GH Update Monday 1/18/21

General Hospital Update Monday 1/18/21


A robber demands the money of Phyllis’ husband’s bar. The two don’t want any trouble. Sonny stands up and screams to leave them alone.

Michael admits to Willow that he is shocked to see Sasha here. Willow explains that they are trying to see if their friendship can be repaired. Michael thinks that is good. It seems like one of their relationships is being sorted out. Willow wonders about their own relationship. It might be time for them to figure out what they mean to one another.

Ned tells Tracy that he was worried about her. Tracy explains that she is here. Ned knows that she didn’t return any of his calls. He wants to know where she was.

Olivia thanks Robert for meeting with him. Robert has missed her getting involved in things that aren’t her business and getting involved in his relationship with Jackie. Olivia thinks he needs to quit stalling and ask her out for real. She needs a favor though. She needs to be taught to be a spy.

Trina points out that Cam was just passed out at an assembly. Cam tries to defend himself. Joss wonders why they would hold an assembly in the middle of the night during winter when your step-father is missing and presumed dead. Joss wonders what is wrong. It is the truth. Joss would have fallen asleep like Cam if it wasn’t for everyone coming up to her. Joss thinks that so many people are gone from her life.

Nina looks in her mother’s jewelry box and smiles at a few things. Ava walks in and asks what she has there.

Carly sits at the Metro Court bar and sobs. Jax wants to know what she is doing here. He thought she was staying home for a few days. Carly explains that Trina and Cam wanted Joss to go to an assembly. Joss would only leave the house if she claimed she was coming here. Jax thinks she could have stayed home with Joss. Jax thinks that they could grieve for Sonny together. Carly doesn’t know how to do that.

Sonny starts to beat up the robber. He takes the gun and tells him that he owes the people an apology.

Joss put the journal away but it might be time to take it out again. Cam is shocked that she didn’t throw her journal out. Joss put it in the basement. Joss wonders why he thought that she would throw her journal away. Cam doesn’t know. He guesses he jumped to the wrong conclusion. Joss doesn’t want to wait. She thinks it might be helpful to write down everything with Sonny.

Nina explains just some stuff that she has been meaning to put away forever. Nina is so sorry to hear about Julian and Sonny. She wonders how Avery is doing. Ava thinks that she didn’t know Julian that well but does miss Sonny. She keeps asking about a necklace that she found that Sonny bought her. She keeps saying she wants to wear it for her daddy. Carly told Avery that she was having it repaired. She called the jeweler about it but Carly supposedly picked it up weeks ago. Ava doesn’t want to get into it with Carly again when she already is dealing with Carly going nuts on her. She has full custody of her daughter finally. Carly is resentful. She wants to get into it with her but she doesn’t have grounds. Ava wonders if Nina could broach the topic with Carly and express that she back off.

Jax wonders if Carly is going to get involved in her work. Carly keeps getting calls from people when they are going to have a memorial for Sonny. Jax assumes that is the case they need to discuss since Sonny is legally considered dead. Carly spoke with the lawyer. There is a law that someone has to be missing for three years before being considered dead. Jax assumes that this would be considered a disaster. Carly guesses it is up to the persons next of kin to make that choice. Carly cannot do that. She starts to sob.

Robert wonders what kind of trouble Olivia has herself in now. Olivia admits she is fine. She is asking for a friend. Robert wonders if it is anyone he knows. Olivia admits that it is Alexis. Olivia knows that he is looking into her DUI. Alexis swears that Tracy is involved in this somehow.

Tracy didn’t realize that she had a curfew. Tracy was checking on Alexis. He doesn’t need to look shocked. Tracy does have a heart. Ned knows she does. He also knows that she was rather unbothered by Alexis facing criminal charges.

Michael assumed that Willow already chose her future since she kissed Chase last night.

Sonny tells the robber that he needs to know that he is sorry and won’t come back. Otherwise he will have to find a way to discourage him. The robber promises that if he lets him walk out then he is gone. Sonny tells Lenny that he should keep the gun. Lenny thinks that he was not afraid of that gun.

Carly cannot give up on Sonny right now. Jax thinks that this is about her and her family. She doesn’t need to do anything for anyone but her and herself. Jax points out that it might be a good thing for her to find a body for closure. Carly cannot shake this feeling that the bridge collapsing is karma for what happened with Nelle.

Nina has no special influence over Carly. Ava thinks that she has influence over Jax though. Nina thinks that Carly would wonder why it would be any of his business. Then she would be less inclined. Ava asks Nina what she is doing. Nina needs to close this chapter of her life. Nina thinks that the information she found about her child was more than enough information. Nina explains that she is choosing to believe that her child grew up in a good home. Jax is encouraging her to give up the search too. Nina needs to stop facing these shadows. Everything worked out for the best. Ava wonders if she is sure that giving up the search for her daughter is what she wants and not what Jax wants for her.

Jax tells Trina that he could really use his blue tooth speaker. Joss tells them that her journal is gone.

Robert wonders if Olivia thinks it was wrong that Tracy turned her in. Olivia doesn’t if that is actually what happened. Olivia tells her that there are parts of the story that do not add up. Robert wonders what parts. Olivia feels that if she told him then he would investigate and she doesn’t want to rip her family apart until she has actual evidence. Robert isn’t going to teach her how to hack into Tracy’s emails. Olivia needs his help. Robert thinks that she had to trick Tracy into admitting to it. Robert can teach her the fundamentals.

