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General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

Coltin Scott Event by Meghan

A few weeks ago General Hospital actor, Coltin Scott (ex-Nikolas) came to Buffalo, NY. He was here to do a telethon to raise money for a children's hospital. I was watching a commercial that mentioned Coltin would be there. I decided since he was so close to me, that I would meet him.

I called a friend of mine who also loves GH, and told her the great news about Coltin coming to Buffalo. We figured he would be staying at the hotel that the telethon was being held at, so went there the night of the telethon. We asked one of the employees about meeting him, and he told us to wait in the lobby; all the celebrities would be walking through there. So we sat and waited. About 45 minutes later 5 or 6 celebrities walked by us. There were athletes and singers and older actors, but no Coltin. Someone informed us he was sick in his room.

I, being the drama queen between my friend and I started the tears, hoping someone would feel bad that we really wanted to meet him. It worked!! The woman in charge of the telethon came over and talked to me. She promised that I could meet Coltin before he left NY. She got on the phone with someone, and she gave my friend and me her name. She told us to be at a mall the next day, and we would meet Coltin!

The next day came and we headed off to the mall. There was Coltin, sitting down at a table drinking coffee. There were about 10 or 15 people in front of us in line so we started talking to other fans. My friend and I had on our Super Soap Weekend t-shirts from the trip we had recently taken. A woman and her daughter starting whipping pictures out of their purses. They showed us pictures they had of Wally Kurth (Ned) at their house for a dinner. I went into a jealous mode but got over it quickly because I was so close to Coltin.

There was a celebrity boxer there who I casually started talking to about soaps. I told him all about SSW and about my trip to Coltin's hotel the night before. He told us he remembered seeing us. He also made fun of our love for soaps, and couldn't believe we had traveled all the way to Florida to meet some stars. I told him that he just didn't understand, and he laughed.

I waited for the guy in front of me to hand Coltin his cell phone so Coltin could talk to the man's daughter. He got off the phone, and it was my turn!!!!!! There was a photographer there who took a quick Polaroid of Coltin and me together, while my friend was snapping pics with my camera.

He commented about SSW and I told him how great I thought his singing was. We talked about GH and about him for a few minutes. I told him that I tried to meet him the night before at his hotel, but I couldn't. He put his pen down and smiled at me, sort of laughing. He looked at my friend and I and asked "That was you two?" We admitted it was us looking for him the night before. He asked the next question. "So which one of you is Meghan?" I told him I was, and he laughed. He told me the hotel told him there was a very upset fan named Meghan there the night before. He told me I was a "soap groupie".

We talked for a few more minutes and then he gave me a hug, and thanked ME. I told him how much I loved GH, and walked away with an entire role of film of Coltin!


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Page updated 5/24/12

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