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Vampire Diaries cast

"The Vampire Diaries" Series Premiere Review by Suzanne
Airing on The CW Thursdays at 8/7c

First, I will admit that my reaction to hearing about this show was, "Twilight rip-off", and I wasn't going to even watch it. Then I read that this series is based on some other vampire books, that were around long before the Twilight novels. (I should also admit that I haven't seen the Twilight movies nor read the books; I've just read a lot about them in Entertainment Weekly et al.).  I usually love vampire lors of any kind. I was a big fan of all of the Buffy shows and Moonlight, and I love "True Blood".

Then I read that the show is written, in part, and produced by, Kevin Williamson, who did "Dawson's Creek". I loved that show.  It was smart and funny, and so far, Vampire Diaries seems to be the same way.  However, the teens in this show don't seem quite as unnaturally adult like the ones in DC did, so that is a plus.

The show is spooky and creepy, like any good show about vampires should be.  It has attractive young actors that can handle the material very well (and the guys are great to look at, which is another plus in my book).

Here are some spoilers if you haven't seen the first episode.

The heroine of the show, Elena, lost her parents in a car accident. She and her brother live with their aunt. Her brother has become a dopehead.  Her best friend, Bonnie, may or may not be psychic.  A handsome new boy, Stefan, comes to the school. We learn he is a vampire, but he seems to be "A Good Guy" anyway.  Some people get killed by a vampire, and we learn that his evil brother, Damon, did it.  Elena's ex-boyfriend, Matt, still loves her and wants her back. Elena and Stefan are attracted to each other.  Elena is a dead ringer for a girl he loved in the past. The kids have a party, and one of the girls, Vicki, is attached, but she lives. She whispers to her hospital visitor, Matt, "vampire", so now they are the only ones who know there are vampires in town. Oh, and Damon, who likes to use crows and fog as special effects before he bites someone, has been stalking Elena and beat up Stefan for the fun of it.  Damon is stronger since he feeds on people. Stefan only feeds on animals. And one more thing, they have rings that allow them to go around in the daylight (otherwise it would be impossible for Stefan to attend school).

My only complaint so far is that, I find it hard to believe that a modern teen would write in a diary, on paper. Isn't that what MySpace, or Facebook, or Blackberry's are for now?

Anyway, watch the show and you'll probably enjoy it as much as I have. The first hour went very fast and had many great surprises. I think I will find the books, too, and see how good they are...

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Updated 9/15/09 


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