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Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer by Suzanne


Lulu (AKA Lesley Lu) had a very troubled childhood.  Her parents were together when she was very young, but they split up not much later.  Lulu had a deadly bone marrow disease when she was a baby, so her brother Nikolas had to come to Port Charles for the first time, in order to donate bone marrow and save her life. This gave them a great bond to start with, and they have had a great relationship ever since.  Lulu's mother, Laura, had mental illness and went into a catatonic state when Lulu was still very young, so she grew up without her mother.  Luke, her father, was not very good at parenting and had a very difficult time with Laura's death, so he did not really raise Lulu but left her with Laura's mother, Lesley (her namesake).  Lulu's brother Lucky was the only constant in her life besides her grandmother. Later, Lulu found out that she had another brother, Ethan.

As a teenager, Lulu became hard for Lesley to handle, so she dumped Lulu with Luke, who was living at the Quartermaine mansion.  Luke still did not want to be a father, but he was forced into being one more than before.  His wife Tracy has helped him as much as possible for her (she's not a very good mother figure, either, but she and Lulu came to an understanding eventually).  Lulu was a bit of a trouble maker at first because she fell hard for Tracy's son Dillon, even though Dillon was already in love with Georgie.  She manipulated the situation so that Georgie would catch her and Dillon having sex and break up with him.  However, Dillon loved Georgie and not Lulu.  Lulu found herself pregnant. Knowing she was not ready to be a mother, she had an abortion. This was after talking with everyone and thinking about it a lot on her own. She was sad about it for a while, even though she knew it was the right thing to do, but eventually she moved on.  She has had quite a few young guys chasing after her, so she is more confident.

Laura woke up in November of 2006 for a brief period, so Lulu did get to speak with her mother and get to know her a little bit before she went back to being catatonic, so this also helped her grow up. Later on, Laura did wake up for real, so Lulu got to spend some time with her before she left town to continue her medical treatments. Lulu and her brothers keep in touch with her. All of Lulu's brothers have left town now. She thinks right now that Ethan is not really her brother because Luke lied that Robert is really his father.

Lulu has had many friends, including Maxie, Georgie, Dillon, Jason, and Spinelli.  She also is close to Elizabeth, her ex-sister-in-law.  Her aunt Carly is her confidante and has given her advice.  Her father and "step-monster" Tracy have also helped her with advice.  Lulu attended college and matured, but she still sometimes headstrong and acts without thinking.  Lulu has sometimes gotten involved in other people's adventures or messes, especially Luke and Maxie.

Lulu killed Logan Hayes by accident one night when he was attacking Maxie and she went to help her. She briefly had a drinking problem in 2011.

Lulu took up with mobster's son Johnny for a while, but he broke it off when he felt that he was putting her in danger. They even went on the run for  awhile, like her parents Luke and Laura did.  She finally met the love of her life, cop Dante. They were married in 2011 and have mostly been very happy.  She is working at the PCPD with him. Lulu worked with Maxie for a while at Crimson, but it was not her dream job.  She seems to enjoy helping Dante solve crimes.

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Page updated 4/28/12

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