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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With a power outage Hope is in a darkened room about to give birth. Dr. Buckingham tells her just to remain as calm and relaxed as she can. She holds his hand and thanks him for staying with her. Matt and Kieran keep munching on their goodies and talking Liam’s head off about trivial things. Bill calls Brooke and this is the first she has heard that Liam cannot get the helicopter out tonight and that Hope is in labor. Brooke wants to go as Hope will need her. Bill says there is nothing he won’t do for Liam or his granddaughter but he is not sure the helicopter can fly in these winds. Brooke manages to get through to Hope on the phone. Hope says she is scared and needs Liam. Only Dr. Buckingham is here. Brooke says Liam will be there as soon as he possibly can and she and Ridge will follow soon. She grouses to Ridge that her daughter cannot be having a baby in these conditions. Ridge says she does have a OB/GYN so she will come through just fine. And even though he doesn’t like Spencer he knows he will fly that copter himself if he has to get Liam there. Dr. Buckingham gets a text from the thug and warns him about his beautiful daughter being worth $200,000. He calls Zoe and says he was just thinking of her. As imperfect as he is he just wanted her to know that she is the world to him. He informs her that the power is out and no one else around and Hope is about to deliver. He says he loves her.

Bill walks in on Brooke and Ridge to inform him they cannot leave now but he will get Liam to Catalina as soon as possible. About that time the pilot shows up and grabs Liam and they leave the pad. Dr. Buckingham calls the thug and says he will get his money so just leave his daughter alone. Both Ridge and Bill try to convince Brooke that Hope will deliver a healthy baby girl. Zoe walks in and says she just spoke with her dad and all is fine. Hope is all right. Meanwhile Hope smiles for the first time and says Liam is on his way. Dr. Buckingham tells Hope this is his specialty. He is focused on her and the baby and he has delivered more babies than he can count. Bill gets word that the pilot and Liam are on the way. Brooke is elated. Dr. Buckingham encourages Hope to push again as the baby is coming. But the monitor shows the pressure is lowering and Hope falls back on her pillow, eyes closed, without a move.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander went to see Eve. JJ talked to Kayla about Hailey. Hailey walked in on it and was upset that he told Kayla. Abby talked to Gabi about what she did to her. Gabi told Abby why she got revenge on her. Hailey ripped into JJ for talking to Kayla. Kayla said JJ didnít tell her about her killing herself. Kayla said Hailey was off duty. Julie talked to Chad about why she believed Abby over Gabi. He was upset with himself for not believing Abby. Abby told Gabi how she felt when she opened the paternity test. Abby said that she was going to have an abortion. Gabi said she talked her out of it. Abby reminded her of everything she did. Abby asked if she hurt her that badly. Gabi said she did. It was revealed that Xander and Eve brought Jack back. Jennifer tried to get Jack to remember his life, but it didnít work. Jennifer wanted to know where he was for six years and how he survived.

