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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Laura Spencer
Played by Genie Francis
Written by
Terry C.

Beautiful and tragic Laura Spencer began her life as the adopted child of Jason and Barbara Vining. As the biological daughter of Dr. Lesley Williams and Professor Gordon, she was thought to have died at birth; it was not until Laura was twelve that her mother found out she was still alive. Laura was very close to her adoptive family, especially her sister Amy.

Laura’s first husband was law student Scott Baldwin. She went to work at the Campus Disco, working for Luke Spencer to help with expenses. Luke fell in love with Laura but knew that he was bad for her and too old.  While she was dancing alone with him one night in the disco, Luke, who was drinking and upset, raped her. Eventually, Laura began to trust Luke again. While running from mobster Frank Smith, they hid in Wyndam’s department store and waltzed the night away. After admitting they were in love while in Beecher’s Corner, they returned to Port Charles. Laura divorced her husband Scott and married Luke in a lavish ceremony. Later, Laura and Scott became close friends, but he always carried a torch for her.

Laura was a very naïve and sweet young girl, but she had a taste for danger and adventure. Later, she tired of nomadic life and wanted to have a normal home with her family. This caused some conflict with Luke who disdains most things that are normal or conventional. They divorced because of this and other conflicts. They always loved each other, despite the conflicts. Laura has always been a strong, loving woman throughout her tumultuous life.

The Spencers left Port Charles in the 80's and returned in 1993 with Lucky. Laura has three children. The oldest, Prince Nikolas Cassadine, was born on the Cassadine’s island after Laura was kidnapped and forced to marry Stavros. Luke and Laura’s first child, Lucas Lorenzo (Lucky), was born at friend Felicia's grandmother's ranch in Texas. They also have a daughter, Leslie Lu (Lulu).

When Lulu was diagnosed with a bone marrow disease, Laura was forced to bring Nikolas back into her life. After a tumultuous beginning, the family built a strong relationship. Later, after Luke and Laura broke up, Laura took up with Stefan Cassadine; it was revealed that they had been very close while she was held captive by his brother Stavros. It was also revealed that Stefan was Nikolas’s real father, not Stavros.

Laura held several jobs over the years. She worked for ELQ, and she worked in an outreach program for General Hospital. As model in New York, she was “Ms. Star Eyes” and later owned Deception Cosmetics.

She’s had more than her share of tragedy; she accidentally killed David Hamilton, who was in love with her mother, and she accidentally killed Rick's mistress when she caught them together in the garage attic. She was arrested for murdering Damian Smith, but the charges were dropped (it was really Justus who killed him). She suffered a nervous breakdown when she thought Lucky was killed in a fire.

When Laura began planning her remarriage to Luke, she started to have memories of her past that she had repressed. On the eve of her wedding, she remembered seeing her stepfather Rick kill his lover and became frantic. When he tried to give her an injection, Laura grabbed a heavy candlestick and hit him on the head, killing him. She suffered a psychotic breakdown and became catatonic until Robin Scorpio treated her with an experimental drug, LS49 in 2006. Laura awoke and was able to spend time with her children and remarry her soul mate Luke. The drug worked for only a short time; though. After the wedding, she returned to Shady Brook and fell back into the catatonic state. 

In 2008, Laura woke up for good. She found out that she and Luke were not really married because he had married Tracy.  She went to Paris to continue her medical treatments. Scott went with her (probably just as her friend). She keeps in touch constantly with her family. She did not kill Rick; Scott did (but she probably doesn't know that).

Proofread by Laura on 12/28/10

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