The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 1/8/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy and Taylor discuss the night before with the high winds and storm. They know it will all be over when Hope and Liam bring that sweet baby home. Steffy says it is beginning to sound right with one big happy family now. Zoe tells her dad there was nothing he could do. He says he is a doctor. He is there to heal not hurt. Every time he closes his eyes he relives the worst moment of his life. She asks to tell him what he thinks he did wrong. What happened was inside of Hope not of something he did. Ridge stops by to see Steffy. He tells them the baby’s name was Beth but she did not made it. Brooke and Liam bring Hope back to the cabin and try to keep things as normal as they can. Zoe tells her dad that if anyone could save that child then he would have. He says they have exhausted the subject and he just hopes there is not a malpractice suit. He worries about her in the city alone and wants to make sure she is okay. Ridge tells Steffy that he thinks Hope would like to see her but just not today. Brooke is doing all she can for her. Hope looks around the room at the crib, holds the pretty pink things, pictures, ultrasound, stuffed animals and clothes. Liam tells her that perhaps he needs to take some of this and put it away. But Hope continues to hold up cute little dresses and says she always imagined just how Beth would look.

Reese says he never should have come as Zoe is working. He has not even been home to take a shower. He just wanted to be sure she was okay. Taylor feels so sorry for Hope but says she is afraid this loss will affect them for a long time. Liam starts packing things up but Hope says she does not want them put away. Brooke says she will call her brother and sister if she would like and she says yes. Brooke says she will leave them alone as she needs to make dinner. They can stay here or come over if she would like. Liam is attentive and asks Hope if she needs any pain pills. He tries to console her that Beth just wasn’t ready to come into the world just yet. They both cry. As Reese leaves the building he spies the thug. He tells him to stay away from his daughter. Just leave Zoe out of this as he will have the whole $200,00 within the week. Ridge tells Brooke that both Steffy and Taylor were shocked and wanted to come but he asked them not to tonight. He says Hope is young and strong and in time they can try again. This was not her fault. He asks if there is anything he can do and she answers to just hold her. Liam laments that they say everything happens for a reason but in this case he does not believe that. He mentions next time and Hope says she cannot hear that right now. Liam says yes they will have another daughter and it won’t be a replacement for Beth. They will always remember her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope told Ted that Stefan was arrested and wanted him to represent him. Ben ran into Gabi and apologized for kidnapping her. She told him what Stefan did to her. Ben told her that Ciara wanted him to quit, but wouldn't force him to do it. He didn't want to do it. Kate told Chad that she was going to take over DiMera Enterprises. Ciara talk to Abby about Ben. Stefan told Rafe that Hope was his unexpected support. Hope wanted Ted to return the favor of her helping him by representing Stefan. Rafe didn't believe that Hope would help him because she hated him. Stefan told him that she hated someone more than she hated him. Rafe still didn't believe it. Stefan said that she wasn't concerned about what he did to Gabi. She was only concerned about getting Ben. He said that Hope was more concerned about Ben than getting justice for Gabi. Hope wanted Ted to return the favor of her helping him. She told him that Stefan was out for revenge. Ted was afraid that he was next. She told him that she would owe him if he represented Stefan. He wanted to know what was in it for her. Abby was shocked that Ciara was dating Ben. Ciara told her that he was sweet to her. Abby told her that he was a psychopath. Ciara thought that Abby should understand that he changed. Ben told Gabi that he thought he would lose Ciara. Gabi thought she should lose Ciara. Kate told Chad that she gave up the CEO job for him. She asked if he wanted the job. He said he didn't.