Jack told Jennifer what happened to him while he was gone. He told her how Rolf helped him. He told her that Xander and Rolf took care of him in Nashville. She realized that he was with EJ. Jack didnít know who that was. She asked if he was in the building when it blew up. He said he was and that Xander saved him. She wanted to know what Eve told him about their marriage. When he told her, she wanted to tell him about Eve. There was a flashback on how Eve saw Jack. In the flashback, Xander told Eve that Jack was brought back to her so she could get back at her worst enemy. Julie tried to get Chad not to blame himself for believing Gabi. He thought he should have seen what was going on. Julie told him that he was a good person. Gabi ripped into Abby again for why she got revenge on her. Abby said her altar was responsible. Gabi said she didnít have an altar to blame things on. JJ told Kayla that Jack is alive and back in Salem. Jennifer told Jack that he married Eve for money. Jennifer told him how he and Eve broke up. Jennifer told him that they were in love with each other. Eve told Xander that she didnít think his plan would work. In the flashback, Xander convinced Eve to get back at Jennifer. Eve was willing to do it. Eve wanted to know what he wanted in return. She gave him what she wanted. She was afraid that their plan would be ruined, but he said that it wouldnít be. Jennifer told Jack that she wanted to get to know him again. She said she wanted him back. He wanted to know about Henry. She said she didnít want to be with Henry. She told him how she felt when he left her. She said she never loved anyone the way that she loved him and still loved him. They kissed each other. Abby told the assistant district attorney that she wasnít going to press charges against Gabi. Jack told her that he shouldnít jump into something he didnít feel. He told her that she should go. She said she wasnít going to give up on him. Eve showed up and told her that she wanted her to stay away from him. When Jennifer left, he wanted Eve to tell him why she has been lying to him. Julie told Chad not to give up on Abby. Gabi wanted to know why Abby didnít press charges. Abby said she couldnít live with herself if she took her away from her daughter. Abby said they werenít going to be friends, but they have been through enough.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Scott informs Monica that Gail has passed away and she takes the rest of the day off. The two look back at Gail’s life. Lucy soon joins them after having a book about PC published. Alexis informs them that Gail’s will had something that involves the three of them. Julian and Alexis discuss him breaking up with Kim. Alexis is shocked but will let him have his peace. Kim and Elizabeth discuss the breakup together.

Jason and Sam find out that Kristina’s home leader Shiloh is Hank, Drew’s old army friend. They try to figure out what is going on but Kristina yells at them for being jerks in her mind. Drew and Curtis discuss Kim and Hank. Sonny offers Chet a job. Mike finds out that Marcus is going to tell Yvonne home. Mike begs them to let Yvonne stay if it means he cannot see her anymore.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Victoria and Nick are at the hospital and are happy at their mother’s progress. Nikki learns of Victor’s arrest and argues about Rey’s harassment of Victor. Nick promises he is going to get answers and is headed to the police station with Victoria following. Once there, Nick and Victoria meet with Victor. Victor tells them Christine doesn’t have enough to go on and he expects to be released. Once alone with just Nick, Victor asks him if he killed JT and reminds him that he impersonated JT. He then mentions the fire to which Nick tells him he would never have put his mother in danger. Victor believes him and wants him to find out who set the fire. At Cane’s house, Cane tells Jill how awful the holidays were without Lily. Jill tells him that she and Colin are on a break. Jill tells Cane that Lily got the whole package with him but Cane tells her Lily deserves better than him. She disagrees and tells him that he needs to set a good example for Charlie and Maddie.

At Victoria’s house Reed and Billy are discussing Victor’s arrest. They talk about feeling guilty as Billy remembers what he went through with Delia, and leaving her in the car. Billy tells Reed he needs to talk to his mother. Victoria returns and Billy updates her on his conversation with Reed and then brings up the kiss. Victoria tells him the timing is terrible and they agree to take some time to think it over. Later Cane stops by and wants to talk about their kiss, to which Victoria tells him there was no kiss. They talk about Reed and Charlie and both agree that Nikki should be told. Reed enters the room and Victoria tells him that they are going to see his grandmother. At the Abbott estate Jill and Billy are talking about fresh starts and the new year. Jill asks about Victoria and tells him not to let her get away. At the hospital Nikki is surprised to see Cane. He is followed in by Victoria, Reed and Charlie. The boys fill Nikki in on the hit and run. Victoria and Cane both relay that they just found out and that the boys are ready to accept punishment. Nikki has a confession of her own and admits she had been drinking and wasn’t looking where she was going when she stepped off the curb. They all forgive each other and Nikki decides their punishment should not involve police. Later Victoria tells Nikki that she will extend Reed’s driving ban for an additional year. Nikki then tells her she knows the toll of holding in a horrible secret and then announces that it’s time for her to confess to killing JT. Once home, Charlie is told by Cane that he cannot drive for the remainder of the school year combined with also having a curfew.

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