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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Faith Rosco
Played by Cynthia Preston
Written by Taryn

Faith Rosco was a mobster with attitude; she constantly tried to eliminate her enemies, all the while playing it cool. She used sex as a weapon and rarely showed her vulnerable side.

Faith first came to Port Charles in December 2003 as the widow of a mobster. She was trouble and was not afraid to let people know it. Most of her time was spent trying to take out Sonny Corinthos for killing her husband. The only problem was that Faith did not have enough money or power, so most of her plans almost always required a partner.

Her first partner was Ned Ashton. Ned wanted revenge on Sonny because he blamed him for the death of his girlfriend Kristina Cassadine, and he was angry that Sonny used Alexis Cassadine and threw her away. Most of Faith and Ned's partnership was spent in bed; the two had sex constantly and did not put much focus on taking Sonny down. Eventually the two decided to use Carly's new club for their plans. The club once belonged to Faith's grandmother (whom Faith killed).

Ned wanted to move slowly so that they wouldn't attract Sonny's attention, but Faith wanted to move immediately. She made several moves against Sonny through the people he loves, including his wife and sister, but all these attempts were unsuccessful. Faith poisoned her grandmother in order to keep a promise she'd made to not go after Sonny while her grandmother was still alive. She then hired a hit woman to kill Sonny at her grandmother's memorial service. However, the hit woman did not kill Sonny, so Faith poisoned her to cover her tracks. Sonny suspected Faith as being behind the hit and promised that one day she would get hers. At the same time, Ned decided that he was not ready for a partnership with Faith and called it quits. Faith also had a secret partner, Edward Quartermaine, but he stopped being her partner when he realized he could not get to Ned.

Faith's next partner was Ric Lansing. Faith, at the time, did not know why Ric wanted to destroy Sonny,  but she did not care, just as long as Sonny died. Ric and Faith planned a staged argument in front of the five families over Sonny's territory, but the plan backfired when Sonny showed up at the meeting. At the same time, Jason Morgan, Sonny's hit man and friend, formed a fake partnership with Faith to find out who her real partner was, but before she could tell him, Ric shot her. Scared that Ric would kill her, Faith told Jason that she didn't have a partner. Ric then attempted to throw Sonny off his trail by framing Jax as Faith's partner. Jason kidnapped Faith to get her to tell who her real partner was.

When Faith wasn't trying to kill or ruin Sonny, she was trying to come on to him. When they had to work together for the Feds and make it look like she and he were having an affair, she tried everything she could to get him to make it for real, including putting on his wife's dresses. He was just not interested because he loved his wife, and Faith was not the type to be trusted. But there was always a sexual connection between them.

Since then, Faith's track record included: being obsessed with Ric; helping to brainwash Carly into loving Lorenzo; being temporarily committed to an institution; pushing Elizabeth down some stairs, causing her to lose her baby; sleeping with Lorenzo; taking over Lorenzo's territory; and framing Zander for shooting police officer, Brian. It was also revealed that Faith had a past with lawyer Justus Ward.

Faith did not like or trust anyone else in town; she just used them whenever she could, to get to Sonny or to get money and power. She got Luke and Skye to let her be a business partner on their boat and then used them to launder mob money. Faith was always trying to get out of some jam. She seemed to always escape both being murdered by Sonny and Jason, and going to jail. She was probably one of the most villainous characters ever on daytime. She was written as being kind of crazy and immoral.  She came very close to being murdered by many people.

Probably the worst thing she did was conspire with AJ to kidnap Michael, and Sonny's other kids. They made it look like Michael had died.  Eventually, Faith did get into a relationship with Justus and they fled town together. However, when she returned, she was murdered by a hit man, hired by John Durant.

Proofread by Laura on 12/20/10

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