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One Life to Live Character Descriptions

Todd Manning
Written by

Roger Howarth (1993 - 1995)
(1996 - 1998) (2000 - 2003)

Trevor St. John
(2003 - Present)

Todd was created by Irene Manning and the ever popular and despicable Victor Lord. Unfortunately, he was not just conceived from bad but raised by it in the form of Peter Manning. They all played a part in destroying the man he could have become.

When Todd first came on the scene, he was a self-involved, destructive jock with an anger problem. Some things have changed, others have not. Peter was always pushing Todd to win and to make him proud. If he didn't, he was worthless. When he was in college, Todd was an instigator and participant in the gang rape of Marty Saybrooke. For quite a while, this was the type of person he was, and he seemed ok with that.

Things started to change in both a good and bad way when he discovered he was, in fact, a Lord: the son of Victor, nephew of Victoria. He now had someone to care about him, but he also has to deal with what he considers the curse of being Victor’s son.

Then came Blair, the blonde whirlwind trying to milk him of his fortune. They fell in love, and it has been crazy ever since. He was married to Téa between marriages to Blair. He drugged Téa on their wedding night to avoid sleeping with her, so that should tell us a little. Actually, since Marty's rape and finding out he was the son of a child molester, Todd has not been big on sex, so with Blair it was special.

Todd cares for very few people, but those he does care about know it. It seems the greatest love of his life is daughter Starr. The others worthy of his heart are son, Jack; sister, Viki; niece, Jessie; and friend/lawyer, Evangeline. Todd has another son, Todd, Jr., who he believes to be dead. This was a son born not out of love but rape: Margaret forced Todd into sex, and Jr. was the consequence. If that is not full circle, I do not know what is. 

Proofread by Laura on 2/28/11

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