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The General Hospital Fan Events Pages

General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!


Erin and Brian Presley at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC by Nikky

 It was held in a private room at the Hard Rock Cafe. We ate breakfast and checked out items available for silent auction and raffle. I bought 5 raffle tickets. Erin & Brian showed up about 10 am. They gave them seats in the front but Erin asked for stools so everyone could see them and they could see us so they gave them higher chairs. They talked a bit (I'll have a list below because I can't remember what was said when) and than the went around separately and stopped and talked to everyone. Brian made it to our table first. He's so much cuter in person than he is on TV! He was so nice, he signed everything we had for him and than he took pictures with us. Erin talked a lot so there was quite a wait until she made it to us so we went back up to the silent auction because they said no one was bidding. They had a few items Erin wore on the show so I bid $30.00 on her jean dress. And guess what - I got it! I was so thrilled. I found out (later) she wore it at least 3 times on PC. They also did the raffle in between and I ended up with a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt! A girl at my table, Kellie, ended up with a Hard Rock Cafe hat and three signs from the show, one said Green Room, one said Port Charles, and one said Erin Hershey. Another girl at my table, Anne Marie, got a neat picture. The other person at my table, a guy named Steve, didn't buy any raffle tickets. So we thought we ended up with a lucky table! Finally Erin made her way over to us. She was so nice to, she took a seat with us! She also signed everything and took pictures. It was almost time for them to leave and a lot of us wanted pictures of them together so I went and asked Brian! We took those, Erin is so good in front of a camera. Than I got one with me and both of them. Erin was getting her jacket so I said, I'm just gonna stand next to Brian! I told them both I wished them good luck and they'd get something soon. They were so sweet and I felt like I was talking to people I've know for years. I wasn't nervous at all which is not me. It was the best fan event I ever went to and I don't regret going at all.

Here is a few things that I remember that they talked about or important things, in no particular order:

*Sadly Erin's pilot did not get picked up by NBC. Erin seemed quite sad by this. She was explaining the process of getting a pilot to us when someone mentioned Nolan should have one, and she went through A LOT to get that. Brian said maybe NBC will find something for her but than she said maybe FOX will pick up the pilot. So not too sure about any future work for her

*AMC wanted Brian for a role (Jonathon) but he had to turn it down. Julie HC thought of him and asked him first, which I think was very nice. They were also only going to make him sign a one year contract which is unheard of. He turned it down due to the fact that they wanted an answer so soon and also because Erin needs to be in LA right now and they don't want to be bi-costal.

*Brian's movie should be out in Boston in June

*Someone asked about a reunion and Brian said ABC won't pay for it! He said they want to do something when GH has their fan club event this year but it's hard because everyone is out doing their own thing.

*They said Kiko wanted to be there but couldn't be. (FYI, no one else from PC showed up)

*They talked about the Emmys

*They families were there and they were so nice, they talked to people as well. Erin's sister is pregnant and she's so cute!

*Erin's hair isn't as light as it used to be

*Erin saw Barbara Walters at the Emmys but she said she doesn't think Barbara knew who she was! They were talking a bit about her not getting the gig and it turns out that the girl who did get "The View" gig - her husband beat out Brian for college football! Erin was than talking about reality show people and how it's her pet peeve that they talk roles away from real actors. Of course everyone laughed because they thought of Elizabeth (but she really wasn't talking about her)

*Erin said she didn't think anyone would come to the event! (there were probably more than 40 people there)

*Rebecca Staab is traveling, I think Brian said something about Eddie Matos working for something for the UPN.

*They miss Thorsten since he moved to the East Coast to be on AMC (he lived really close to them in LA)

More pictures!  Click on the thumbnail pic to see the larger one.

Our volunteer Nikky with Brian and Erin

Other pics of Brian and Erin

Brian and Erin with members of their family (the blonde ones are Erin's :) Her mother and her sister.

This is the dress that Erin wore in PC that Nikky won in auction, and a Hard Rock T-shirt that she won as well.

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Page updated 5/24/12

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