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Jasper "Jax" Jacks
Played by Ingo Rademacher
Written by Taryn

Jax is a smooth businessman who has no problem with the ladies, but he often gets his heart broken anyway. He knows exactly how to please his woman, like Brenda, Chloe, Tracy, Skye, Emily, Carly, and Sam. His problem is that he cannot really hold on to them. Every woman he is involved with has to meet high standards. He tends to want to rescue women, but then after they are rescued, they don't always work out well after that. Brenda was the love of his life, but even she let him down.

Jax is originally from Australia, but his family moved to Alaska. When Lois Ashton needed a corporate raider to get her company back from Edward Quartermaine, she went to Jax. Jax immediately became interested in Lois, but she was married to Ned. Lois introduced to him to Brenda Barrett. He then became a part of Brenda's plan to make Sonny jealous. He began to spend more and more time with Brenda and started to develop real feelings for her. Eventually the two became attracted to each other, but the problem was that she still had feelings for Sonny.

Jax proposed to Brenda and she accepted; she finally realized there was no way that she and Sonny would ever get back together because he was married to Lily, who was pregnant with his baby. Jax and Brenda were married on his private yacht and returned to Port Charles hoping to renew their vows. Unbeknownst to them, Lily was killed in a car bomb at the very moment they took their vows.

On the day that Jax and Brenda were to renew their vows, Brenda realized that she truly loved Jax. Unfortunately, Sonny showed up at the wedding with Jax's presumed-dead wife, Miranda, to confront Jax. Jax was torn between Miranda and Brenda but realized he was in love with Brenda. However, it was too late because Brenda had decided to reunite with Sonny.

Later, when Sonny left Brenda at the altar, Jax stood by Brenda's side and tried to get her to love him again. Eventually he and Brenda became engaged. Everything seemed to be going right until Brenda's mother, who was mentally ill, drove both Brenda and herself over a cliff, where they were presumed dead. Jax was lost without her and had to find a way to live again.

Jax met Chloe Morgan and the two immediately hit it off. After months of dating, they eventually told each other that they were in love. Chloe was then struck by a vehicle in a hit-and-run meant for Alexis (evil Helena was the culprit). Chloe was blinded from her injuries, but surgery restored her sight. They learned that she had a rapidly-growing tumor near her optic nerve. Jax took care of Chloe through her illness and intended to marry her. Their happiness would be short-lived. One day, Jax found a picture in a magazine of someone who looked like Brenda. So he left Chloe, breaking her heart. He went off in search for Brenda because he knew he couldn't stay with Chloe if Brenda were still alive somewhere.

Jax returned to Port Charles, not having found Brenda, and discovered that Chloe was in a relationship with Stefan Cassadine. Stefan had sent him on a wild goose chase so he could go after Chloe. Soon Chloe died at the hands of his brother, the evil Stavros Cassadine.

Jax then turned his attention to ELQ, with the assistance of Skye and AJ Quartermaine; Jax obtained controlling interest in the company. Finally, Jax had to deal with his longtime nemesis, Sonny Corinthos. Jax decided to fund Carly's new club. He also was trying to get leases on Sonny's properties. Around this time Jax was also falling for Skye Chandler-Quartermaine. Sexual tension developed between them despite repeated arguments. Eventually the two fell in love and made plans to marry.

On Jax and Skye's wedding night, a ghost from Jax's past revealed herself: a very much alive Brenda. She had survived the car crash and had been rescued by a passing ship. Drug dealer Luis Alcazar was her protector and also her captor.

Jax postponed his honeymoon with Skye to help protect Brenda from Luis. While doing so, Jax was shot by Luis and left paralyzed. Feeling sorry for himself, he pushed Skye away. When she refused to leave him, Jax got Brenda to help him by pretending to be in love with him still. She also seemed to help him in his recovery. Skye was suspicious of Brenda and did some digging. She found out that Brenda wasn't actually dying of a mental illness, but she kept that fact to herself. When Jax found out on his own that Brenda wasn't dying, he confronted Skye and she admitted knowing the truth already. Jax dumped Skye for her games and her lies. Jax told Brenda that she wasn't dying and they reunited.

Jason and Brenda, who'd married quickly in order to keep Sonny away from Brenda, got an annulment, and Jax went ahead with his plan to marry Brenda. When it came time for Jax to say "I do," he said "I don't" because he knew that Brenda had kissed Sonny the night before, and he couldn't marry someone that he couldn't trust; he accused her of still being in love with Sonny. Jax was still smarting over being betrayed by Skye and probably hadn't forgiven Brenda for being "dead" all those years. Embarrassed, Brenda told him she didn't want to marry him either because he had hurt her so publicly. Jax left soon after.

Jax found out his father was dying because he had lost his lucky cards, the Dead Man's Hand. His search for the cards introduced him to Sam McCall, who was also after the cards. The two instantly were attracted to each other. But eventually she, too, lied, leading to the death of her father. The night of the fire in Port Charles Fire they found themselves in each others arms, but the passion did not last, because Sam had moved on with another, his rival Sonny Corinthos.

Jax always plays the white knight, the great hero, especially when it comes to women. However, he can be ruthless, especially in business. He is a bit unforgiving when it comes to women lying to him. When he is romancing a woman, his sense of adventure takes over and he woos her with great passion and all of his wealth and imagination.

Jax was married to Carly for a long while, but their relationship was rocky because of her ties to Jason and Sonny.  He loved being a dad to her kids, and he even adopted Morgan.  Jax was presumed dead when his plane blew up, but he was later discovered to be alive. Sonny had tried to kill him but failed.

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Page updated 5/1/12

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