Stefan told Rafe to ask Hope if he didn't believe that she wanted to help him. Ted wanted to know why Hope wanted to help Stefan. She said she wanted Ben out of her daughter's life for good. Ciara reminded Abby of the things she did when she was sick. Abby said her altars hurt people. Ciara wondered if she thought Ben would have hurt her. Abby reminded her of the things he did to her in the past. Abby was trying to warn her about him. Kate tried to convince Chad to take the CEO job, but he was interested in the job. Ciara talked to Abby about Ben kidnapping Gabi. Ciara thought that she was traitor to women if she went along with Ben. Abby thought she was right to question herself for putting herself at risk. Ciara didn't know what to do. Abby told her to walk away. Hope wanted Ted to work with Stefan. Ted said he couldn't do it, but she wanted him to help her. She didn't want to lose another child. He agreed to do it. Rafe walked in while they were holding hands. Rafe wanted to talk to Hope. He asked her if she wanted Ted to represent Stefan. She said she did. He said he found out through Stefan. He was furious that she did that. He couldn't believe that she would help Stefan after everything he did. She said she did it to get Ben to flip on Stefan so they could both go to prison. Ted went to see Stefan. Ted said he wanted to represent him. Stefan hired him. Julie ran into Gabi and surprised that Gabi was out. Gabi said the charges were dropped against her. Gabi told her that Abby let the whole thing go. Kate continued to convince Chad to take the job. Julie wanted to know what Gabi did to Abby to drop the charges. Gabi told her why Abby dropped the charges. Julie reminded her of what she did to Abby. Julie threatened to tell what she did to her. Gabi warned her that she would do something to her if she told on her. Abby warned Ciara to stay away from Ben. Ciara thought that Ben should have turned Stefan down. Ciara told her that she didn't want to force Ben to quit because he needed the job, but she wanted him to come up with that decision on his own. Ben thought he told Stefan that he couldn't work for him anymore, but it turned out to be Chad. Ted told Stefan that he had to spend the night in jail. Ted said he would get him out in the morning. Rafe and Hope argued over her trying to get Ben. Chad told Ben that he was the new CEO and he worked for him now.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Elizabeth and Franco wait for Cam and Alexis to show up for court. Cam goes to see Oscar and assumes that because he is getting out that means he is cured. He is so glad and admits to him why he is dressed up. Oscar thinks that was a bad idea. Cam goes to court and Joss goes with Oscar to start their year together.

Sam goes to see Drew and tells him about Hank/ Shiloh. Drew doesn’t seem to be that taken by the issue which shocks Sam. Carly shows up and tells Drew that Joss is really worried about Oscar and offers any help she and Sonny can to get Oscar better.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Billy arrives at Victoria’s where she brings up that the memorial for JT can’t happen at her house where everything ended, quickly revising her words to mean where her relationship with JT ended. She agrees to it but Billy notices it is bothering her and mentions it to Reed. Reed questions going forward with the memorial but Billy assures him and hopes they both get closure. At Phyllis and Nick’s house, Nick is worried about Victor and Nikki. Nick tells Phyllis he thinks his dad is telling the truth. Phyllis reminds Nick of his past with Victor and urges him to walk away. Later Victoria arrives at Nick’s with news of the memorial. Nick tells her he will be there. Phyllis mentions how hard it must be on Reed thinking his grandfather killed his dad. Nick again mentions Victor’s innocence. After Nick leaves, Victoria lays into Phyllis for trying to convince Nick that their father is a killer and tells her it’s all about revenge. Phyllis exclaims “You’re damn right it is!” Phyllis tells her she has been looking for payback for years. Victoria mentions how she stopped Nikki from confessing. Phyllis heatedly points out how Victoria always defends her father and how Victor was the same as JT and that he deserves everything he gets. Victoria hauls off and slaps Phyllis who dismisses her and tells her she will say whatever she wants. Victoria gives Phyllis a warning but Phyllis replies back “Don’t you threaten me!”. Victoria tells her that she just did and storms out.

At Rey’s, Kyle, Mia and Rey are the taste testers for Lola’s recipes. After the taste testing, Mia provides honest feedback that it seemed traditional and Lola admits she played it safe. Kyle agrees with Mia that the things that make her special were missing, upsetting Lola. Both Kyle and Rey then need to assure her she isn’t over her head and that Devon and Abbey hired her for her unique dishes. Her next dish meets their approval. Lola later thanks Kyle for the pep talk and they kiss. At Devon’s, Ana walks in on Devon and Fen listening to one of Fen’s songs. Devon and Ana then argue over the production of the song. Devon later apologizes, and goes upstairs. Ana asks Fen to get her a copy of the final mix but Fen doesn’t want to mess things up with Devon but finally agrees. Later at Crimson Lights, Fen listens to Ana’s mix of the song. Fen raves about her song and gushes that it’s way better than Devon’s. He tells her to come clean to Devon but Ana refuses. Back at Devon’s, he is listening to Ana’s version of the song and is offended they went behind his back. Once alone with Ana he confronts her for taking advantage of him. Ana insists she was only trying to help but Devon insists she has nothing further to do with the LP. Ana is in disbelief but Devon tells her he needs to run his own life without interference from her... Next on The Young and The Restless-Cane receives a message from Lily.

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