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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam and Hope sit in her bed holding hands both thinking of what should have been with baby Beth and now she is gone. After what seems like hours Brooke, Ridge and Bill come rushing in all gushing. When Hope is silent Brooke asks what is wrong. Hope wants to talk to her alone. Brooke is astonished when Hope says Beth is gone. They hug amid moans and tears. Liam explains it to Bill and Ridge. Liam is beside himself and says he does not understand. There is no one on this earth more meant to be a mother than Hope and now this happens. Bill gives his advice to be by Hope’s side and comfort her and they can help each other. Dr. Buckingham comes in and explains that he has some paperwork that needs to be filled out. Liam starts to then rails into the doctor that he has to know why Beth is kicking one moment and then is gone, so he needs to know what happened. The doctor says they can do this later but Bill steps in and says his son deserves to know the truth, what happened. Dr. Buckingham says he is a father himself and he can only imagine what Liam is feeling, and he is terribly sorry. Hope tells Brooke that she was not awake, she had passed out when it happened so it was Liam who told her. If she had been awake she felt there was surely something she could have done. Brooke comforts her and says placenta eruption is rare but it does happen. There was nothing Hope could have done. Hope says she just wanted to see her and love her.

Brooke hugs Hope over and over when Hope cries why. Brooke assures her that she did nothing wrong. Lots of people name their babies before they are born so that was not a mistake. Hope still feels like she failed her husband. She should have stayed in Los Angles until the baby was born. That was all on her for wanting to go away for a babymoon. The others come in and Hope says she knows they are there for her but now she just wants to go home. Liam tries to comfort her by saying yes they will go home. It won’t be easy as they made a whole world around Beth. He wants to talk to Beth now for both of them. They all hold hands and he starts that she is not with them physically but still with them in a way. He is her father and this is her mother and he thanks for for what she was able to give them. She is so loved so please know that. Hope adds a few words and says she is sorry. Beth will not be able to stay there with them but they will never forget her. She will always be a part of her. She cannot touch her but she can tell her every day how much she is loved. As she cries Liam holds her head against his chest.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe arrested Stefan. Ben wanted too know if Hope was going to arrest him. Hope noticed he didn't answer whether he did it. Ciara wanted an answer too. Jennifer talked to Maggie about Jack getting his memory back before Eve got to him. Eve kissed Jack and wanted to make love. He thought of Jennifer and couldn't go through with it. Xander went to Victor to get back into the business. Xander told him that he had something that could save the business. Jack wanted to go for a walk to get away from Eve. Ciara wanted Hope to leave, but Hope tried to convince her to walk away from Ben. When Hope left, Ciara asked if Ben kidnapped Gabi. Rafe told Hope that Stefan wasn't arrested for kidnapping Gabi. Rafe asked her where she was. Ciara wanted Ben to tell her the truth. He told her that he kidnapped Gabi. He said Gabi didn't get hurt, but Ciara was furious. Xander showed Victor the drive that could help save the business. Jennifer told Maggie that she wanted Jack to be back, but she could lose him to Eve. Maggie said she would help bring her and Jack together. Eve wondered where Jack went. She thought he might have went to look for Jennifer.

Victor wanted to know where Xander got insider information on DiMera Enterprises. Victor wanted to know what he wanted. Xander wanted to be the new CEO. Victor didn't want him to get the job. Ciara wanted to know what Ben would have done if Gabi resisted. Ciara tried to compare him to a rapist. He didn't want her to compare him. Hope told Rafe that Ben was the one who kidnapped Gabi. She told him that the charges wouldn't stick. He wanted to know why she was there. She said she wanted to warn Ciara about Ben. Eve went to see Jennifer. Eve wanted to know where Jack was. Kayla told Jack that she was married to his brother. He wanted to meet his brother. He asked if he and Kayla had a good relationship. Jennifer told Eve that Jack wasn't at her house. Eve told her that she was jealous. Kayla told Jack that they were married. She told him that it didn't work out. He wanted to know what she wasn't telling him. She said she had an affair with Steve. Jack thought he dumped her until she said he raped her. Xander told Victor that he would do a good job as CEO. Xander said that there was more on the drive than he saw. Victor was willing to pay for it, but Xander didn't want any money. He wanted a title. Xander told him that he was staying there. Ciara told Ben that she didn't like the violence. He said he didn't hurt Gabi. Ciara wanted to know what would happen if Stefan wanted him to hurt someone. Hope questioned Stefan about the stolen documents. He said he didn't know anything about it. She wanted him to give her Ben. Stefan wanted to know what he could do to give her Ben. She told him that Ben helped him kidnap Gabi. Stefan didn't confess to it. He wanted to know why she would go after him instead of Ben. He thought it was because Ben is dating her daughter. Ben told Ciara that Stefan didn't want her to kidnap women every other day. She felt that she was allowing people to get hurt if she stood by him. He asked if she wanted him to quit his job. Jack couldn't believe that he raped Kayla. She told him that they made up. He said Eve told him that he had a dark side, but he didn't realize how dark. She told him that he changed. He wanted to know how he changed. She said Jennifer helped him change. Eve told Jennifer that Jack was all over her, but Jennifer didn't believe her. Ciara understood why Ben would work with Stefan. Ben wanted to keep his job, but he didn't want to lose her. She said she cared about him, but she needed time to think about the situation. Stefan told Hope that he wasn't rolling over Ben to her. He said he didn't do anything wrong. He also reminded her that she shot an unarmed man. She told him that he was making a mistake before she left. Kayla tried to convince him that Jennifer loved him. Jennifer taunted Eve about Jack walking out on her when they were in bed. Eve told her that she was the one who slowed things down on him. Eve told her that she would be married to Jack again.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Drew attempts to get Julian to listen to reason with Kim. Julian has no desire to do so though. Alexis shows up and asks Julian if he actually slept with someone. Julian says no. Alexis wonders if he told her that it was her. Julian didn’t but he didn’t confirm that it wasn’t. Kim and Drew are given Oscar’s results. His tumor didn’t shrink. Kim begs Drew to give Oscar one last good day. Drew thinks one last day turns into a week and a month. They tell him with Joss present.

