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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Both Steffy and Taylor say they do not want to let Kelly out of there sight after what happened to Liam and Hope’s baby. They have had their problems over the years but now is the time to show support. Steffy says that she almost feels guilty just having Kelly. Hope tells Brooke and Liam that she does not think she is up for this. Brooke says they both love her and only want to take the pain away and she needs to be surrounded by family. They will help her get through this. Hope holds the last ultrasound and cries that she misses Beth so much. Eric tells them that challenging times is when they need each other the most. He makes them promise that they will let him and Quinn take care of them in any way they can. Today will be the service for Beth. Zoe and Xander discuss the memorial service and they need to show support. Dr. Breckinridge remembers that night when Hope was in labor and passed out. He gets a text from the thug that they are running out of patience… up or else. Eric tells Brooke that he knows this is not easy on her either and she leans on his strong shoulders. Pam tells Quinn this is just not right. Donna and Katie say Beth is in heaven with the rest of the angles.

Wyatt and Sally and Bill arrive and all hug Liam. Liam tells them it means a lot for all of them to be here. Bill says Beth will always be here as part of this family and part of Liam. Reese calls Zoe and tells her not to come see him today; just go to the services. And considering the circumstances he does not think he should go; just give Hope and Liam his best. Bill sits by Brooke and she tells him she wanted that baby for Hope and Liam so much. Ridge greets Steffy and Taylor at the door and they go to Liam. Taylor says she is so very sorry. Steffy tells Liam she should not have called him that day as Kelly’s fever was nothing serious. She hugs Hope who is there but more or less in a fog. Brooke notices Taylor talking to Hope and asks later and Hope says Taylor gave her the number for a support group that might help. Reese calls Taylor that he wants to see her but she bows out by saying where she is and she will get with him later. Bill tells Katie that Liam and Hope are strong, their love is strong and they will make it through this. Taylor speaks with Brooke and wants to make sure she is okay after this tremendous loss. Brooke says Hope’s faith and strength will pull her through. Liam thanks everyone for being there for them and Beth. He wishes she could have met all of them. This is what family is for when you need them. Hope cries as she holds the ultrasound and says it is the one tangible thing they have of Beth as they wonder what she would look like or what color her eyes would be. She cannot believe this happened as she still feels her presence. She will love her and cherish her forever. Liam and Hope cry and comfort each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ ran into Gabi and was upset with her for what she did to him. Chad told Ben that he didn't work for Stefan anymore. Chad said he worked for him. While they were talking, Ben told him that he could still work for him. Chad ended up firing him. JJ told Gabi that he was disgusted by what she did. He said that he trusted her and couldn't believe what she did to Abby. He said he believed her over his own sister. She apologized for what she did. She said she had rage inside of her. He said he could have helped her. She told him that she was upset every time she saw Abby and Chad together, but he didn't want to hear it. She said she hated what she did. She said he made her want to stop. He said she wrecked his family and they may never recover. While Sonny was talking to Will, Leo busted him on the phone. Leo said he wanted Sonny to stay away from Will or he would have him arrested. Leo saw Xander and liked what he saw. Sonny introduced them to each other. Victor wanted to talk to Xander. Victor told him that he wasn't giving him the job as CEO. Chad gave Ben an interview. Ben said his girlfriend didn't want him to keep the job. Ben told him that he had a girlfriend. Chad wanted to know who it was. Gabi continued to tell JJ why she got revenge on Abby. He wanted to know how destroying Chad and Abby's lives worth the pain. She didn't know. He wanted to know why she didn't come to him. She said she was ashamed, but he didn't believe it. He thought she didn't want him to stop her. He said he would have saved her life, but it was too late.

