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One Life to Live Character Descriptions

Rev. Andrew Carpenter
Played by Robert Wortham Krimmer (1991 - 2010)

The reverend came to Llanview in 1991 as the pastor at St. James’ church, which the Buchanans and Lords attend.

Although a devout man of the cloth, Andrew is very human. He sometimes felt anger and lust, which got him into trouble. He and his father, Sloan, did not speak for years because Sloan had trouble dealing with the fact that his other son had been gay and died of AIDS.  They were finally reunited and Andrew made Sloan face the truth and admit it to himself.  They made a quilt patch for William and added it to the AIDS quilt when it came to Llanview on the Day of Compassion.

Andrew has always been a very compassionate person and had a special place in his heart for teenagers. He counseled troubled teenagers in the 90's, including Viki's son Joey. Joey was the friend of a gay teen, Billy, who was confused. Marty Saybrooke was another confused young woman. She was bitter due to having a mixed-up family and having lupus.  She made a pass at Andrew and was not happy about his rejection. Andrew was attracted to Marty, even though he was married to Cassie, Dorian's niece, at the time, but he was very aware of his role as counselor and pastor. Marty took revenge on Andrew by spreading gossip that Andrew was spending a lot of time with Billy, implying that he was a sexual predator. Andrew barely survived the scandal until Marty came clean. Marty was raped later on by frat boys and Andrew, without holding a grudge, helped her through the ordeal.

Andrew and Cassie had problems because she miscarried and it seemed to damage her mind. She found a baby, River, and started pretending it was her own. It hurt her when she had to give the baby up. Eventually she and Andrew were able to adopt River as their own.  Later, Cassie had an affair with Kevin, which ended her marriage to Andrew.

Andrew's sister Maggie came to town for a while. She was a nun but gave up her vows to be with Max. Eventually their relationship ended and she left town. Andrew continues to be a pastor at St. James’. Viki's son Joey took over the duties there for a while but has since left town. Andrew's son River is in town now. He briefly lived with his aunt Dorian, but now lives at the rectory with Andrew. River was a troubled teen but seems to have gotten past that now. 


"Robert" is his given name. He changed it to "Wortham" when he married his wife Mary Ellen almost 20 years ago. Their anniversary is June 24. He took her maiden name as his first name and the rest is history! They have a 9-year-old son named Max and a daughter Tess (who should be 5 years old, I think. She was born in May). They live in California but Bob visits them as often as his schedule permits.

He and Mary Ellen are devout environmentalists. Wortham had planned to attend law school to become an environmental lawyer. He started working in community theater and liked it so much he took a leave of absence! Fortunately for his fans he never went back! Mary Ellen is a former marathon runner and owner of a health-and-fitness company. She is now a photographer.

Creating the role of Andrew was the best thing former head writer Michael Malone did for OLTL. I love the character of Reverend Andrew Carpenter because of his kindness, understanding and depth of compassion. Next to Viki, he is the Llanview community's best place to turn when they need advice. He never claims to have ALL the answers--no one does. Wortham Krimmer has imbued Andrew not only with a sense of decency but also, sometimes, a volatile nature. He has a temper but it is seldom shown. On those rare occasions when it does rise to the surface, Andrew is immediately apologetic. When it comes to letting go of emotions, he is harder on himself than on others. Ever since the homophobia storyline of 1992, Reverend Andrew Carpenter has suffered many losses--Megan, a brother, a father, a son, and now his wife (to another man)--but he still relies on his faith to pull him through. Although a minister, he is also human and flawed just like the rest of us. To me, that makes him the most real and complex character on OLTL. Those OLTL fans who refuse to see past his collar, labeling him "self-righteous", will never understand or appreciate the basic humanity and complexity of this character.

Andrew has gone through a lot of ups and downs but Krimmer himself has "kept the faith". He has stayed OLTL's ‘Revmeister’ while other actors around him have left. That says a lot for his dedication, doesn't it?...Now Wortham Krimmer is on recurring status with OLTL.

PS from Suzanne:

Wortham has also appeared in some of my favorite shows including Babylon 5, Max Headroom, and Scarecrow and Mrs. King.  His recurring role on Babylon 5 as the mad Emperor Cartaga was about as far from Andrew as you can get.  It was a wonderful role and showed his true range as an actor.

Poor Andrew has had nothing but bad luck in the romance dept. on OLTL.  First he fell in love with dying Megan (who was already in love with Jake), then had a passion for Marty, who kept tempting him even though he was married, then has his wife Cassie taken away by Kevin, and then he fell for Tea, who dumped him for a sick relationship with Todd!

It must be tough for the writers to make an interesting character out of such a good guy, but if they wanted to bring him back into the show more, they could.  He had great story back when he was fighting with his dad and uncle and the whole AIDS storyline.

Andrew is a great counterpoint to Todd's evil, and since Todd is back, why not have the reverend around more?  Bring back Andrew!  And while you're at it also bring back Cassie, Clint, Dorian, Mel, Ian, Marty, Patrick, Tea, and Cord, and give Hank, R.J., and Carlota storylines as well.

Update: Wortham has changed his name back to Bob.

Proofread by Laura on 3/7/11

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