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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam panics when he hears that Hope might be having a contraction. She only wanted a romantic babymoon on Catalina not this being separated from him. He says no matter what he will find a way to get there. Meantime he knows things will be fine, just call the desk and insist on seeing a doctor. Bill tells Wyatt that he has only heard it like a thousand times that him without his sword is like Superman without his cape. He is determined to do one thing and that is to be a worthy father to Will, Liam and him. Liam goes around in circles trying to explain to the helicopter clerk that he has to get to Catalina. Kiera and Matt chime in that this is so exciting, Hope having her baby. The manager does show up at Hope’s door and says she will help her get to the clinic. They make it but only Dr. Buckingham is there. Turns out there is an emergency at the hotel and the manager has to return. Dr. Buckingham says he will take very good care of Hope and the baby. Yes is sorry that the delivery is not working out as planned. He is the only doctor here at the moment but he does not want her to worry. He is a qualified OB/GYN and will assist her here and he is associated with the hospital in L.A. too. She pats her tummy and assures Beth all will be okay.

As Liam panics more, Matt tells Kiera that he thinks Liam will end up dogpaddling to Catalina to get there in time. Liam finally gets through to Bill and explains the situation at the helicopter terminal. He tells Bill that Hope is in labor and he has to be there. He wonders if the Spencer helicopter can possibly come and get him to Catalina. Bill says sure, it’s on the way. Liam will be there for the birth of his daughter. Dr. Buckingham has one more patient and tells her that it was not her fault and discharges her. Dr. Buckingham assures Hope again not to blame herself, all will be okay. He has her squeeze his hand as the contractions come closer. Bill calls Liam back and says the pilot will be in the air in a few minutes. He has flown in combat with no harm. Good luck, he cannot wait to meet his granddaughter. Suddenly the power goes off at the hospital and Dr. Buckingham tells Hope to stay calm, he will go check the backup generator. Hope calls Liam and informs him that the power went out. He says he will be there soon on the Spencer helicopter. As Hope cries, he says nothing will stop him from getting there.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe ripped into Gabi for what she did to Abby, Chad and Stefan. JJ told Abby that Jack is alive. Jennifer went to see Jack. Eve told her that he was gone. Eve blamed her for telling Brady about interfering in his custody battle. Jennifer said she didnít say anything, but Eve wanted her to leave. Hope saw Jack at the town square. JJ told Abby that Jack didnít remember anything. Rafe wanted to know why Gabi did her plan. She said she wanted to get revenge. She wanted to know if he was going to turn his back on her too. Abby didnít believe that Jack was alive. JJ told her that Jack was staying with Eve. Abby couldnít believe what was happening. She wanted to go see Jack, but JJ didnít think it was a good idea, but she went to see him anyway. Jack didnít recognize Hope. She told him who she was. He told her that he didnít remember her. She told him about his life with Jennifer. Hope wanted to take him to her, but he told her that he saw her. He said he didnít remember Jennifer or the kids. He said he didnít want to see her. He walked away from her. Chad talked to Will about what he did to Abby. Chad said he couldnít forgive himself for what he did. Chad said Stefan drove him crazy. Will let him know that he knew that he was working with Kate and Leo. Chad wished there was something he could do to help Sonny. Jack went back to the inn and told Eve that he ran into Hope. Eve told him that Hope was Jenniferís cousin. He wondered if he was going to keep running into people who knew him. She told him to give himself time before he remembered anything. Abby showed up at the inn. She was happy to see him. Will talked to Chad about missing Sonny. Will told Chad how Leo is making Sonnyís life miserable. Chad told him that he belonged with Sonny. Will wondered if there was a way to get rid of Leo. Rafe told Gabi that he wouldnít turn his back on her. He told her that she admitted to felonies. She wanted him to think of Arianna and what this would do to her. He agreed to help her, but warned her to live a different life. Justin showed up. Rafe thought Justin was helping Gabi, but he wouldnít take the case. Jennifer met with Hope. Hope told her that she saw Jack. Jennifer told her that Jack didnít remember anything. Abby realized that Jack didnít remember anything. She told him who she was. He said he knew he had a daughter, but he didnít feel as if he had seen her before. She told him about a gift he gave her before. He said he wished he remembered something, but he only remembered what happened after the accident. He started to have flashbacks of the accident. She asked if he was starting to remember.

