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The Young and The Restless News Page

Y&R News, Scoops, & Spoilers

NEWS AND INFORMATION!  Scoops and Spoilers Below

NOTE: Senate impeachment hearings start Tuesday, 1/21 and will probably affect daytime programming.


SID Spoilers: Sharon Reveals Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis!

SID Spoilers: Chloe Warns Chelsea

Wife of the Late Kristoff St. John (Neil) Writes Tell-All

Tricia Cast (ex-Nina) has suffered a personal loss. Her husband, musician Bat McGrath passed away on Tuesday, October 1st at the age of 73.

New Song From Cait Fairbanks (Tessa)

David Hedison, who played Arthur Hendricks in 2004, died last week.  More Info

SID Spoilers: Mourning the Death of Neil

Video Preview and more

Very sad news. Kristoff St. John (Neil) died this morning, Feb. 4. From all accounts, he was a very kind, nice and giving person. He went out of his way all the time to help people. More Info Our 2015 interview with Kristoff.

Michael Corbett (ex-David) is one of the executive producers of the show Hollywood Medium on E! 8pm Thursdays.

Watch full daily episodes of Y&R at, Xfinity, & Global TV (for Canadian viewers only). View day-ahead videos at the Canadian Facebook Page or AbbyG413.

Steve Burton (ex-Dylan; ex-Jason, GH) launched a guide for losing weight and becoming fit at The online program offers tips, recipes and products to purchase to help achieve a healthier lifestyle. There's also a VIP Club to join that offers more benefits, such as weekly webinars with Burton and other fitness celebrities.

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis), hosts a podcast "Single Mom A Go-Go" beginning on Mondays.

Scoops and Spoilers

By Suzanne

SOD 1/27/20

Head Writer Josh Griffith discusses why he gave Sharon cancer.

Sharon deals with her cancer diagnosis; she shares the news with Rey and Nick. Faith moves back home to be with her mom. Mariah supports Sharon as well.

Devon decides something that's very difficult. Chance and Abby have romantic feelings. Billy gets in trouble again. Victoria gets information from her dad that she can use against someone.

Ratings, week of 12/23: 2.7.

Kirby Bliss Blanton plays Lindsay, a new Society employee, starting 1/29.

In San Francisco, Kyle and Summer celebrate a business deal by drinking from their minibar. She asks him if he's really happy with Lola, so he kisses her.

1/20 Victoria tries to get through to Billy. Nikki surprises with an announcement. 1/21 Michael and Lauren are stunned by Fen. Chance and Adam work together. 1/22 Amanda tells Billy where the limits of their relationship are. 1/23 Something bad happens to Phyllis. Nick tells someone how it's going to be. 1/24 Victoria and Billy hit a wall in their arguing. Nikki and Victor disagree about something.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for the relationship between Victor and Nikki.

Amelia Heinle (Victoria) is featured in an article.

SOD 1/20/20

Chase Coleman (Tanner) explains how he got the job.

Sean Kanan (ex-Deacon) talks about his Amazon series, "Studio City."

Victoria confronts Billy about the receipt she found in his jacket from the dive bar. He lies to her, and she knows it. She talks to her mom, who thinks Billy needs help. Victoria tells Billy that they need to have a serious discussion.

Adam and Chelsea show everyone that they're a couple. Jack is there for Kyle, who confides in him. Billy does something shocking. Summer and Kyle have a road trip.

Ratings, week of 12/16: 2.7.

Head Writer Josh Griffith is interviewed briefly.

Devon wants a clean slate for the year with Elena, so he confesses that he has definitely been fixated on Amanda because she looks so much like Hilary. He's relieved when she's very understanding about it. Devon runs into Amanda and asks to sit down with her for a conversation. He wants to make peace.

1/14 Devon won't change his mind; Lily returns to town for a visit. 1/15 Chance is interrogated by Nick about what happened before he returned to Genoa City. Sharon confides in Rey. 1/16 Billy asks Lily for advice. Phyllis tries to sweet-talk Chance. 1/17 Nikki wonders what Chelea is really up to. Victor lays it all out for Adam.

