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Malcolm 'Mac' Scorpio
Played by John J. York

Mac is a good man who has integrity and continues to focus on his family and police work.

Mac first came to Port Charles on Valentine's Day in 1991, on a ship owned by the Quartermaines called the S.S. Tracy. When the ship caught fire after an explosion, Mac jumped overboard. He was dragged out of the water by Police Commissioner Robert Scorpio, Mac's older brother. The pair now came face to face after many years of not seeing one another.  Mac had become a mercenary; Robert was upset with Mac, called him a killer and accused him of causing the ship to explode.

Mac continued to have problems with Robert and many attempts were made on Robertís life. Robert blamed these attacks on Mac. When Robert was wounded after someone threw a plastic explosive into his office, Mac became the prime suspect. Mac was arrested and charged with attempted murder. He hired Scott Baldwin to represent him. It was later learned that the brothers' estrangement was due to the fact that Mac and Robert's parents, and Robert's fiancee Lily, were killed in a plane crash. Mac was being careless and showing off to impress their father with his piloting skills when their plane crashed. Mac went to get help for a seriously injured Robert, but Robert assumed Mac had left to save himself. Robert was rescued by someone else and Mac returned to find no trace of Robert.

Mac escaped from jail when an earthquake hit Port Charles. Robert found Mac trying to leave town on the next ship heading out of Port Charles. They had a fight which led to Robert knocking Mac overboard. When there was no sign of Mac in the water, and no body was found, he was presumed dead. Robert was filled with guilt at he thought that he had killed his brother.

However, they met again at Finger Lakes where they were led into a trap. Robert was shot and Mac helped him get to a community clinic for medical attention. Here Mac donated blood so Robert could have an emergency transfusion after losing a lot of blood. They had come to the conclusion that they were set-up by someone who had hired Mac to come to town and Mac and Robert eventually worked out their differences.

Robert persuaded Mac to head back to Port Charles and clear his name. Mac confessed his crimes to Robert and revealed the name of the person who had hired him. Anna Devane managed to find the brothers after they had escaped from the county jail. The trio hid out in a mansion in Finger Lakes from the local sheriff, who didn't believe Robert and Mac's story regarding the death of Rory. The woman who lived there, Dominique Taub, invited them to stay and was immediately attracted to Mac. Dominique, who was deaf, turned out to be married. Even though she was married, Mac was still attracted to her and eventually hid her in Port Charles from her abusive husband.

Mac opened a new club called The Outback, but on opening night Dominique's childhood nanny was killed. Dominique was charged with the murder of her nanny, and Mac vowed to help her out of her situation. The two managed to escape danger and her abusive husband. While in hiding, Dominique refused to make love with Mac because of her flashbacks of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband. She was eventually sent to a sanitarium so that she could get better.

While she was in the hospital, Mac helped Robert and Anna in their fight against the Cartel. Mac, Robert, Anna, and Bill finally defeated the Cartel and the members were sent to prison. Dominique was finally free to be with Mac after her husband, a member of the Cartel, was killed while escaping from prison. Mac taught her that a man can be gentle and kind, and they fell in love. 

Mac's relationship with Dominique did not last after Mac found out that his brother Robert was killed in a boat explosion after trying to save his wife Anna. Mac had agreed to take care of his niece, Robin, when Robert had left to find Anna. Now that Mac was Robin's guardian, he spent most of his time with Robin and left little time to be with Dominique. Mac broke up with Dominique when he realized he couldn't love her the way she wanted him to.

Mac eventually met Felicia Jones who returned to town under mysterious circumstances and suffering from amnesia. He hired her as a bartender at The Outback and helped her unravel the mystery behind her nightmares about witnessing a murder. Mac admitted to having feelings for Felicia and they started dating. The two went through many hardships but overcame them.

Mac fell in love with her and asked her to marry him, in the middle of trying to catch an escaped Ryan. Felicia realized she loved Mac and proposed to him. He said yes and they celebrated by making love for the first time.

While they planned their wedding they became partners in a private investigation business. Their wedding was ruined when Ryan escaped from the mental hospital and assumed his twin brother Kevin's identity. He went to the church with a bomb and Mac struggled with him to get it away from him. Mac was injured and they had to postpone the wedding. However, their wedding never happened. Felicia's young daughter Maxie was very sick and needed a heart transplant. Mac found Maxie's father Frisco in Africa and persuaded him to return to Port Charles because his daughter might be dying. Mac saw that Felicia still had unresolved feelings for Frisco. Mac broke up with her, but the two remained the best of friends. Mac was upset when Felicia informed him she was pregnant with Frisco's baby, not his. However, Mac accepted Georgie and loved both of Feliciaís daughters like a father.

Mac became romantically involved with Katherine Bell, but that relationship also failed.

Eventually, Mac and Felicia got back together and finally got married, but their happiness would be short-lived. Felicia had begun writing Lila Quartermaine's memoirs and enlisted Luke Spencer, who was grieving over his son's death, to help her. Mac trusted Felicia when she was working with Luke on her book, but after he rescued them from being locked together in a crypt, he warned Luke to stay away from his wife. However, Felicia continued to work with Luke and lied to Mac about it. Luke and Felicia had started developing feelings for one another.

Mac filed for divorce and for custody of Maxie and Georgie. He later dropped the custody battle but proceeded with divorce. The two divorced and Mac resigned as police commissioner and went back to private investigating.

After realizing that he still loved Felicia, he vowed to her that he would win her back from Luke, but he realized that she was in love with Luke by then. Mac found himself returning to his police commissioner job again during the Sorel murder investigation.

When Felicia went to Texas to take care of her ailing grandmother Mariah, Mac became the primary parent in Maxie and Georgie's lives.

While dealing with his kids, Mac silently kept the criminal element in line in Port Charles. Mac was caught in the fire that started at the Port Charles Hotel; he was unaware that a fire had broken out in the electrical room where Zander was hiding. Mac opened the door. He was caught in a backdraft and suffered severe burns. When Maxie found out what had happened to Mac, she went to his side to be with him and confessed that she had been hiding Zander. When Georgie was finally rescued from the fire and arrived at the hospital, Maxie informed her of Mac's condition. The sisters continued to worry as Mac's condition seemed to worsen. Tracy Quartermaine kept lurking around, spouting false sympathies in the hopes that the girls wouldn't hold the Quartermaines, who owned the hotel, responsible for Mac's condition.

Felicia returned while Mac was hospitalized to resume her role of mother. She supported her daughters in their grief over Mac and sat by Mac's bedside. She urged him to get better. When Mac awoke, all he wanted to do was focus on his family. Mac has been in danger or injured many times but always pulls through.

Through it all, Mac has survived many circumstances and has triumphed in the end. He has a family that cares deeply about him and will continue to be a great provider and protector. 

He long ago left his mercenary life behind and has become the show's resident good guy.  He may be one of the few people on the show who has never killed anyone and the only cop who is not incompetent or on one of the criminals' payroll.  Felicia and Mac dated again for a while, but she ended up leaving town again.

Mac dated Alexis briefly, and now he is dating Diane. He recently lost his beloved niece, Robin, in an explosion (she's not really dead, but no one knows that yet).

Proofread by Laura on 11/23/10

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