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The General Hospital Fan Events Pages

General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

Suzanne's GH Fan Weekend Account

Day 2, Saturday, July 24, 1999


 In the morning I took a cab over to the Universal Hilton, a different hotel, for the Quartermaine brunch. It was for Alan and Monica's "Anni-misery" party. It was great fun! None of my other friends were going, so I was kinda by myself, but I quickly met the people at my table and had fun chatting with them. When they introduced the actors, they each came out, and at the end, when Alan and Monica came out, they came out in character, bickering, yelling at each other!  Edward had to tell them to knock it off, just like on the show. It was so funny!!! There were a lot of great jokes, you could tell they had fun with it all. All the Q's showed up except for Jason, Carly, and Chloe, but Tony and Tammy were there. Sorry, I would use the actors names but it's just easier for me to remember their characters' names... We had a table kind of in the front corner but we did get to see most of them as they passed by our table coming in. Billy Warlock (AJ) and Wally Kurth (Ned) are even more gorgeous in person! They had a few items they were selling (nothing I was interested in) and were selling raffle tickets. I bought a few but didn't win anything. They were raffling off clothes the different actors had worn, autographed scripts, etc. and of course a studio tour on Monday with Monica (THAT would have been so cool!). 

Brad Maule and Anna Lee left early, but he said he would be there tomorrow at the luncheon. Anna Lee is old and frail so she doesn't show up for very much. It's a shame because I wanted to say hi to her for my mom, who's been to her house, and my step-dad. They had some questions and answers, which was fun....there was a lot of humor in their answers. Monica and Ned flirted a lot; Monica kept referring to Alan as "What's-his-name". Emily was asked what she's learned from her parents' marriage, and she said (I'm paraphrasing" that she learned that it's good to cheat and to have many lovers; she figures that when Emily grows up she won't ever get married, she'll just have a lot of lovers. When AJ was talking, he was joking about how everybody loves "golden-boy" Jason....it was really hysterical. We had a nice lunch, too... Anyway, then they had the photos and autograph-signing. Wally Kurth also left early, and Stephen T. Kay (Reginald) left a little later, but I got everyone else's photos and autographs. They are SO nice, especially Stuart Damon, John Ingle, and Leslie Charleson. The woman that plays Tammy, Amber Tamblyn, and Billy Warlock were all very sweet. I know I sound like I'm repeating myself, but it is just so refreshing to see that these actors are so personable and pleasant when you meet them, and just seem like the nicest people in the world. 

Leslie's fan club runs the event so she stays until the last possible moment signing and talking to fans. Stuart Damon is HUGE! Not just tall (6'4) but so broad!!! Most of the actors look so tiny and small in real life--not him! He looks kinda ridiculous next to Leslie Charleson, who is much tinier in real life than they let us see on the show. As mementos we got some nice Alan and Monica mugs and a program. When I was waiting outside for the cab with my husband, John Ingle and Stuart Damon were getting their rides as well, so I got to gawk at them some more. And anyway, it's so amazing to see them and realize they're like real people (I mean, you know they are, but they don't seem quite real on the TV, but in person you can see they're just normal people; and you feel like you do know them already since you're seeing them all the time on TV). Then we went back to the hotel and right to the event with Jackie Zeman and Julian Stone (Bobbie and Jerry). My friends were there already because they belong to his fan club; they were doing some stuff with fan club-only members previous to that. But they had saved me a seat right up front! I had the perfect view of everything that happened. It was outdoors in a little courtyard area. 

Apparently they are nicknamed by their fan club the shameless candy thieves? So the place was decorated up with candy decorations; the people running it really did a great job. When we arrived we got a nice black and white 8 x 10 of them and some candy that they had specially made with their pictures on the wrapper. The money from the event, I believe, went to a charity they are cohosting. They did a question and answer session, which was fun. Someone asked about a rumor that A Martinez was joining the show to break up Bobbie and Jerry. Not only did they know anything about whether the breaking up part was true, they didn't even know if Martinez was signed or not. She speculated that if he were, ABC would be promoting it already. They did reveal that their kids play together all the time, which I thought was sweet. They seemed very close, like good friends. When you see the actors together it does remind you that they are friends, colleagues, work-buddies, like we all have but maybe closer because they spend longer hours together and work more closely together (most of us aren't kissing and hugging our co-workers on a regular basis!). And as much as we hate it when a cast member we like leaves, it's even harder on them.

 Which reminds me, I heard from someone that the reason Michael Dietz was fired from Port Charles was that he was coming up to work unprepared a lot, not knowing his lines, etc. so since they were getting a new Karen they decided to recast him, too. Anyway, getting back to Julian and Jackie, she said that when he tested for the role, that was their first kiss, and he also had a scene with Ingo (he was quick to point out that he did not kiss Ingo, however :). Afterwards, she and Ingo agreed, and told Wendy Riche that Julian was IT to play Jerry. Oh, and Julian revealed that one of his little girls was into beanie babies, and that one time she was going through the book that lists them, and CURSED that she was missing one. "Excuse me?" he said. She repeated the curse. He said, where did you hear that? She said, your brother said it. He said, my brothers are back in England and you haven't seen them for six months. She said, no, Daddy, your brother Jax on General Hospital! LOL! 

They had numerous raffles and auctions.  They had two girls come up and play Lucy and Kathy in a scene they had with Bobbie and Jerry. They auctioned off the right to play Lucy and Kathy. They acted it out LITERALLY right in front of me, so it was cool. They rehearsed it and redid it a few times, Julian directing, he and Jackie commenting on how it was how they did it on the show, doing retakes, etc. It was very fun to watch and made me wish I had bid to go up there! Then they finally had the autograph and picture portion, with two different lines for them. The actors were just so nice when you talked to them. Jackie Zeman likes to chat with you and so the line takes a little longer...I told her I wanted to ask her, which was her favorite boyfriend or husband on the show BESIDES Jerry. She said she couldn't choose because she is always thrilled when she's with them, and besides she keeps in touch with them all still (even David Groh, DL Brock), so they're all her friends. I told her I had to agree, I liked them all, too, and every time Bobbie gets a divorce, I get upset! I hated to see Jake leave the show, especially, and her divorce from Tony was awful, and I really liked her with Stefan, too. I hope she and Jerry stay together for a long time. Julian was also very nice, wish I could say more...he is so gorgeous!!! And his real accent doesn't really sound much different from how he sounds on TV. 

I had to leave after that to get ready for my 20-year high school reunion. That was okay, but not nearly as fun as the GH/PC thing! I wish I had stayed and gone to Wally and Rena's event, instead. There were only 10 people at most that I remembered from high school that were there. We spent a lot of time wondering, "I wonder why so-and-so didn't show up?" We did have fun in the limo, though. It almost was awful; the original limo company I had booked, was going to send me a town car, just a regular car (nicer than most cars but still). I know I told them "limo" and they wanted to charge me the price we had agreed on for the lesser car. So I had to scramble at the last minute to find another limo service. We got this HUGE one, for 8 people! It was fun...made the ride very comfy, and big enough for us to sleep in on the way back. One good thing about my reunion, there weren't that many super-skinny girls there! I was afraid it would be like my husband's, where I felt kinda like a cow, but there were lots of chubby ones like me. :) So anyway I am taking lots of pictures, and so are my friends, so I will make sure to let you all know when I post them on my web page.  

Day 3!

Suzanne's Exclusive pictures for the 1999 GH Fan Weekend

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