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Courtney Matthews
Played by Alicia Leigh Willis

Courtney Matthews, played by the talented Alicia Leigh Willis, arrived in Port Charles in 2001 and became half of a popular GH couple, Jason and Courtney, who were affectionately called "Journey". 

She started out in a car accident and was soon discovered to be the daughter of Mike and his unreliable ex, Janine. Since Sonny found out that he had a "baby" sister, he did everything in his power to shield her from his dangerous life. Sonny's controlling but caring attitude towards Courtney did not gotten her brother on her good side, but the two generally got along. 

Courtney was once married to sneaky AJ Quartermaine, something that Sonny greatly disapproved of. The two flew off together and Sonny tried to stop the wedding, but Courtney swore that AJ loved her. The two were happily married for a while, until a jealous and drunken AJ drove their car into a strip club/bar. Courtney made a deal with the owner, Coleman, to keep AJ out of jail. Courtney agreed to strip for Coleman's club until AJ's debt was paid for.  Sonny found out what his sister was doing to help AJ and ordered Jason to protect her while she was at the club.  AJ eventually discovered that Courtney was torturing herself by stripping to cover up his debts and tried to get her to stop.  Eventually, Jason came to her rescue at the club. 

After her role as stripper "Daisy", Courtney was stalked. Jason again protected her from her stalker who turned out to be her own husband, AJ.  AJ and Coleman had teemed up to stalk Courtney in the hope of her clinging to AJ.  In the end, AJ ruined his marriage, and Courtney ended up in his brother Jason's arms. 

Courtney worked as a waitress for a while at Kelly's restaurant, where she frequently fought with Elizabeth about Jason. Courtney and her sister-in-law Carly became good friends.

Jason and Courtney's friendship turned into a romance, which Sonny also tried to put a stop to.  After a brief separation, Jason and Courtney reunited, and the two were happily living together in their loft. Jason proposed and she agreed. She was pregnant with Jason's son, but she miscarried it when escaping from Alcazar, who had kidnapped her. Courtney was then hooked on pain pills. Later, she and Jason did marry in France. When they returned home, Courtney was in a car accident but recovered. She cared for Carly's children while Carly was in a coma and even left town with them for a while to keep them away from mob violence. Courtney figured out after a while that she couldn't stand to live in Jason's mobster world, but it took longer to completely break up her and Jason.

Next, Courtney took up with Jax, who wooed her romantically. Courtney briefly took in troubled foster kid Diego.  After she and Jax wed, they tried to have a child, but Courtney learned that she was not able to carry a child to term. They paid Elizabeth to be their surrogate, but Courtney felt left out of the process. She grew close to Nikolas, who was having his own problems. She and Jax divorced, and Elizabeth lost the baby.

Courtney and Nikolas wed, and she miraculously became pregnant. Although there were multiple paternity tests, Jax kept changing them to make it look as if he were the father. Helena also kidnapped Courtney for a while. Courtney contracted a deadly virus in 2006 and died after she gave birth.  It was a while before Nikolas learned for sure that little Spencer was his baby and not Jax's.

Courtney was a very kind, sweet girl, but she could show strength when needed. She had a lot of insecurities that sometimes got in the way of her relationships.

Proofread by Laura on 12/20/10

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