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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

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Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

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GH Recap Written by Anthony

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Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

At Victoria’s house she leaves a message for Reed. Billy shows up and she tells him about Reed’s confession. At the police station Nate, Nick and Victor are in separate cells. They are then all brought before Rey and Christine. Victor demands to be booked or released. He then demands to know where his wife is. Rey tells him Nikki is getting the care she needs and that what they did was classified as kidnapping. Nate is brought into the interrogation room where Rey attempts to intimidate him. Nate defends himself in that he was caring for his patient and that he knows Rey is just trying to get info from him on Victor. Nick and Victor are taken back to their cells as Victoria arrives. She demands to know where her mother is and Rey tells her she is getting the medical care she needs. He asks what she is doing here and Victoria replies that she thought Reed may come to the police station asking about his grandmother. Christine takes Nate to sChristian while Nick refuses to help Rey. Meanwhile Cane comes to at Devon’s. Cane tells Devon he just needed to forget one night. Devon assures him Lily will get out of prison and their lives will then resume but Cane tells him she's a different person.

Nikki calls for a nurse and instead a police officer shows up. Rey has confiscated her phone. Victoria arrives and is denied visiting Nikki, so she yells over the guard to her mother that Nick and Victor are in custody. Nate is allowed in to check on Nikki with Christine in the room. Nate tells her that he is facing kidnapping charges while Christine looks on. Nikki tells him that is ridiculous. Once left alone with Christine, Nikki tells her there was no kidnapping and that she begged Victor to get her out and she left on her own free will. She then tells her she insisted they leave the country since the police want to pin JT’s murder on Victor. Christine doesn’t believe her but Nikki stands firm and threatens to sue. Christine leaves and runs into Devon who confronts her about the charges against Nate, to which Christine tells him he is lucky she won’t be pressing charges. Back home, Victoria updates Billy on everything. She is worried about Reed being charged with a felony hit and run. Rey would surely end Reed’s life as he knows it. However, Billy can’t understand how she can be justifying Reed after what happened with Delia. Victoria argues that this is different and she needs to talk to Cane. Bill quips that Cane will surely be on her side. Victoria is soon at Cane’s where he admits he knew Charlie was drinking that night. Victoria tells him that Charlie and Reed hit Nikki that night. Cane becomes upset that she is trying to pin it on his family. Victoria argues that Charlie wanted to cover it up and tells Cane that ‘he is just like you!’. They argue heatedly and Victoria tells Cane that Lily deserves better than him to which Cane comes back with mention of all the men coming and going in Victoria’s life. Cane then tells her she is cold, empty and lonely and suddenly stops. The two look at each other and then begin kissing madly. Back at the station, Christine and Rey agree they aren’t booking Victor on kidnapping but Rey wants to book him with JT’s murder. Christine feels the just don’t have enough to go on but Rey disagrees. Rey releases Nick and then he and Christine tell Victor that he is being charged with the murder of JT Hellstrom.

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