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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All look on and wish they could help Hope and Liam. Steffy gives Hope a big hug and says she will be there for her. Brooke thanks Zoe for being there for her daughter. Zoe says her dad would have liked to have come but he sent his condolences. Brooke says a lot of things happened that night and at the right time she would like to have a conversation with Reese. Taylor tells Steffy she is glad she has her and Thomas; she is so grateful. Steffy tells Liam bye and if he needs anything at all just call. He says just take care of Kelly and let him keep seeing her. She gives him a big hug. He explains how it all happened that it took forever for him to get to Catalina……Hope went into labor and the doctor was in and out of the room and his mind needs some answers. Taylor calls Reese and says she is leaving if he still wants to see her. He says yes very much and he will text her his apartment address. She says her goodbyes to Hope and the Logan sisters. Brooke follows her and thanks her for being there. Taylor gives her a hug. Maya gives her condolences as do the others one at a time. Liam and Hope cling to each other.

Zoe tells Xander that her dad has had stillbirths before but he is taking this one especially hard. Reese invites Taylor into his modest dwelling. He is sure she is upset at just coming from the Forresters. Taylor says Hope is strong so they will all pull her through. She asks how he is coping. He is humbled that she cares. Hope tells Brooke that she dreaded this day and wanted to say no, but she is glad they all came. She will need this support for a really long time. Liam tells her that Beth may not be there with them physically but she is here and will always be their next little girl’s sister. Taylor tells Reese that she can tell just looking at him that he has been through a lot. He was up against a lot with the weather conditions, early labor and power outage. He did all he could do. He’s a doctor and it hurts to lose a patient, especially a baby. He says he thinks about all the babies in this world who are abused yet this Beth was going to be welcomed by two loving parents. So yes it hurts. Taylor tells him that she is there for him and cradles his head on her shoulder.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara was upset that Ben worked with Claire to break up her relationship with Tripp. Ben told her he did it because he wanted to be with her. Melinda went to see Abby to get her to press charges against Gabi. Abby said she had no intention of pressing charges. Melinda reminded her about what Gabi did. Melinda wanted her to get justice. Chad wanted JJ to help him get Abby back. Sarah brought Holly to see Eric. Eve caught Brady and Chloe together. When Chloe left, Eve accused him of being back with Chloe. They ended up arguing over what she did to cost him his son. She told him that Jack wanted to be with her. When she was about to walk away, he wanted to talk. Ciara was upset with Ben for lying to her. She said she thought she could trust him. He wanted to know if she wanted an excuse to end things. Abby told Melinda that their animosity had to end. Melinda wanted to protect Abby. Abby told her that it was over between her and Gabi. Melinda told her that she would prosecute Chad if she didn't help her get Gabi. JJ agreed to help Chad get Abby back. JJ talked to Haley about her dealing drugs. Brady wanted Eve to do the right thing with Jennifer. Eve wanted to know why she should do that after what she did to her. He threw up in her face that she was getting too close to Jack. She realized that he was jealous. Melinda told Abby that she would prosecute Chad for kidnapping her. Abby said she wasn't going to help her. Melinda reminded her about what Chad did. Melinda said that it was her fault that she couldn't prosecute criminals. Abby thought she only cared about getting a win. Abby threw her out of the house.

Ciara wanted Ben to leave. He told her that he didn't work for Stefan anymore. He told her that Stefan was arrested. He told her that Chad is in charge and fired him. She said that he would still be working for Stefan if Chad didn't fire him. Haley thought JJ told what she was doing. She was upset about it. He said he wanted to help her. He told her that he would keep her secret. While Eric was spending time with Holly, she noticed a picture of Nicole. Brady told Eve that she wasn't the Eve he knew. He told her that Tate asked about her. She told him that she lost everything. She said she was tired of losing and wanted to win. He told her that he shouldn't turn Jack against his family. Eve didn't want to hear what he had to say. Haley didn't want JJ's help. He said he was trying to pay it forward. He wanted to help her the way he was helped. Julie told Abby that there was a surprise for her. When Abby figured out it was Chad, she didn't want to go. Ciara yelled at Ben for working for Stefan. He wanted to explain, but she wouldn't let him. He told her that she made up her mind so he wouldn't waste her time. Brady talked to Chloe about his conversation with Eve. Chloe tried to see things from Eve's point of view. He asked her to go to dinner, but she turned him down. Chloe talked to Maggie and found out that Holly was with Sarah. Abby told Julie that she wasn't going to meet Chad. Julie used guilt to get her to go with Chad. Abby didn't want to meet with Chad. Julie tried to convince her to meet with Chad. Ben told Ciara that no one was going to see the best in him. He left the apartment. Melinda met Haley in the park. Abby finally agreed to go meet Chad. Chloe went to Eric's apartment to pick up Holly. He said she was taking a nap. Sarah said they would give her Holly when she woke up. Chloe and Sarah got into an argument. Eric said that he made a decision about custody.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie shows up at Lulu’s house as Peter does at the same time. Lulu needs to speak with Peter alone. Lulu tells him about Margaux coming to see her and Peter doesn’t want to use the information with a serial killer on the loose. Anna goes to see Peter and they talk about her past a little bit when she starts to get dizzy. She falls to the ground. Jason and Sam meet with Shiloh and confront him with the fact that she was married to his father. Shiloh claims to have not known that. Sam tells Jason he was searching for more information.

Laura and Ned both wait for the election results. Laura wins. Ned and Olivia go over the reasons that they are ok with this in their head. Laura confronts Ryan as to why he is there. Ryan claims to support her. Laura tells the town that she plans to catch the serial killer. Ryan gets annoyed at this.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle and Lola have a romantic evenning at the Athletic club where they share a wonderful meal that Lola planned with the chef and they also share two dances together The furnace in Mia and Rey's apartment goes out and Arturo waits with Mia for the part to arrive to fix the furnace and she admits that she has always worried about Rey when he is at work because she never knows if when he leaves for work he will return home safely. Rey calls Sharon and asks her if she could help with a scared little boy they found durring a drug bust. Sharon apologizes to Victoriabecause she has to leave Jt's memorial service because she has a work emergency. JtT's memorial service is tense for all the members of the ladies night group but Victoria is even more tense because Cane is there with Mattie and Charlie and she feels guilty that she and Cane kissed and Cane makes it clear he doesn't want to be there either but he is there for the sake of his kids and Reed. Reed and Traci share wonderful memories of JT and Reed and Mac cry because they will miss JT but everyone else at the service is tense because of the man JT was before he died. Nikki cries as she sees Reed's pain and tells her gran dson she is sorry but Phyllis innterrupts Nikki and tells everyone she has something important to say about JT.

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