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The General Hospital Fan Events Pages

General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

GH Fan Club Weekend ~ August 2015
Embassy Suites LA, Glendale, CA
By Nikky

2015 marked my third year in a row attending General Hospital Fan Club Weekend.  This was the first year since I started attending that it was not being held at the Sportsman Lodge in Studio City.  This year, two hotels, The Hilton and The Embassy in Glendale, held the events.  I stayed at the Hilton.  The walking distance between the two hotels was short, which is a good thing, since I would end up doing a lot of it over the four days of GHFCW events I attended.

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Kick-Off Cocktail Event ~ Thursday, August 6, 7 - 10 p.m.

William deVry (Julian Jerome), Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix DuBois), Haley Pullos (Molly Lansing), Hayley Erin (Kiki Jerome), Brytni Sarpy (Valerie Spencer), Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon Quartermaine), & Nikky.

My first event of GHFCW 2015 was Thursday night, the Kick-Off Event, which was held at The Embassy.  This was the first time I attended one of the Kick-Off Events.  Friends advised it was different in the past.  In years past, actors would just arrive and socialize.  This year there were actually tables and lines, almost like at the main event.  Also this year, it took a while till the first actress appeared.  That actress was Michelle Stafford (Nina) who brought along her daughter, Natalia.  She said she told her she wasn't allowed to say if she was having a little brother or little sister.  (Michelle is expecting another baby via surrogate).  She also told her daughter to say ‘thank you' if someone said something nice to her.  Because Michelle was the only person there, half of the fans flocked to see her.  I decided, since I had just met her in April, I was going to wait to see who else came.  The next actress to arrive was Holly Gagnier (Jennifer Smith).  I decided to continue to wait for others.  Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) was the next actor to arrive.  Since I had met Tyler in both February and April, I again decided to wait for more actors.  Haley Pullos (Molly) arrived next.  Since she was placed very close to my table, I decided to go and get a picture and autograph.  I had her autograph my Shutterfly book which had a picture of myself, her, and Jimmy Deshler (ex-Rafe) from last year, and she said she liked the picture.  Next to arrive was Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix). Since I had yet to meet Marc, I stood in his line.  Once our picture was taken, the person asked to make sure it looked ok.  My camera will go back into camera mode quite quickly, so when we went to look at the picture, it wasn't us.  It was the people standing in front of us, who obviously looked nothing like us.  He laughed and said that the camera takes pictures of the future and of two totally different people.  The event had put out some make-your-own tacos, so I decided to grab a bite to eat with my friend Linda.  While we were eating, Wil deVry (Julian) arrived.  We finished our tacos and stood in Wil's line.  While waiting to meet him, Emme Rylan (Lulu), Brytni Sarpy (Valerie), Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon), & Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) all arrived.  I stayed in Wil's line since I was almost positive this would be my only chance to see him this weekend.  Wil said to me, I've met you before, more than once.  We discussed how The California Canteen, the location his event was held last year, had since closed down.  I decided to wait in line to meet Brytni and Robert (they were placed together) when Hayley Erin (Kiki) arrived.  Since my nickname is Kiki, I had to go meet her.  She was very sweet.  I told her my nickname and how I had it before the character on GH was brought on.  I told her she was doing a good job with the character.  I went back in line to meet Brytni and Robert.  It was getting very close to the end of the night, and I was one of the last people to meet them.  They literally rushed us through the line.  I told Brytni she did a good job with responding to a hater tweet.  Robert said to me "See you Saturday" so I already had one person I had to see at the main cast luncheon.  I purchased 12 raffle tickets and ended up winning 7 things!

The Clinic Event ~ Friday, August 7, 12 - 3 p.m.


Teresa Castillo (Sabrina Santiago), Ryan Carnes (Lucas Jones), Elena Tovar (Rosalie Martinez), Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie Spencer), & Nikky.

Friday started with my plan of only attending one event, The Clinic Event.  This event had Ryan Carnes (Lucas), Elena Tovar (Rosalie), Jackie Zeman (Bobbie), & Teresa Castillo (Sabrina).  There was a small duck waiting for us (mine was a nurse) along with a pen shaped like a syringe.  They informed us that Teresa had to leave at 2 p.m. to go to work.  We gave the items we wanted autographed, so she could sign them while the event was going on, but we were not able to get a picture with her.  The microphone would not work for Ryan.  He tried everything.  Every time he gave it to Teresa, it worked for her.  A fan had questioned The Nurses' Ball number ("Dear Future Husband") and Teresa confirmed they actually sang the song.  Due to production, they had to tape the song ahead of time.  Fans stated they enjoyed the 52nd anniversary episode.  Jackie said she didn't think Anthony Geary (ex-Luke) was retired for good.  Ryan didn't know if Lucas could forgive Brad, again.  Elena didn't care who Rosalie ended up with, just someone.  A fan said Lucas.  She said "I can change them."  A fan mentioned tweets about Rosalie being Brad's mystery wife, she said again "I can change them."  (It has recently come out on the show that she is!)  Teresa said Sabrina and Michael were not supposed to be a couple, but fan response made the writers change their minds.  She is pregnant in real life with a baby boy but is unsure if the pregnancy will be written in.  (She's also looking for a name for her baby!)  Everyone received a raffle ticket when we came in.  Each actor pulled a ticket to see who they would be playing "heads up" with.  Teresa and Ryan demonstrated how to play first.  Some of the clues were very difficult, but everyone had a good time.  It was time for Teresa to leave and the actors came table to table to meet the fans.  Elena came to my table first.  Jackie was next.  She and Ryan are having an event in New Jersey in September.  (Sadly the event was canceled about a week before it was supposed to take place.)  It was supposed to be in February but it was postponed till September due to the bad weather.  Jackie said she was already in New Jersey, but Ryan couldn't get there, and she was afraid fans would not be able to either.  I told her I'd see her there next month.  Ryan was the final actor to arrive at my table.  It was getting late so they had us take our picture in the room and go out in the hall for autographs.  The picture of him and me in my Shutterfly book (from last year) looks terrible.  Part of his hair is cut off, and it's all stretched.  We were laughing about it.  I told him we definitely needed a better one.  I told him I'd see him at karaoke.