The show is given a Thumbs Down! for not bringing Gloria back, since the Baldwin-Fishers are getting more story.

Sharon Case (Sharon) and Jordi Vilasuso (Rey) are featured in an interview.

An article chooses "Soap's Most Beautiful Women," including Mishael Morgan (Amanda) and Brytni Sarpy (Elena).

Mark Grossman (Adam) is featured in the short, one-page interview "Take Five."

SOD 1/13/20

Various soap actors talk about the death of former soap producer Lisa de Cazotte, who passed away December 7th. She worked on Y&R since 2017.

Nick broke up with Chelsea because he thinks that she and Adam belong together. She moves in with Adam, with all her things. She lets Adam know that she's not running back to him. After they talk about how well Connor is doing, Adam suggests that they consult with Connor's principal. They hug. She's grateful for his help with Connor and Connor's improvement. They discuss their relationship and decide to give it another try. He promises never to leave her again.

Billy gets an ultimatum from Victoria. Sharon is supported by Nick. Abby is alarmed by her mom. Nikki hopes to surprise Victor with something she has planned.

Ratings, week of 12/9: 2.5.

Sean Kanan (ex-Deacon) created a new soap called "Studio City," found on Amazon. It has many soap stars in it, including Tristan Rogers (Colin).

Lily returns 1/14.

Doug Davidson (Paul), who's still on recurring status, talks about his absence.

Billy and Amanda meet up again and have a good talk. She tells him that she had to leave an abusive ex-fiancé. This brings them closer together.

1/6 Mariah asks Tess what's going on. Summer is teased by Theo. 1/7 Jack's plan to help Theo doesn't work out. Devon is given advice by Abby. Adam is warned by Victor. 1/8 Nick is Phyllis' confidante. Rey can tell that something concerning is going on with Sharon. 1/9 Abby is annoyed by Phyllis. Nate gets a new challenge. Sharon and Nick talk about their past. 1/10 Devon confesses what he feels about Amanda. Billy is taken to task by Victoria about how he's been acting.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for Billy's soul-searching.

Stars share their fitness and nutrition tips, including Tyler Johnson (Theo) and Mark Grossman (Adam).

SOD 1/6/20

Chloe just found out that she's pregnant on the show, but portrayer Elizabeth Hendrickson is farther along in real life. She waited until she was four and a half months before she told executive producer Anthony Marino. She was very pleased to learn that they wrote the pregnancy into the script.

Rick Hearst (ex-Matt) talks about how great it was to be on "Ambitions" this season on OWN.

Adam pulls Chelsea into a kiss, and she kisses him back. Then she goes to Abby's new year's party with Nick. She's not happy to hear that Adam will be there, too.

Lily comes home for a short time. Victoria discovers something shocking. Chloe hears Billy talk about his feelings. Sharin has news about something disturbing.

Ratings, week of 12/2: 2.7.

There is a short interview with Melissa Ordway (Abby).

Chase Coleman plays Tanner Watts, a successful musician who connects with Tessa 1/2.

Ashley has gone back to Paris but will return in a month.

Faith and Fen will be sticking around for a little while.

Tessa meets up with musician Tanner, whom she used to know. He wants her to go on tour with her. Mariah is thrilled, but Tessa, not so much.

12/30 Chance is grilled by Jill. Adam gets tricked by Nick. 12/31 Billy is the object of Victoria's concern. 1/1 Phyllis makes eyes at Chance. Nikki and Victor celebrate. 1/2 Chloe and Kevin share their good news. Sharon discovers something shocking. 1/3 Nikki warns someone.