Sam and Jason discover that Shiloh was the son of one of her ex-husbands. They realize just how many people are affected by this guy because of her. Alexis finds out that Kristina moved out and she claims to be fine with it. Laura and Ryan argue over Ferncliff when Scott shows up and tells Laura about Gail. The two go and spend time together leaving Ryan alone.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Mia is on the couch in lingerie reveling in the article about Rey tracking down Victor and tells him he is smart, talented and the sexiest man alive. They kiss and Rey heads off to work. At the police station Victor is brought to see Nikki. The two hug and Nikki tells Victor how sorry she is. He assures her it is his fault that his plan to leave the country failed. Nikki admits she checked herself out of the hospital because she did something terrible that he needs to know. She explains that she was drunk and walked out into the car that hit her. He asks why she started drinking again. Nikki admits that JT is the reason she started drinking again, and tells him she will never get the image of JT hurting Victoria and Victor. He can't imagine what he would do if she hadn't survived the accident, and she tells him he brought her back. He tells her that the first time he laid eyes on her, he knew he would always protect her. Nikki tells him she will do whatever she can to get him out but he tells her to leave it to him. Victor presses her about JT and asks why she has never asked if he killed JT and why is she so certain he is innocent. He tells her he knows the answer. He tells her he loves her and he has faith in her. Nikki tells him she believes in him but it's not the only reason she believes he is innocent- it's because she knows who killed JT. Back at Victoria's, Billy presses their relationship. Victoria agrees that JT is still affecting her. Billy agrees to take things slow and they kiss as Reed walks in and says ‘guess you moved on from dad'. Victoria assures him it has nothing to do with his father. Victoria suggests a fresh start and going back to school. Reed says he cannot pretend his grandfather didn't kill his father. Victoria and Billy are later discussing Charlie and Reed's punishment. Billy apologizes for pressuring her to get back together and that he knows she is handling a lot right now. She agrees to take one day at a time but asks him to stay and hugs him. Billy later gives Reed advice on not running away from his problems. Victoria tells Reed to start believing in his grandfather. Reed says it still doesn't bring his dad back and he will never get to say goodbye to him but later suggests that a memorial service may help.

Sharon and Mariah are dining at the club discussing Victor being charged for a murder they both know he didn't commit. Mariah wants to chalk it up to karmic payback. Sharon can't let Victor take the blame. Mariah assures her Victor can hire the best attorneys and tells her she needs to play it cool around Rey. Meanwhile, Arturo lets himself into Rey's apartment and Mia screams. Mia tells him he has a lot of nerve barging in. Arturo tells him Sharon gave him a key to look at the furnace. Mia fumes that he is doing Sharon a favor. Mia tells him to come back later and they argue. Mia also refuses to leave and the two continue bantering including reminiscing. Mia tells Arturo how proud she is of Rey and admits they are in a good place. Arturo tells her she deserves to be happy and that he is also happy. As Arturo fixes the thermostat Mia thanks him for being friends again. They reminisce more about when they were together and how intense their arguments and passion was. Arturo fixes the heat and is ready to leave. Mia thanks him and is grateful for their friendship and hugs him. At the police station Rey asks Sharon why she hasn't congratulated him or asked for details on Victor. Sharon questions whether he is sure he has the right man. He insists he does as Sharon continues to defend Victor. Rey tells her it doesn't make sense and says it's like she doesn't want the case solved, when Mariah enters and assures Rey that Sharon wants the case solved. Mariah came to find out info on Victor's arrest. She leaves and Rey hands her the file and tells her to convince him he is wrong, but she still defends Victor. Sharon insists she is worried about Rey making an enemy out of Victor. He wonders what else is going on with Sharon. Back in the visitation room, Victor instructs Nikki to never speak those words again and that once he clears the charges against him he will take care of everything and the two hug.

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