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Robin Scorpio by Suzanne

Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough)

Robin is an extremely good and moral person who sometimes lets her emotions run away with her. However, she also has a very analytical mind. Those two sides make her an excellent doctor. Her only real flaw is that she has been such a serious person for so long, that she sometimes forgets to relax or have fun.

Robin did not know her parents when she was a child; she was raised by her Aunt Filomena until she found out that a "family friend" that visited often was really her mother, Anna Devane, a spy and double agent working for the WSB.  She soon found out, also, that her father was Robert Scorpio, another WSB agent.  They raised her for a while in Port Charles, but then they died in an explosion when she was a teen.  She was then raised by her Uncle Mac.  Her mother and father were both police chiefs in the town of Port Charles, and so was her Uncle Mac, which no doubt gave Robin her sense of morality. 

The reason Robin is so serious is that while she was still a teen, she became HIV positive. She fell in love with ex-drug addict Stone, who died of AIDS after unknowingly infecting Robin.  Stone's death and her own HIV status had a profound affect on Robin's life.  It led to her interest in medicine and her serious demeanor.  Robin was also briefly involved with Jason Morgan, a mobster, but they had a serious falling out because she spilled the beans about the truth behind Carly's son Michael's parentage and because Robin had trouble dealing with Jason's violent career.  She went off to Paris to study.

Robin has since discovered that her parents are both alive and well. Robert was working as an assassin for the WSB for the past ten years.  Anna had amnesia for a while and briefly lived in Pine Valley.  Robin is close to both of them, but she has a more rocky relationship with her father.  It took her a long time to forgive him for not telling her that he was alive all that time.

Robin was largely a medical research doctor in Paris.  She returned to Port Charles as a doctor when there was a town health crisis and has stayed, working on being a more hands-on doctor at General Hospital.  She fell in love with handsome doctor Patrick Drake. They had a rocky relationship at first because both were afraid of commitment and because he is a big flirt.  They clashed at the hospital over medical problems.  Robin is also still close to her ex-love Jason and with mobster Sonny.  Robin shared an apartment with female friends and fellow doctors Kelly and Lainey, until she moved in with Patrick.  Robin's parents can both still be seen from time to time.  Robin and Carly are not too fond of each other, but Robin is close to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and Patrick were married and had their daughter, Emma, but their road was always rocky. Robin had post-partum depression and it took Patrick and many other friends and family members to convince her that she had a problem and to get help.

Patrick's ex-girlfriend Lisa came to town, and for a time it seemed like she and Robin were friends. However, Lisa was really after Patrick.  When Robin went to Africa for a humanitarian mission, Lisa worked on Patrick's insecurities, and they had a one-night stand.  That broke up their marriage, but it was only the beginning. Patrick was committed to Robin and wanted their family, not Lisa. Lisa spiraled out of control and went completely nuts in her obsession with Patrick. She kidnapped Robin and her daughter, and she terrorized Robin many times. Lisa was in an out of mental institutions. She seemed to keep getting out and doing more things to Robin. Eventually, Lisa was killed, and we still don't know who did it. Robin and Patrick were both suspects.

In 2012, Robin was seemingly killed in a freak accident in the hospital lab. She had been working tirelessly to find a medicine that would help Jason with his brain problems.  She managed to get the drug and get it to Patrick before the lab blew up.  Only the audience knows that Robin is alive and well, and being held hostage somewhere. We don't know yet by whom or why.

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Page updated 4/25/12

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