Sonny talked to Leo about his mother. Eve interrupted Abby while she was talking to Jack. He said he didnít remember anything. Abby wanted to keep trying, but he didnít want to hear anything. Eve wanted her to respect his wishes. He wanted Abby to leave. Abby agreed to leave, but was going to come back with his grandkids. Justin didnít want to take Gabiís case after what she did to Abby. Gabi wanted him to think about her daughter. He asked her if she thought about Arianna when she did the things she did. Justin refused to help Gabi. He told her to find another lawyer. Jennifer told Hope that the only thing that he remembered about her was what Eve told him. Jennifer told her that he remembered when she was with Daniel when he came back. Jennifer told her that she reminded him about their life together and it did nothing to help him remember. Jennifer was happy that he was alive. Jennifer was upset that he didnít remember her. She wanted to know how she would go on if he never remembered her. Hope told her that she would get him back and that Eveís plans blow up in her face. She said they would find a way to get Jack back. Abby ran into Chad. He asked if Jack was back. She told him that Jack didnít remember any of them. He wanted to know if she wanted to talk, but she didnít want to talk to him. He told her that Gabi turned herself in. Abby said she heard that. He said it was something, but Abby didnít think it was enough. Eve told Jack that Abby locked three women in a basement after he thought she was nice. Eve told him that he needed to stay away from Jennifer. He wanted to know why she hated Jennifer. Eve said he divorced her. He wanted to know why he and Eve got a divorce, but she wouldnít answer him. She ended up leaving. Hope told Rafe that Jack was alive. Hope wanted to know what was going on with Gabi. Rafe told her that Justin wouldnít represent her. Hope suggested that Gabi use Ted. He didnít want Ted to represent Gabi. Hope said a lot of people in town wouldnít help Gabi, but he didnít want Tedís help. She told him that Gabiís actions were unforgivable. Leo told Sonny that his mother wasnít much of a mother. Leo told Sonny that he was lucky to have the mother he had. Chad went to see JJ. Chad told him that he ran into Abby. Chad wanted to know if it was true. JJ told him that he didnít remember his life. Chad wanted to see Charlotte, but JJ didnít think it was a good idea. JJ was upset that he took Gabiís side. Chad said that Gabi hurt a lot of people and he was going to make sure that never happened again. Rafe and Hope argued over the things Gabi did. Hope said Ted would be the best person to help Gabi, but Rafe said he would help her himself. Chad talked to Charlotte about getting her mother to forgive him. He said he loved her mother too much to ever stop trying to get her back. Abby went to see Gabi. JJ ran into Eve and told her that she should be proud of herself. He ripped into her for what she did to his parents. She told him that no one was helping Jack by trying to get him to remember. He thought that she didnít care about Jack. She told him to give Jack time to remember or they would regret it. Jack thought about how Eve said Abby was like Jennifer. Jennifer showed up to see him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kristina tells Jason and Sam she is moving out. Sam is not sure why she would. Kristina is moving into the group home that Daisy and Oscar have been staying at. Drew gets a visit from Hank. He tries to offer him any help he can but he denies it. Sam and Jason are invited to visit the group home and Jason recognizes the leader of the home who goes by Shiloh as Hank. Kim goes to see Julian and he admits he knew about the kiss between her and Drew. He slept with someone and wants to break up. Kim tells Drew what happened.

Obrecht shows up at breakfast with Maxie, Nina, and Valentin. Obrecht tells Valentin if she goes missing she has letters that will be delivered to Anna, the DA, and Nina about what happened. Valentin is not going to kill her. Obrecht has bigger secrets to reveal anyway. Jordan and Curtis try to figure out who is killing these people with help of Ryan. Ryan points out that Jordan and Curtis are always present and it is always on a holiday. Lulu shows up for a statement. Jordan tells her it is a serial killer.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Cane and Victoria kiss ends and Victoria runs for the door with Cane calling after her. Cane follows Victoria all the way to her house insisting they talk about the kiss and how no one can know. Victoria agrees and chalks it up to the stress she has been under. Billy arrives and notices the tension. Victoria quickly tells him they were discussing the accident. Cane and Billy argue. Cane leaves and Victoria informs Billy that she and Cane need to work together to protect Charlie and Reed. Victoria is relieved when she gets a text from Reed. Billy breaks the news about Victor’s arrest for JT’s murder and Victoria insists her father is innocent. Billy offers his support and Victoria then kisses him. At the coffee house Fen taunts Kyle that he forgot to wish him a Happy New Year because he was busy kissing the hottest girl in GC. Kyle warns him to stay away from Lola and insists they are only on a break. The two argue as Lola walks up and tells them both that she does not belong to anyone and tells them to leave. Back the the police station, Victor warns Rey that he will have a lot to answer for once he is proven innocent. Abbey and Kyle are at the Athletic Club talking about Lola when Abbey gets a text alert that Mariah is at the police station reporting Victor’s arrest for GC Buzz. Abbey is furious that she is the last to know and storms out.

Cane is back home and yells out to Charlie, confronting him about the accident. Charlie insists he didn’t know Reed hit a person and that he was messed up that night. He admits he talked Reed out of confessing. Cane comforts a distraught Charlie and they hug. Abbey arrives at the station and reams out Mariah for portraying her father as guilty. Mariah protests but Abbey continues to rant, then turning on Rey, insisting she see her father. Rey finally gives in and allows her to see Victor who assures Abbey the situation is temporary. Abbey informs Rey that she will do everything in her power to prove her father’s innocence. At the Athletic Club, Mariah tells Tessa about her run in with Abbey. Mariah admits that they both know Victor didn’t kill JT and wishes she could tell the truth. Tessa reminds her that Rey would lock up the four women and throw away the key. She insists that it’s better if Victor rather than her mom goes down for the murder. Kyle returns to the coffee house and asks Lola for a second chance. Lola tells him he doesn’t get her to which Kyle asks “and Fen does”? Kyle tells her how his mother always bought him things to show him her love and he vows to change. Lola kisses him as Fen arrives with a flower and is crushed upon seeing the kiss.

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