Haley Pullos' High Tea ~ Friday, August 7, 1 - 4 p.m.   

Jimmy Deshler (ex-Rafe Kovich, Jr.), Nikky, & Haley Pullos (Molly Lansing)

While I was waiting for an actor to come to my table during The Clinic Event, I checked my Twitter.  Debby O'Connor had literally just tweeted that Jimmy Deshler (ex-Rafe) crashed Haley Pullos' (Molly) event.  (Haley's event was from 1 to 4 p.m. while The Clinic Event was from noon to 3 p.m., so I was not able to attend both.)  Since The Clinic Event was being held at the Embassy and Haley's event was at the Hilton, I walked as fast as I could to get to Haley's event.  I ended up getting there a little before 3:30 (the Clinic Event went a little over), and Haley's event had actually ended early.  Much to my luck, Jimmy and Haley were still there.  I asked if I was able to say hi to Jimmy.  He had seen me tweet asking if he was coming to any events and had hoped I'd be at Haley's.  Debby offered me a ‘one on one' with Jimmy and Haley, so I was able to sit and chat with them both for over a half hour.  Probably better than attending the event!  Jimmy asked how long I was staying and told him I was taking the red eye home on Monday night.  They said they hated the red eye.  When Jimmy was still on GH, he and Haley did an event in Orlando.  They took the red eye and had that entire day (that they landed) to themselves.  They were so tired they didn't even remember the day. Jimmy said they went on a roller coaster, but Haley said they didn't.  Haley asked Jimmy if he still wore his earrings, because he didn't have them in and he said yes.  He said he never did find that earring he lost on the set of GH.  He has dimples in his ears so it always looked like his ears are pierced, even before he did.  He said he thought the red light on top of the Hilton was a person standing there until he realized the person never moved.  (I looked and it really does.  I tweeted him as much after the event and he retweeted me).  We talked about Samantha Logan (ex- Taylor) being in the movie "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day."  Jimmy knows Dylan Minnette who played Anthony in the movie.  Jimmy coaches a hockey team in Burbank called The BlackHawks.  He said he had to do that on Sunday.  (They won the championship a few weeks later!!)  He said he wasn't coming to the main cast event.  (He ended up volunteering at the Los Angeles Mission that day.)  I told him I had the issue of ABC Soaps In Depth that he recently had an article in but hadn't read it yet.  He said it will go in his grandma's scrapbook.  I said I have a scrapbook of Port Charles stuff, so it will go in there too.  I told him I had the picture from when Rafe first met Molly, and he was holding Lucy's picture.  He said Erin Hershey Presley (ex-Alison) was so nice.  She showed him around and then told him it was her last day.  And he said "What?"  He also mentioned about her coming back as a ghost and how Molly never visits Rafe's grave.  I told him I tweeted that already!  I told Jimmy I need to stop coming to GHFCW.  Last year I wasn't planning on attending, but I did and GH killed Rafe.  This year I wasn't planning on coming, I did and GH killed off Silas.  I told him I barely watch since Rafe died.  I apologized to Haley and she said that's ok, because she hasn't been on much.  We were talking about how tall Jimmy is and he said he's 5'6".  I said I was 5'5".  Haley had us stand back to back and tells Jimmy he's about an inch taller than me.  Jimmy said it's a good thing that Haley didn't need to be good at math.   I was able to get Jimmy to sign my book from last year and give him the pictures I had for him from last year.  I told Hayley I would mail her the pictures I had for her.  They both looked at my book and Hayley said "Look I'm wearing a jump suit again." I got three pictures with myself, Jimmy, and Haley.  

Jeffrey Vincent Parise Event ~ Friday, August 7, 6 - 9 p.m. 

Nikky, Vinessa Antoine (Jordan Ashford), & Jeffrey Vincent Parise (ex-Carlos Rivera)

I didn't have any plans for Friday night and I knew there was an event for Jeffrey Vincent Parise (ex-Carlos) at the Hilton.  I really wanted to meet Jeffrey and I wasn't sure if he would be at the main cast event so I decided to go to his event.  As soon as I got there we were introduced and he gave me a big hug.  He is multi-talented.  He had some of his art work out for viewing and for sale.  This event was very laid back.   After a quick bit to eat, Jeffery did a little Q&A.  He is actually not Puerto Rican (even though Carlos is)  he went to Puerto Rico to learn what Carlos' life would have been like there.  He also has a book of his paintings he's created.  He or the people he painted wrote about their experience.  He even read one from his father who was there (along with his mother) After a short break, Jeffery played music with a friend of his.  He also had fans join them, and I was one of them!  Vinessa Antoine (Jordan) then crashed his event.  I got a chance to talk to Jeffery's mom while Jeffery and Vinessa were chatting with other fans.  I was able to get my picture with Vinessa along with her autograph.  Jeffery came to chat with me again and I said to him "Two things ‘Veronica Mars' and ‘iZombie.'"  (Two Rob Thomas shows  he's been on that I love)  He gave me a high five.  He said he loves Rob Thomas, he was also on Cupid however I do not remember that show at all.  He gave me another hug.  I got his autograph and some pictures.  I got to chat with both his parents before I left.  I bid on and won a poster of things around Port Charles.

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Page updated 7/22/18

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