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Maxie Jones (Robyn Richards/Kirsten Storms/Jen Lilley) by Suzanne

When Maxie was a little girl, she got very sick and needed a heart transplant. She got one from her cousin B.J., who was brain dead from a sudden bus accident.  Maxie and sister Georgie were raised by stepdad Mac.  Her father, Frisco, left his family to become a secret agent far away and never came back.  Her mother, Felicia, often ran off for adventure or to take care of her ailing great-grandmother.  Because of these events, and perhaps because her sister was a straight-A student who got much praise from their parents, Maxie started getting into trouble as a teen.

A video of Maxie having sex went on an Internet site without her knowledge or approval, and she was stalked by Diego.  She later became involved with young cop Jesse, against her father's wishes.  Jesse died, which also deeply affected Maxie.  Maxie seems to thrive on trouble and danger, much like her parents, but she is also quite a schemer.  She wanted Lucky to love her, so she gave him drugs when he was fighting an addiction and lured him to bed.  She further manipulated Lucky by pretending to be pregnant with his child.  She doesn't seem to learn any lessons from these schemes.  She plotted with Logan while bedding Cooper. She ended up falling for Coop, and Logan attacked her (luckily Lulu stabbed him).

Maxie went to work while doing volunteer work at the hospital and waitressing at Kelly's.  Later, she got a job at Crimson Magazine with Kate Howard. She is very much into fashion, so this was her dream job. She became good friends with Lulu at the same time. Lulu and Maxie were often at odds, even though they have much in common (childhood illness and disappearing mothers).  The difference is that Lulu learned from her scheming to grow up and be a better person, but Maxie didn't for a long time.

Maxie's dad, Mac, was constantly disappointed in her actions as a schemer, but now he is proud of her.  Her mom, Felicia, is almost never seen on the show in the past decade.

Georgie tried to help her sister out with advice, but Maxie usually ignored it.  Maxie was hurt even more when Georgie was murdered.

Maxie became romantically involved with Spinelli, who loved her back. However, since he is not her idea of a romantic male, she kept fighting against the idea. They had a non-wedding, an unconventional ceremony where they could tell the world how they felt without actually committing to each other. Eventually, she and Spinelli split up. She was involved with Doctor Matt Hunter. At first she didn't like him, but then she changed her mind after a while. Then she became very jealous when Matt tired of her schemes and became interested in Elizabeth.

In 2012, her cousin Robin died, so Maxie blamed herself. No one would listen to her, since it was an accident. In her grief and guilt, she confessed to the murder of Dr. Niles, so they put her in jail.  Matt and Spinelli worked together to prove that Maxie did not do it.  Maxie then told Spinelli that she knows Matt committed the murder but doesn't remember it.  Despite his best judgment, Spinelli let her plead guilty to the murder without telling what she confided to him.

Her mother, Felicia, showed back up in town right before her sentencing to support her daughter.  Maxie gave her an earful for not being around before, but Felicia stood by her anyway and also offered the judge a heartfelt plea.

Proofread by Laura 1/5/11

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Page updated 5/11/12

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