2020 Preview: Victor prepares for a huge milestone for the family and Newman Enterprises. Nikki will take on a secret project that will surprise everyone. Nick and Chelsea's relationship is coming apart as she stays with Connor and Adam. Adam keeps trying to win her back. Abby has to deal with more drama at the Grand Phoenix while moving ahead with her new romance with Chance. A third party will interfere with them. Theo and Kyle's rivaly will come to a head as Theo keeps intervening in Kyle's life. Summer tries to keep things peaceful. Phyllis goes after one of the city's most eligible bachelors and would also like to get back into Grand Phoenix and get rid of Abby. Jack will play peacemaker during a big power shift at Jabot. Ashley returns for some family business that is weighing on her. Elena isn't going anywhere as she tries to keep her relationship with Devon together as well as keep an eye on Amanda. She also plans to do something that she's passionate about, with the help of Nate and Devon. Amanda and Bill will get involved with something dangerous and then question themselves about their relationship. Jill decides to stay in town to keep an eye on Billy and Chance. She works with Devon to keep trying to find Colin. Lauren and Michael are stunned when they learn something about one of their family members. Something is discovered that shocks Rey and Sharon, straining their relationship. A family member comes back to town.

An article, "Year in Review," recaps everything that happened on the show in 2019. Another article has actors from the shows listing the best things that happened to them this year.

SOD 12/16/19

Devon is very upset that Amanda is staying in town. Victor has her investigated and gives the information to Devon. Some of her past is a little suspicious.

Jack is Phyllis's confidante. Adam has a secret that he's keeping. Chelsea has a hard time with the way her life is going. Devon tries to find out more.

Ratings, week of 11/11: 2.8.

Daniel Goddard (Cane) has ended his run with the show. He's not very happy about it and is still in shock.

Justin Hartley (ex-Adam) and his wife Chrishell (ex-Bethany) are getting divorced.

Abby prepares for her first date with Chance, and they kiss.

12/9 Sharon's plotting doesn't go the way she wanted, and Nick is protected by his parents. 12/10 Jack makes big changes at the family company. 12/11 Chance calls Phyllis' bluff, while Amanda and Billy grow closer. 12/12 Nate and Abby make up. 12/13 Chelsea does something to drive Nick further away.

An article features the new head of NATAS, who talks about changes in the Daytime Emmys.

Ashley Jones (ex-Megan) shares some practical tips for moms this holiday season.

SOD 11/25/19

Please be advised that spoiler dates may change due to all the pre-emptions.

Tristan Rogers is back briefly as Colin (even though he plays Robert on GH). He shares that Jill and Colin really love each other, despite their differences, and the fact that Colin is a "clever rogue." Rogers is also working on "The Bay." He will return 11/20.

Learning that Chance's letter came from the Maldives, she flies there, expecting to find Colin (whom she believes is behind Katherine's alternate will). She's shocked to find that he expected her (he's waiting there with Champagne). Colin is thrilled to learn that Devon shared his billions with Cane. She demands to know if the will is real.

During Thanksgiving, something unexpected happens during Nikki and Victor's dinner. Sharon is there for Adam in his time of need. Jack thinks about the past fondly.

Ratings, week of 10/21: 2.8.

Beth Maitland (Traci)'s ex-husband Christopher Banninger passed away. He was a former Emmy-winning sound mixer for GH.

Chelsea feels very bad that Nick had to drop out of the race due to her problems. Chelsea moves in with Adam after Connor has stomach pains. She's sure it's PTSD. Nick is very forgiving and understanding.

11/18 Nate's career is in trouble. Phyllis tries to find something out. 11/19 Jack is surprised by Billy. Nick threatens someone. 11/20 Devon can tell that something is wrong. Jill finds out something that shocks her. 11/21 Chloe and Abby try to fix things. Someone backs Cane into a corner. 11/22 Kyle's territory is invaded by Theo. Chelsea and Nick are having a tough time with the way things have turned out.

The show is given a Thumbs Down! for not having Phyllis be involved with anyone romantically.

Tyler Johnson (Theo) is featured in an interview, as is Steve Burton (ex-Dylan).

Jordi Vilasuso (Rey) talks about Miami, his home town.

Joshua Morrow (Nick) is featured in the short, one-page "Take Five" article.

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