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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill stalks around his office trying to make things happen. He tells Ridge that he will take 8000 times if he has to. Brooke says yes she would take a kayak if she had to in order to get to Hope. Hope comes to and immediately calls for the doctor. Instead Liam walks in and she asks if he has seen their daughter. The last thing she remembers is passing out after a big push. Very subdued he says yes the doctor explained everything. She looks sort of like an angel. Liam is not offering any more but Hope keeps saying she wants to see their little girl. He says he wanted to see Hope first. She goes on that finally Beth is here, a living, breathing person and she wants to give her a middle name of Avalon. She goes on and on and Liam drags it out as long as he can. He tells her he is proud of her and she should know how heroic she was and nothing will minimize that. She knows that, whenever one of them is weak the other will step up. He says rarely but sometimes they both may be weak and they will have to be there for each other to move on.

Hope touches Liam's face and says there is nothing to make right... just go get the doctor and bring her their baby. He tells her again that she just radiates and he wants to drink it all in. Hope wants to hear all about Beth. Slowly he says she is beautiful, tiny little fingers... Tears comes to his eyes. She senses something is wrong and cries for him to tell her. Where is she? After numerous phone calls Bill tells Brooke and Ridge that he has a backup copter and it can take all of them to Catalina now. Hope goes berserk when Liam doesn’t immediately answer. He has to restrain her and finally says Beth did not make it. She does not believe him. She keeps saying she is fine. She is alive despite that he says Beth was not ready to be born. The doctor brings in a baby and puts it in Hope’s hands and apologizes that it was a placenta abruption and he did all he could. Liam stands silent while Hope cries her heart out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura and Ned have a political debate and Ryan gives Laura his vote. Ned doesn’t seem to do very well with the voters. Laura promises to help with places like Ferncliff. Later Laura looks for Sonny at his gym. Ryan sneaks up behind her. Curtis and Jordan go over the murders and look back at Ryan’s murders. They discover that the drivers licenses went missing back then like now and think that it is not a coincidence.

Mike and Yvonne are allowed to continue to be friends because Sonny spoke with Marcus. Stella tries to help Marcus get through this. Nina and Maxie take a self defense class hosted by Chase. Nina gets into fights with Willow and Elizabeth over Charlotte. Maxie tries to keep them all separated but it doesn’t work in her favor.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Jack and Kerry return to the Abbott estate from their Bora Bora trip. They kiss as Billy walks in. Meanwhile, Victoria is at the hospital trying to convince Nikki not to turn herself in, telling her that Victor will survive this but questions whether Nikki could. Nikki insists that Victor needs to know but Victoria makes her promise not to do anything. Over at the Ashby’s, Jill is questioning Cane as to what is wrong with him. Cane feels he is letting Lily down and admits he kissed another woman. Jill demands to know what was he thinking and who she was but Cane tells her it doesn’t matter. Cane insists the person he kissed is the last person he wants a relationship with. Cane feels he cannot hold in a lie and plans on telling Lily. Jill insists he never speak to Lily about it. Lily is depending on him and advises Cane to let it go. She hugs him and tells him to stay away from the woman he kissed as she is trouble. At the Abbott’s, Jack is sharing pictures of their trip with Billy, who is Bora-bored at their bliss. Jack presents Billy with a tropical hat from Bora Bora. Kerry exits and Billy questions how fast things are moving with Kerry. Jack insists he is very happy. Billy admits he and Victoria kissed and that he still cares for her. Jack advises him to go talk to Victoria. Meanwhile, Victoria is at her counseling session filling her therapist in on how she feels responsible because she brought JT back into their lives. Everyone is suffering because of her bad choice. Now everyone thinks her father is guilty and she knows he is not. She admits her anxiety is high and that she kissed two men in one day. Her therapist questions her kissing a man she has no attraction to, then compares the kiss with Billy and how she enjoyed it, and Victoria admits Billy makes her happy. She questions how she can kiss a man she loathes. She talks about Billy’s lying and gambling but admits he has changed. Victoria wonders if she has changed, and look what trusting JT did to her and her family. Her therapist prompts her to take her time and to talk to Billy.

After Billy leaves, Jill shows up and Jack fills her in on his trip. Jill tells him she and Colin are on a break. Jill congratulates him on being a true Abbot and how John would be proud and they hug as Kerry hovers. Jill and Kerry are introduced. Kerry is relieved Jill isn’t another ex wife. Jill and Jack share a look and then admit their relationship wasn’t always platonic. After a few nervous laughs, Jill explains they in the friend zone. Kerry admits she was stunned but that she appreciates Jack’s honesty and mentions that everyone has skeletons. As she leaves Kerry looks back at Jack showing Jill the vacation pictures. At the hospital Nate tells Nikki he would like her vitals stronger before releasing her. Billy later stops by Victoria’s. Victoria tells Billy she is ready to be honest and tells him she has strong feelings but doesn’t know if she can be in a committed relationship again and break the kids and her hearts. Billy wants to be there for Victoria and to be the man she deserves. He points out that here they are again and it’s meant to be. He presents his hat as a re-gift that looks like the one she wore in Jamaica. He reminds her of that perfect time in their life and how he proposed to her and that everything he felt then he is feeling now. He insists things are different this time and he won’t let her down. He leans in for a kiss but Victoria stops him and tells him she isn’t ready yet. She wants to go very slow. Meanwhile Nikki checked herself out of the hospital and is calling the police station to add her name to Victor’s visitation list... Next on the Young and the Restless: Victor tells Nikki to shush when she starts to tell him he knows who killed JT and Kyle tells Lola he loves her..

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