby. She encourages him to open up and tell her everything. He says he remembers all of it; every detail……. a real nightmare and he wishes he could have helped more. But it happened so fast, the delivery and he did not have everything ready on hand. It is what every doctor fears the most. He can deliver healthy babies, but there were signs….Hope coming into the clinic in full labor, but the power went out, no one else around to help and things began to spiral out of control. He tried to get Beth to breathe on her own but she was gone. Taylor commends him for being so in control and he thanks her for listening to him. He is venerable and he needed someone to confide in. There is a guilt he will live with the rest of his life. Brooke goes back to the cabin and tries to comfort Hope. Hope says Liam did not want to leave her alone but she insisted as he needed to go out (hope it was not to see Steffy and Kelly). Hope keeps looking at the ultrasound. Beth was there one minute and then she was gone, her precious baby girl. And she will never be able to hold her again. She doesn’t know why she had to lose her. She will never believe that Beth was never meant to be. She should be holding her now. She knows it sounds crazy but part of her believes she is not gone. Taylor tells Reese that she has so much going on in her life right now and he is attractive and a very sweet man but she is not ready for a relationship right now. He says he understands but that is not it. Just stay there and he has something to show her. When he returns Taylor turns around and he is holding a baby. She is shocked and asks what he is doing with a baby. She repeats it twice more and all he asks if she would like to hold it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby went to Dougís Place to meet Chad, but he wasnít there. It turned out that Chad set it up so she could meet her family there. She was upset about being set up. Jack ended up showing up. Brady yelled at Maggie for letting Sarah take Holly to see Eric. Maggie explained to him how Sarah took Holly. Maggie told him that he was only concerned about Holly because of Eric. She also accused him of wanting to be with Chloe to get over Eve. They talked about Eve and how she hurt him. She wanted to know why Eve brought Jack back. Chloe and Sarah argued over Holly. Eric ended up telling Chloe that he would let her have custody of Holly. Chloe was grateful for it. Jack told Abby, Jennifer, and JJ that Chad came to him and paid him $10,000 to meet with them. They were upset about it. Chad went to see Eve and told him that Stefan was arrested. She didnít care about Stefan being arrested. Chad offered her a job.

Melinda was upset with Haley for her secret possibly ruining her plans. Haley admitted to her that she tried to kill herself over the secret. Melinda told her that Abby was why her day was ruined. Haley asked if he was related to JJ. Melinda wanted to know how she knew him. Jack asked Abby about the children and wanted to spend time with them. JJ wanted to know how much he would charge for that. Jennifer said the grandkids looked like a Devereaux. Jack said none of the kids looked like him. Jennifer said they were his. JJ said he was worried about a friend. Abby told him to go look for her. Jack noticed tension between them. JJ apologized for not believing her. Jennifer told Jack that it wasnít easy getting over him. She asked him when he was getting married. He said he wasnít. She said that Eve said they were. Chad told Eve that she would be an asset to the company. He wanted her to be Senior VP. He had a contract for her to sign. Maggie asked Brady if he still had feelings for Eve. He said he tried to reach out to her, but she didnít want to hear it. He said he didnít recognize the woman he used to love. Eve noticed that the new job was in Paris. Haley told Melinda who JJ was, but Melinda didnít believe her. Haley told her that he saved her life. She said that he always checks in on her. Melinda wanted her to stop trusting people like him. JJ tried to warn Jack about Eve getting what she wanted. He said he would set Eve straight when he went back to the hotel. He wanted to learn more about them as a family. They told him about a dinner when JJ was in London. Eve told Chad that she couldnít leave Salem. He said she couldnít leave Jack. She thought he wanted her to give up on Jack so he could win points with Abby. Chloe told Brady that Eric was giving her full custody of Holly. Melinda told Haley that JJ was with a lot of women. Haley mentioned he saved her when she tried to kill herself. Melinda asked if she told him. Haley said she would never tell anyone. Abby and JJ had to leave Dougís Place. Before Abby left, Jack tried to warn her to stay away from men who try to buy your attention. She defended Chad to Jack. Chad told Eve that she could have a new start away from bad memories. He told her to think about it before he left. Jennifer told Jack that he enjoyed having dinner with them. She said it meant a lot to their children. He wanted to know what it meant to her. Melinda wanted Haley to move out of her place. Melinda wanted her to move out immediately. She didnít want anyone to know that they were related. JJ walked up behind them while Melinda was talking. Jack told Jennifer that he wished he could remember. She was glad that there were things that he didnít remember. He told her that he was a lousy husband. She said he wasnít a lousy husband all of the time. He wanted to know what they were like. She told him what they were like. Abby went to see Chad. Chloe thanked Brady for being there for her. He thanked her for being there for him. They almost kissed each other. Rex showed up at Ericís apartment while Sarah was there.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny tries to help Griffin out while he still mourns Kiki. Griffin thinks that his faith is lost though and rips off a neckless that represented his faith. Sonny runs into Drew and Kim and offers any help that he possibly could to Oscar. They both thank him for the gesture. Anna goes blind while talking with Peter and they go to the hospital where Finn and Griffin try to get a diagnosis.

Valentin and Nina talk when Obrecht shows up. She gets upset with what she hears and contemplates telling Nina the truth about her daughter. Valentin learns from Peter that Anna is blind. Franco demands to know why he cannot get a meeting with Ryan who tells him that he doesn’t want to help him out anymore. Ryan suggests that he and Ava move away from PC together. Franco goes looking for his medical files in Kevin’s office.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Rey and Sharon hit a patch of black ice and the car Rey is driving doesn't start so they have to spend the night in a hotel room with only one bed.Rey calls home but doesn't tell Mia he is with Sharon. Mia doesn't tell Rey that Arturo is there with her waiting on a part for the furnace both of them think that their white lies to each other won't do any harm. Rey tries to sleep in a chair but Sharon tells him there isn't any point in hurting his back they can both sleep in the same bed. Arturo's friend arrives with the part for the furnace so Arturo fixes the furnace and Mia calls Sharon to tell her to cancel the repairman but Rey tells Sharon not to answer the phone because they can't risk Mia finding out they are together. Arturo calls Sharon's house and Mariah tells him Sharon is stuck in Kanosha and won't return untill tomorrow. Mia figures out Rey and Sharon are together and starts to cry because she realizes Rey doesn't love her anymore and Arturo holds her to comfort her and Mia and Arturo almost kiss but Arturo stops himself and advises Mia not to tell Rey about their almost kiss and he won't say anything to Abby about it either because there is no point in hurting Abby and Rey when nothing happened between them. Phyllis tells everyone at the memorial service that JT emotionally and physically abused Victoria in order to keep Nikki from telling everyone she killed JT. Billly and Nick are both angry with Phyllis for telling everyone about JT so publicly and causing Reed more pain. Nick takes Nikki home and the stress of the day gets to her and she thinks she sees blood on the fireplace poker. Nikki cries as she admits to Nick she killed JT with a fireplace poker.

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