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Big Bang Theory Favorite Quotes

The Middle Earth Paradigm

Raj: Okay, if no-one else will say it, I will. We really suck at paintball.

Howard: That was absolutely humiliating.

Leonard: Oh, come on, some battles you win, some battles you lose.

Howard: Yes, but you donít have to lose to Kyle Bernsteinís Bar-Mitzvah party.

Leonard: I think we have to acknowledge, those were some fairly savage pre-adolescent Jews.

Sheldon: You know, we were annihilated by our own incompetence and the inability of some people to follow the chain of command.

Leonard: Sheldon, let it go.

Sheldon: No, I want to talk about the fact that Wolowitz shot me in the back.

Howard: I shot you for good reason, you were leading us into disaster.

Sheldon: I was giving clear, concise orders.

Leonard: You hid behind a tree yelling ďget the kid in the yarmulkah, get the kid in the yarmulkah.Ē
Raj (Entering dressed as Thor): Hey. Sorry Iím late, but my hammer got stuck in the door on the bus.

Leonard: You went with Thor?

Raj: What? Just because Iím Indian I canít be a Norse God? No, no, no, Raj has to be an Indian God. Thatís racism. I mean, look at Wolowitz, heís not English,
but heís dressed like Peter Pan. Sheldon(entering in a body suit featuring black and white vertical lines) is neither sound nor light, but heís obviously the Doppler

Howard: Iím not Peter Pan, Iím Robin Hood.

Raj: Really, because I saw Peter Pan, and youíre dressed exactly like Cathy Rigby. She was a little bigger than you, but itís basically the same look, man.
Raj: Mmmm, by Odinís beard, this is good Chex Mix.

Howard: No thanks, peanuts, I canít afford to swell up in these tights.

Sheldon: Iím confused. If thereís no costume parade, what are we doing here?

Leonard: Weíre socialising. Meeting new people.

Sheldon: Telepathically?
Raj: Penny is wearing the worst Catwoman costume I have ever seen, and that includes Halle Berryís.

Leonard: Sheís not Catwoman, sheís just a generic cat.

Sheldon: And thatís the kind of sloppy costuming which results from a lack of rules and competition.
Leonard: Where do you get this stuff?

Howard: You know, psychology journals, internet research, and thereís this great show on VH1 about how to pick up girls.

Raj: Oh, if only I had his confidence. I have such difficulty speaking to women. Or around women. Or at times, even effeminate men.
Leonard: I want to get to know Pennyís friends, I just, I donít know how to talk to these people.

Sheldon: Well, I actually might be able to help.

Leonard: How so?

Sheldon: Like Jane Goodall observing the apes, I initially saw their interactions as confusing and unstructured, but patterns emerge, they have their own language if
you will.

Leonard: Go on.

Sheldon: Well, it seems that the newcomer approaches the existing group with the greeting ďHow wasted am I?Ē which is met with an approving chorus of ďDude.Ē

Leonard: Then what happens?

Sheldon: Thatís as far as Iíve gotten.

Leonard: This is ridiculous, Iím jumping in.

Sheldon: Good luck.

Leonard: No, youíre coming with me.

Sheldon: Oh, I hardly think so.

Leonard: Come on.

Sheldon: Arenít you afraid Iíll embarrass you?

Leonard: Yes. But I need a wing-man.

Sheldon: Alright, but if weíre going to use flight metaphors Iím much more suited to being the guy from the FAA, analysing wreckage.
Penny: Oh, hey guys. You having a good time?

Sheldon: Given the reaction to my costume, this party is a scathing indictment of the American education system.

Kurt: What, youíre a zebra, right?

Sheldon: Yet another child left behind.

Kurt: And what are you supposed to be, an Elf?

Leonard: No, Iím a Hobbit.

Kurt: Whatís the difference?

Leonard: Uh, a Hobbit is a mortal Halfling inhabitant of Middle Earth, whereas an Elf is an immortal tall warrior.

Kurt: So why the hell would you want to be a Hobbit?

Sheldon: Because he is neither tall nor immortal, and none of us could be The Flash.

Kurt: Well, whatever, why donít you go hop off on a quest, Iím talking to Penny here.
Leonard: Okay, I understand your impulse to try to physically intimidate me. I mean, you canít compete with me on an intellectual level and so youíre driven to
animalistic puffery.

Kurt: Are you calling me a puffy animal?

Penny: Of course not, no, heís not, youíre not, right Leonard?

Leonard: No, I said animalistic. Of course weíre all animals, but some of us have climbed a little higher on the evolutionary tree.

Sheldon: If he understands that, youíre in trouble.

Kurt: So what, Iím unevolved?

Sheldon: Youíre in trouble.
Kurt: You know, you use a lot of big words for such a little dwarf.

Penny: Okay, Kurt, please.

Leonard: No, Penny, itís okay, I can handle this. Iím not a dwarf, Iím a Hobbit. A Hobbit. Are misfiring neurons in your hippocampus preventing the conversion
from short-term to long-term memory?

Kurt: Okay, now youíre starting to make me mad.

Leonard: A homo-habilus discovering his opposable thumbs says what?

Kurt: What?

Leonard: I think Iíve made my point.

Kurt: Yeah, how about I make a point out of your pointy little head.

Sheldon: Let me remind you, while my moral support is absolute, in a physical confrontation I will be less than useless.

Leonard: Thereís not going to be a confrontation, in fact I doubt if he can even spell confrontation.

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