Ben talked to Chad about dating Ciara. Ben thought she would be okay with him working for Chad. Chad asked him how Hope felt about her dating Ciara. Ben said she wasn't happy. Ben told him that Hope is trying to keep them apart. He said he is trying to prove that he wasn't the man he once was. Chad said that would be hard. Ben said it would be better if he hired him. Chad wanted to know what was in it for him. Victor told Xander that he needed someone with brains to beat Chad. Xander said he had more information, but Victor wanted to see it. Xander refused to show him the rest of the information. Victor said he wouldn't consider making him CEO unless he saw the information. Sonny met Will at the pub. Will wanted to figure out a way to make Leo disappear. Will wanted to know what Leo's Achilles' heel was. Sonny wanted to meet in private to discuss it. Chad asked Ben how Abby would feel if he hired the man who tried to kill them. Ben said he was a changed man. Ben told him that he wouldn't hurt Ciara. He said she was his life. Chad told him to let her go. He threw Ben out. Ben thought he was making a mistake. Chad said Ciara was making a mistake. He told Ben to let her go before Ben left. Sonny and Will met in the park. Sonny told him that Leo has issues with his mother. Will wanted to find Leo's mother. Xander asked Leo about his relationship with Sonny. Xander wondered what Leo had on Sonny, but Leo wouldn't tell him. Xander wanted him to tell what he had so they could help each other. Leo wanted to know why Xander was interested. He asked Xander if it had anything to do with the conversation he had with Victor. Gabi apologized to JJ for what she did. He was glad that she was sorry, but he didn't think he would ever forgive her. Ciara overheard Claire talking to Ben on the phone about their plan. Ciara confronted her about it. Claire admitted that she and Ben were working together to break up her and Tripp. Sonny told Will what his real name was. Sonny wanted Will to go to John to help, but Will didn't feel right going to Paul's father. Leo told Xander what he heard Victor tell him. Xander asked if he was going to help him. Leo wanted to know what was in it for him. Leo wanted to be with him, but Xander said that he wasn't gay. Leo tried to convince him to be with him. Ciara was upset that Claire worked with Ben to break up her relationship with Tripp. Ciara said that Claire couldn't be trusted. Ben showed up at the apartment. Claire begged her not to tell Ben. When Claire left, Ciara asked him how he could work with Claire. Chad called JJ to ask for his help to get Abby back.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Cam has his court case and Alexis defends him against a tough judge. Elizabeth makes a plea that seems to go nowhere when Drew shows up and tells the judge to give him mercy for being a good friend. Cam gets off with a years probation. Sonny goes to visit Lulu and wonders when Dante is coming home. Lulu admits she doesn’t know. Margaux then goes to visit and asks if she noticed anything on Ryan while doing his profile. Lulu claims not to have but then goes through the files herself.

Curtis and Jordan go to Mac for help with the Ryan investigation. He tries to help to the best of his ability. Olivia tells Ned she is not sure she wants him to win again. They agree to be fine no matter what the outcome. Laura gets support from Sonny to distance herself from him. Laura has no desire to do so. Carly and Sam also rally for Laura.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane gets a letter from Lily telling him that it is hard being in jail and that she is begining to lose hope as she counts the days for her release. Lily feels disconnected from her family although having Neil visit her every day has helped a little bit all of this makes Cane feel more guilty for kissing Victoria. Mattie and Charlie want to go to JT's memorial service but Canedoesn't want to see Victoria and he tries to persude Mattie and Charlie this isn't a good idea but in the end Mattie persudes him that they should go as a family.. Ana decides to leave town leavi ng Devon a letter to say good-bye. Ana runs into Nate who persudes her not to leave town without talking to Devon in person. Devon tells Ana that he listened to her verson of the song again and it is better and has more feeling he says he has been trying not to feel anything that is why his version of the song had no feeling in it. Devon asks Ana to stay because he needs her help and he will do his best to be a better brother and boss. Ana agrees to stay and Devon invites her to participate in the tasting of Lola's food for the resturant. Lola is nervous about the tsting with Abby and Devon but feels confident after a pep talk from Kyle. Devon Abby and Ana are impressed by the menus and Lola's ideas for the resturant they give her a contract and a large advance on her salary. Lola later shares the good news with Kyle and they tell each other "I Love You" for the first time. Jack goes to visit Victor and once he hears the evidence against Victor he admits that he may be innocent but Christine really wants him in jail so even if he is innoicent he may go to jail anyway.

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