Monday 1/20/20 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 1/20/20 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke continues to insist that Eric get rid of Quinn and Shauna. Quinn is indignant that Brooke would dare ask her husband to kick her out. Eric says that while he's disappointed that Quinn smacked Brooke to the ground, he loves his wife and isn't going to get rid of her. Later, Quinn brings Eric a martini and tries to make peace. Eric suggests that she be the bigger person and leave Brooke alone, and leave her marriage alone, too. Quinn visits Shauna, still steaming mad at Brooke. She declares that she has to get rid of Brooke once and for all. At Forrester Creations, Sally has just kissed Wyatt in her office, wearing sexy lingerie. She tells him how much she loves him and that they have to do a better job of making time for each other. Wyatt tells Sally about Katie's asking everyone to forgive Flo and how he still loves Flo. She can't believe that he's dumping her again for Flo. Sally rants and raves about how stressful her job is. She insists that they love each other and that he made a commitment. She tells him that she's not going to let him do this to her again, and then she leaves, to give him time to think.

At Spencer, Katie thanks Bill again for allowing Katie to ask everyone for forgiveness for Flo. Bill admits that he can't really forgive her for what she did. Flo arrives and thanks them again for what they said. She tells them that she and Wyatt are probably going to be back together again. Bill wonders what happened to Sally, so Flo tells him that Wyatt is there now to tell her the bad news. Bill admits that he isn't a big fan of Sally's, but Flo hopes that he will one day see how much she loves Wyatt and become a fan of hers. Later, Brooke visits Katie to tell her about Shauna kissing Ridge. She thinks Quinn is behind all of it. Katie is appalled. Brooke declares war on Shauna and Quinn, the "sluts from the desert."

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Willow warns Michael and Chase that Nelle is staying with Brad and thinks that she will be Wiley’s new nanny. Carly overhears this and puts her opinion in. Carly has to stop talking though when she sees Gladys talking with Jax and Laura. Carly tries to get Gladys to go to the spa but Gladys would rather go and see Sonny’s warehouse. Carly says she will take her there after she is done working. Michael and Chase go to see Brad and Nelle. Michael makes her an offer that she cannot turn down to keep her away from Wiley.

Sasha and Willow go to meet with Nina about the Deception partnership. Nina will only work with them if Sasha allows her to write a tell all in an issue of Crimson about Sasha’s life. Sasha agrees on the spot but later tells Willow that she is about to be sabotaged. Jax and Nina talk about the issue at hand. Jordan and her friend discuss the death of Bob. Sasha and Willow run into Nelle. Nelle tells them that she is living at the Quartermaine mansion.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Chance and Abby had a date night, and Phyllis secretly sabotaged it. Chance and Abby still had fun despite all of their plans going wrong. Chance and Abby seemed suspicious of Phyllis, but she’d covered her tracks and there was no proof of her guilt. Summer threw a Jabot party at Society, and she was stressed about making everything perfect, which caused her to clash with Lola, briefly. Jill attended the party and met Theo. She told him old stories about his grandfather, Stuart. Kyle was tense around Theo. Jack made it clear that he wanted Kyle to end the animosity and accept Theo. Summer and Lola improvised when the electricity went out in the kitchen. Their workaround was a hit. Kyle got angry when he caught Theo alone in the kitchen with Lola, and he punched him in the face. Theo left. Summer confronted Theo about coming on to Lola. He said they were friends. Theo left the restaurant without telling the others what happened. Lola and Kyle argued about Theo, and she felt that he didn’t understand Theo because Theo didn’t grow up rich. He felt that Theo was into her. Lola said she didn’t throw a fit about Summer was being into him. He felt that Theo was manipulating her and that she was doing nothing to discourage him. Kyle stormed out.

Rey distracted Sharon with a game of cards. She was no longer able to keep the thoughts at bay, and he said she couldn’t put him through this, but he assured her that they were in this together. She felt tired and dejected, so he cheered her up by picking Faith up from Nick’s. Tessa surprised Mariah by coming home for a couple of hours. They spent time lovemaking and holding each other. Tessa noticed Mariah was upset. Mariah wouldn’t say what was wrong, because it wasn’t her news to tell, but she lied and said it wasn’t serious. Tessa talked about her tour – she loved having adoring fans, and she got along with the band and roadies. It was time for Tessa to leave. Mariah said she was going to go to one of the shows, so she could be one of the adoring fans.

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