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Lorenzo Alcazar
Played by Ted King
Written by Jenn R.

Lorenzo Alcazar first appeared in Port Charles in June 2003. At first, Lorenzo seemed to be just like his brother Luis (who was killed by Alexis). Coming to Port Charles not only to revenge his brother’s death, Lorenzo came with a plan to move drugs through the city. A violent, aggressive, persistent man, Lorenzo soon became involved in Carly Corinthos’ kidnapping.

Showing no remorse, Lorenzo had no problem helping Ric Lansing keep a pregnant woman locked up. Never liking it when things don’t go his way, Lorenzo kidnapped Carly himself after Ric let her go. It was revealed that Lorenzo was a man who could hold a grudge. All of his actions were tied to his theory that Sonny Corinthos was the reason his brother was dead. While sailing on his yacht with Carly, viewers saw a lighter, more revealing side of Lorenzo Alcazar. The human side of Alcazar was exposed when he shared stories of his past loves with Carly. Over a short amount of time, Alcazar had developed strong feelings for Carly.

Determined, Lorenzo tried everything he could to get Carly to see him in a different light – to get her to realize that deep down he was a good man. After many sneaky plots and plans, Carly was able to see the good side of Lorenzo and realized her true feelings for him. While this was all occurring, Lorenzo dealt with a big change in his life – the arrival of his niece, Sage. Putting to rest everyone’s past ideas of him, Lorenzo showed that he could in fact care for a teenager and be a wonderful father figure to Sage.

Lorenzo has also shown his loyalty in the way he stood up for Carly and helped her fight for her children when Sonny sued for custody. Carly has also tested his patience, but even when Lorenzo’s temper got out of hand, he usually went back to the kinder man that viewers had gotten to know.

Lorenzo also kidnapped Courtney at one point, but later, when Sonny and Carly reunited, he helped Courtney cover up her hit-and-run of Elizabeth. Stefan tried to strangle Alcazar, but Carly saved his life. He hired a woman to get surgery so that she would look exactly like Lily, Sonny's dead wife. He had her try to "haunt" Sonny to drive him crazy. He almost succeeded. Sonny got Carly to move into her dream house, and he had tried to push her away. Carly fell down the stairs one night and went into labor. Lorenzo helped her deliver her baby. Sonny heard her screaming and though tthat Lorenzo was hurting her. He burst in the door and shot at Lorenzo, but he bullet went through him and hit Carly in the head. Lorenzo and Carly ended up in the hospital at the same time, but she was in a coma for a while.  Carly was very grateful to Lorenzo when she awakened. She rejected him when she found out that he had been the one behind the lookalike.

Sonny tried to kill Lorenzo for what he did, but Lorenzo tried to get the cops to find Sonny doing it so he would get put in jail. Sonny went on trial but was found not guilty. He also tried to have Sonny shot, but Jason stopped him.  Carly chose Sonny once again over him.

Carly kept having mixed feelings for Lorenzo, and for a while she was mentally unstable, so she checked herself into a mental institute. Jason also kidnapped Lorenzo for a while. Sonny and Lorenzo had to work together during the Port Charles Hotel fire. Lorenzo pretended to give up mob activity while he helped Carly fight for custody of Morgan against Sonny, but he secretly kept plotting against him. Lorenzo was blinded by an explosion in the courthouse, so Carly stuck by him during his recovery. Later, she found out that he had hired someone to set the blast.

Lorenzo was once again rejected by Carly, even after he helped save Michael's life. He found out that Nikolas had amnesia and was calling himself "Connor". He conspired with his wife, Mary, to keep his real identity secret, and he gave him a job. He also paid for Sage to be signed as a singer in L&B records and conspired with Ned against Tracy. Sage was injured in a prank set by Georgie and lost her singing voice, but she eventually recovered. Ned's ex-wife Lois was charmed by Lorenzo but resisted him for a long time. Sage was murdered by crazy Mary, who was trying to kill Emily. Lois made him see that revenge would be pointless.

Lorenzo conspired with Carly's father, John, against Sonny, but their plans failed.  When Sonny and Carly split up again, Lorenzo comforted her. He stood by her side during a murder trial, too. Eventually, Carly asked him to marry her, so he did.  Unfortunately, Carly suffered another mental breakdown and was put into a mental institution again. She broke up with him after she got out.

Lorenzo learned that foster child Diego was his son. Lorenzo tried to keep him out of his mob world. Diego went crazy after learning how Sage was treated before she died. He drugged girls and took naked photos of them. He went to prison for that. Lorenzo then fell for Skye Quartermaine, and she got pregnant, which was a big surprise since she thought she couldn't get pregnant.

Diego still wanted to be in the mob business after he got out of prison. He was shot and presumed dead by Sam in a shootout. At first, Skye tried to keep Lorenzo from his daughter, Lila Rae. Even after she changed her mind, things were rocky for them.

Lorenzo tried to kill Sonny, but Sonny shot him in the head. He recovered but had amnesia. Then he went into a coma. He eventually came out of it but faked persistent amnesia for awhile. Skye was upset to learn about his lying, and even more so when he kept her from Lila Rae and showed her his violent side. She plotted with Jason and Sonny to kill Lorenzo after she got her daughter back. She tricked Lorenzo into thinking that they were back together, so he would bring Lila Rae back home. Jason killed Lorenzo off-screen while Skye rocked her baby in the next room.

Later, there were hints that Alcazar might still be alive, but nothing really came of them. Diego returned alive in 2008 and became the Text Message Killer. After killing and terrorizing many women, he accidentally hanged himself after a fight with Nikolas.

Proofread by Laura on 1/3/11

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