Tracy is concerned about Alexis’ drinking. Olivia and Sam were there too. Ned is shocked that Olivia was at Alexis’ house. Tracy is sure that Alexis didn’t mention the one night stand to Olivia.

Willow is sorry. Michael thinks she has no reason to be. They always knew they had feelings for Chase and Sasha. Willow knows that Michael needed Sasha by his side when the search for his father ended. Michael knows she was. He does still have feelings for Sasha. Willow asks about their feelings for one another. Michael always cared about her as a friend. Willow has too. Michael thinks that all that happened and Nelle… He sees her as someone who cares about Wiley just as much as he does. Michael thinks that the deepened feelings were created in a vacuum while they were trying to protect Wiley. Michael wonders if they would have been more than friends otherwise.

Olivia asks Ned if they are still on for dinner tonight. She wants to go and check in on Leo and ask if he is still ok with all of this. Ned wants to do it alone first. Olivia asks if Tracy has any last minute advice. Tracy tells her to refrain from calling her granny. Tracy will stop anyone who gets in the families way. Olivia has no doubt that she would.

Joss knows that Carly would never throw out her journal. Cam thinks they should get some coffee. Joss thinks they can go without her. She is not going to be good company. She is going to be thinking about Sonny and her journal.

Nina thinks that Jax helped her realize that her daughter’s life is her owns. Nina has Crimson, Charlotte, and James. She also has Jax who she loves. She thinks that Jax is making her a part of her family. Ava thinks that Joss is so much like Carly. She might be threatened by her too. Nina thinks that with all the drama that Joss has had to go through she is more of a peacemaker. Ava has a terrific idea.

Carly keeps going over the circumstances of Sonny’s death. Jax tells her to stop doing this to herself. Carly thinks that this is some crazy cosmic thing for keeping the truth from Nina. Jax thinks the world is not punishing them. Jax asks if she is having second thoughts.

Sonny cannot explain how he knows how to handle that guy. He just was. Phyllis is grateful that he defended them. Lenny wonders where he is going now.

Jax thinks that keeping the truth from Nina is hard. Carly thinks he is nothing like Valentin. She thinks that people sometimes say things that need secrets. Jax never said that they were in love. Carly doesn’t think he had to.

Nina looks at the locket. She puts it back on.

Tracy wants to get ready for dinner. Olivia has something she wants to talk about. She asks if that is a new blouse. It looks Tracy look so good. Tracy thinks that she might want to borrow it. Olivia realizes that she needs a witness for the adoption. Tracy will be her witness. Olivia didn’t realize that Olivia was close to Alexis. Olivia thought that it was bad enough that Alexis was behind the wheel. Olivia thinks that part of her wishes that she would have been not sober enough to disarm the alarm so the police would have shown up. Tracy wishes that she wouldn’t have let Alexis do that.

Phyllis tells Sonny that they have a room above the bar. She thinks that he can pay his way by working here. She thinks that he can handle himself. Sonny thinks that is nice of her. Sonny walks upstairs. He thanks them.

Jax asks Nina if she is ready for dinner. Nina says she was looking through some old stuff and she found a varsity letter. It is from when she played high school volleyball. She wondered if Joss would like it. Jax wonders if Charlotte would want it. Nina thinks she is only interested in horses.

Joss tells Ava that Carly isn’t here tonight. Ava came by to speak with her. She wanted her to know that she will always make time for her to maintain her relationship with Avery. She knows it is an unfortunate time to bring this up but Avery keeps bringing up this necklace. Ava doesn’t want to bother her mother but she is desperate to help Avery out and finding the necklace would be a God sent.

Cam explains that Joss’ journal was stolen by Dev. He clearly stole it. Trina thinks that Dev betrayed Joss’ trust. Cam thinks they need to let Joss keep the good memories of Dev.

Olivia thought that Tracy was a little shocked about the security system and the coffee. Ned comes back. He explains that Leo is delighted to join the family and have him as his new dad.

Willow thinks that what happened between them was a false reality. Willow agrees. She thinks that they owe it to everyone and each other to try and get back the love they all had. Michael guesses so. Willow thinks unless it isn’t what he wants.

Trina hopes that Joss forgets about this and they can pretend they don’t know anything. Otherwise they will have to tell her the truth.

Joss went through Carly’s jewelry box and found the necklace. She is doing this for Avery not her. Every time she sees her she thinks about Morgan losing his mind because she switched his meds and then she thinks about her stealing Julian’s car. Her brother is dead because of her. Nothing she does will ever change that. She hands Ava the necklace. Ava thanks her and leaves.

Nina is sorry. She didn’t mean to bring that up. Jax thinks that Nina has added something to his family. He loves her.

Lenny wonders if Phyllis is sure about this. Phyllis only cares about who Mike is now. Sonny walks in. He thanks for the clothes and the job offer but he doesn’t want to be more trouble. Phyllis thinks that they need the help and asks if he can help tonight.

Michael wants to get back to normal and move past the heartbreak. He thinks this is what is best. Michael thinks that Willow will always be Wiley’s mom and he doesn’t regret a single moment of what happened. Michael guesses they should sign the annulment papers.

Tracy thinks that Olivia clearly has something she wants to say. She demands she come right out and say it. Olivia demands to know what actually happened the night that Alexis drove her car off the road.

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