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Genie Francis (Laura) & Jackie Zeman (Bobbie)
Saturday, June 4, 2016
Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club, Point Pleasant, NJ
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On Saturday, June 4, 2016, Genie Francis (Laura) and Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) were scheduled to be at Uncle Vinnie's in Point Pleasant, NJ.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, Tyler was not able to make it, so Jackie Zeman (Bobbie) was gracious enough to come in his place.


The event started with a meet and greet.  Each lady took one side of the room and started to talk to fans, sign autographs, and take pictures.  Jackie started at my end.  Somehow, Genie ended up at my table first.  My friend asked her if she was on contract, and she said she finally was.  She was very nice and down to earth.  I had her sign my GH 50th Anniversary People Magazine and got a picture with her.

Jackie finally made it to my table.  I told her I had met her twice before, once at GH Past Cast in 2013 and last year at The Clinic Event.  She said I looked familiar, she remembers faces but not names.  She also liked my Shutterfly book.  When my friend went to take my picture, the lens cap was still on the camera.  My friend thought something was wrong with my camera. I went and took the lens cap off, and Jackie cracked up laughing.

After a short break, the ladies came out for a Q&A session.  Jackie said she had just found out that she and Genie were born in the same town (Englewood, NJ) and the same hospital!  Genie only lived in NJ for a short time, so she doesn't remember it and she and Jackie never crossed paths when they were younger.

Genie said she will be part of the Nikolas is missing story line. She assumes they will go back to the Helena's mystery gift once that story is over.

Jackie laughed at the "I'm not as young as I used to be" line she had to say after she fainted at the ball.

Genie feels Bobbie and Laura meddle in their children's lives more than their characters would.

They both talked about how they receive only their parts of the script, so they really don't know what else is going on during the rest of the show.  They are usually given their scripts 3 to 4 days ahead of the day of taping.  A fan asked what happens if someone messes up during taping. They said people just don't mess up.

Jackie is supposed to be in an upcoming storyline, but they are auditioning actresses to be in it with her.  Right now, it's audition season for pilot season, so a lot of people don't want to commit until they find out if/what they get for that.

GH will be dark (not taping) for 3 weeks in July.  It helps keep production costs down.  Production costs used to be $300 a minute, but they don't know how much it is now.

Jackie told the story that when she was younger they used to have to tape from 4 to 5 and the news came on at 5.  Both shows used the same camera.  They had no editing, so the director would make signals if the scene was running short or long, and the actors just had to go on the fly to either make the scene longer or shorter.

They don't think Luke is gone for good; it's just too sad to think that.  They both talked about Tony's home in Amsterdam which they have visited.

A fan asked how it is working with temporary actors.  They said it's hard, and they know it's hard for the fans; however it's hardest for the actors filling in.

They talked about what their children are doing.

They both said they wish they could have scenes together, because they are sisters-in-law.

When Genie left the show and Laura was in a mental institution, sometimes characters would visit Laura.  They were actually talking to a wig and none of the actors liked acting with a wig.

A fan asked what their memorable scenes are.  Jackie said the scenes with BJ.  Genie said Frank Smith and the black book.

Jackie said it's sad when someone leaves the show, because they don't get to not only work with that person but also don't see them like they had.

When a fan asked Jackie if Rick Springfield was a good kisser, she said "Yeeaahhh," and everyone laughed.

Genie said she was very lucky to have had Tony as a leading man.

After the Q&A fans were able to get a picture with both Genie and Jackie together before the event ended.

Next stop, LA for GHFCW!

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Page updated 6/28/16

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