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Coleman Ratcliffe
Played by Blake Gibbons
Written by Taryn

Coleman was a money hungry man when he first came on the show. He'd do anything for the right amount of cash. He is the former owner of a strip club named the Oasis. Coleman was first introduced when AJ got into a car accident and ran into Coleman's strip club. This is when Coleman's true colors began to show. First he blackmailed Courtney to work as a stripper, until the debt for the damage was paid off (or he would go to the police and have AJ locked up for a long time on DUI charges). When everything was revealed, AJ set fire to The Oasis. Coleman then started being bartender at Jake's, but he does odd jobs on the side (anything that will make him money).  Now he is the owner of Jake's, which has been renamed "The Floating Rib" (after an old Port Charles restaurant). Luke paid him to change the name so that Elizabeth and others would no longer be reminded of the name "Jake", which was also the name of her dead toddler.

At one moment in time, Coleman seemed to be obsessed with Courtney. The day of a Halloween party, Coleman dressed as a masked stalker and was shot by Courtney.  It turned out that Coleman was not the real stalker. Coleman survived surgery and wrote AJ's name in blood, naming him as the stalker. A hospitalized Coleman told Officer Taggert that AJ paid him to harass Courtney so that AJ would seem heroic by rescuing her in the end. He claimed AJ gave him $250,000 to harass Courtney. Coleman started to develop a conscience and asked Jason for help in exposing AJ's guilt.

Coleman also bribed an old woman, Ida, to frame Brenda and Jason for the murder of Luis Alcazar. He had a sexual relationship with Skye Quartermaine for a while, when she was drinking heavily. He was also involved with Tracy Quartermaine, helping her try to steal the Blackthorn treasure.

For a while, Coleman was heavily involved with Kate, but they drifted apart. Their worlds were just very different. Coleman looks out for Coleman, so if you need his help, you better have the money!

Other facts:  Coleman introduced himself as Coleman Ratcliffe when he met Lila Quartermaine. The sleazy kid that Maxie Jones dated was also named Ratcliffe, so are they related? We may never know...Later they reveled that his first name is really "Mitchell".

Coleman has an eye for the ladies (Courtney, Skye, Sam, Tracy) and knows that sometimes they go for sleaze, which is in his favor. Like Sonny, Coleman was first introduced as a real lowlife, but the writers have since softened him a bit. His strip club reminded Sonny a lot of the club he once owned.

Coleman is everyone's favorite bartender now. He is more laid-back than he used to be and stays out of trouble.

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Page updated 5/1/12

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