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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Luke Spencer
Played by Tony Geary
Terry C.

Eccentric, quirky, unconventional, adventurous Lucas Lorenzo Spencer came to Port Charles at the request of his scheming sister Bobbie. He was supposed to help her split up Scotty Baldwin and Laura Webber. The plan failed at first, but eventually Luke and Laura fell in love and were married.

At times, Luke has been a villain, and at others he’s been a hero. He raped Laura at the Campus Disco, and he killed Mikkos Cassadine while saving the world from his climate machine. He killed David Grey, Stavros Cassadine, mob boss Frank Smith, and Stefan Cassadine. More than once, he tried to kill his arch enemy Helena Cassadine.

Luke and his sister grew up in brothels run by their Aunt Ruby, so they had a pretty horrible childhood. This is why he later was involved with the mob, why he distrusts the police, and why he flouts all authority. Always a rebel, Luke doesn’t really have any respect for rules or laws, but he doesn’t try to hurt people, either. He has a lot of charm that makes people love him, despite his actions. Though he has family and business in Port Charles, it is hard for Luke to stay in one place very long, and he leaves town suddenly at least twice per year.

He’s held several positions since moving to Port Charles. Currently he is the owner of the floating casino, The Haunted Star, and he is co-owner of Kelly's Diner with Bobbie. He was a mobster; he co-owned Luke's Night Club, and he owned the Campus Disco. He even tried his hand at politics when he was elected Mayor of Port Charles.

Luke was recently married to Tracy Quartermaine, of whom he’s fond. He has been involved with many women over the years, including Jennifer Smith, Holly Sutton, Constance Townley, Tammy Hansen, Felicia Jones, and Skye Chandler Quartermaine. However, the love of his life is Laura Webber.

Luke has a taste for fine brandy and cigars, among other things, so he is often trying to get more money to support these habits. He married Tracy in part so that he could spend her money.

Luke and Laura have two children, Lucky and Lulu Spencer. Never much of a family man, Luke had been forced into a parenting role after Lesley could no longer control a teenaged Lulu.

Luke continued to visit Laura after she had a nervous breakdown and became catatonic. He hoped she would recover when Robin Scorpio told him of an experimental drug for people in her condition. Luke gave his permission to administer the drug, and Laura returned to himm but only for a short time. He gave her the gift of seeing her grown children and first grand-child. They celebrated a last Christmas, and he gave her a last wish: he married her before she slipped back into her catatonic state. They had kissed one last time, with Luke saying, “Goodbye, my angel.”  Later, Laura did come out of her coma for real, but she left town after figuring out that Luke was in love with Tracy. She went to France to continue the experimental medical treatments that had revived her.

Luke had heart problems and had to get surgery for them. He wouldn't change his lifestyle in order to keep his health good. He's the type of person who would rather die with a cigar in his mouth than have to change.  No matter how his family begs and pleads for him to change, he refuses.  He accidentally ran down his grandson Jake with his car after having a few drinks. Even though he insists that drinking had nothing to do with it, he did cut back on the drinking for a bit. This was only after a long fight with Lucky and almost committing suicide over his grief.

Luke and Tracy were married a few times. The last time, they broke up because of his hitting Jake and refusing to get help for alcoholism. For no apparent reason, he did not help her keep Anthony from blackmailing her into marriage, even though it's clear that he still loves her.

Luke has many good friends, including Alice, Sonny, Robert, and Anna.  He tried hard to hate Nikolas, the son that Laura had with Stefan when she was kidnapped for years, but he ultimately came to love Nikolas almost as much as his own children (although he wouldn't admit it).  He was happy to learn that Ethan was his long-lost son by Holly.

Luke has many nicknames for people. He calls Tracy "Spanky" or "Spanky Buns", Ethan "Dodge", Lulu "Cupcake" or "Princess", Anna "Slim", Lucky "Cowboy", Stefan "Vlad" or other vampire names, Skye "Red" and Holly "English".

At the current time, Luke is sharing a suite with Anna at the Port Charles Hotel, which is run by Carly, his niece. He is helping Anna, who is grieving for her daughter, Robin, so we are not sure that they are sleeping together. However, Tracy is very jealous seeing them together (and always has been, whenever Anna or Holly are around). He told Robert, who was considering suicide, that Ethan is really his son. He had Ethan go on the run to make it look like Helena was after him, to give Robert a reason to stop thinking about suicide and rescue someone. He lied to his other kids about it, as well as Anna, to make sure Robert didn't find out.

Proofread by Laura on 11/23/10

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