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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

Learn about your favorite General Hospital characters!

Patrick Drake
Played by Jason Thompson
Written by Suzanne


Patrick had a troubled childhood because his mother died and his father, Noah, wracked with guilt (he couldn't save her on the operating table), became an alcoholic.  Nevertheless, Patrick set out to prove himself by becoming a brilliant surgeon just like his father.  He was also a shameless flirt, much like his father had been when he was younger.  Perhaps because of his family history, Patrick had trouble committing to romantic relationships. He jumped from one bed to another until he met Robin Scorpio.  Robin and he fell in love. After a long while, Patrick finally admitted his love and is pursuing a steady relationship with Robin. 

Patrick is a very skilled doctor. He gets a high from surgery and saving lives, and he is one of the best in his field.  After many years where he and his father didn't speak, Patrick and his father Noah now have a better relationship.  Noah quit drinking because of having liver problems. Patrick donated part of his liver to safe his life, despite Noah's objections.  Patrick will take any risk to save a patient, which led to his getting a cut while operating on an HIV-infected patient. He had to worry for a long time about whether he would be HIV positive or not (ultimately he wasn't).  This may have made him somewhat less reckless in his surgeries.

Even though Patrick and Robin had a fairly committed relationship, he still flirted.  All of the other women who work at the hospital are charmed by Patrick.  Even head nurse Epiphany finds him charming and admirable, although she mostly gives him a hard time and pretends she doesn't notice how gorgeous he is.  They have earned each other's mutual respect through their work.

Patrick was an amateur race car driver in his youth, which was one more reckless thing he liked to do. Patrick's brother, Matt, came to town in 2008. They did not get along at first because they were too much alike.

Patrick had a hard time at first committing to Robin, but eventually he did, and they were married. They had a lot of rough patches. Robin gave birth to their child, Emma, and they were married at the end of 2008. Robin had postpartum depression after the birth, and it took a long time for Patrick and the rest of her friends and family to get her to admit it.

Robin took a job in Africa in 2009. Patrick was not happy that she left, even though it was for a good cause. It really damaged their marriage. He had a one night stand with his ex-girlfriend, Dr. Lisa Niles. Patrick was lonely, drinking, and feeling sorry for himself, so Lisa took advantage of the situation. This was the beginning of a horrible story where Lisa became more and more deranged and obsessed with Patrick. Patrick told Robin the truth after Lisa started to do crazy things and terrorize them. Robin was crushed, and it took a long time for her to forgive him.  They worked together to get Lisa out of their lives. She was arrested and sent to a mental institution for a while after threatening to kill herself.

She got out, having fooled the doctors that she was cured. Lisa went back to making trouble and threatening Patrick and his family (with the help of Johnny). She was against sent back to the mental hospital. Later, she escaped and held Robin, Maxie, Patrick and others hostage at gun-point at the hospital. She tried to kill Robin and Patrick but ended up sticking herself in the arm with a syringe full of drain cleaner.

Later, Anthony helped her recover and get out to wreak more havoc. She once again tried to kill Robin and Patrick, this time on a boat. After she and Robin ought, Robin fell and was knocked unconscious. Robin awakened to find Lisa gone. Later, Lisa's body washed up on shore, prompting a whodunnit storyline, but the murderer was never found.

In 2012, Robin was thought to have died in an explosion (but she's really being held captive somewhere and no one knows it). Patrick is still grieving the loss.  Maxie, upset by Robin's death, confessed to killing Lisa, but no one really believed she did it. Spinelli and Matt are working to figure out who really killed Lisa.

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Page updated 4/25/12

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