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Cameron Lewis
Played by Lane Davies
Written by Taryn

Cameron was once a devoted father, but a tragic accident alienated him from his son and caused him to treat him badly. He was a caring psychiatrist who listened to people's problems, but he was unorthodox in his treatment and did not act like a typical "shrink". His career was very important to him, but he didn't act like it was. Cameron often ended up helping people, even if it looked like he really didn't want to. By the time he figured out how to handle the situation with his son Zander, it was too late because Zander had written him off. It took a long time for them to fix their relationship. Like most psychiatrists, Cameron was better at helping other people than solving his own problems.

He first appeared on GH when Alexis Davis went to a homeless shelter, where he worked. She was looking for a therapist for Luke Spencer, who was being self-destructive. He then became Luke's therapist and he tried to get Luke to open up about his feelings about Laura. When he felt that he could no longer help Luke, he had him committed, because Luke claimed to be seeing a woman who had a resemblance to Laura. Finally, he saw the woman and was convinced that Luke had been telling the truth.

Cameron is also a hero. He rescued Alexis when she went into premature labor in the park, and then later he tried to persuade the doctors to allow her to stay in the NICU continually with her baby. Cameron also tried to be a good friend and listener. He felt that Alexis was becoming obsessive over Luis Alcazar. Cameron was also effective in helping Brenda remember the events surrounding Alcazar's murder.

Alexis eventually learned to confide in Cameron, telling him that Ned was not the biological father of her daughter Kristina. In return for her confession, he told her about the son that he abandoned years ago, he wished that he could change the way things were between him and his son. He thought that coming to Port Charles would help him find some kind of closure.

It was later revealed that Zander Smith was the son that he abandoned. Zander ran away from home after his older brother Peter was killed while hunting. Cameron blamed Zander for Pete's death. When Zander realized that Cameron was in town, he remembered what happened between them and started to fall apart. Cameron and Zander finally met when Cameron was assigned to be Zander's therapist after he got into trouble and landed in jail. They discussed the shooting, but both were too angry to reconcile their differences.

Cameron discovered that Alexis had been having memory lapses; he followed her and found that she was dressing like her dead sister, Kristina. Alexis was on the verge of being discovered, but Cameron tried stalling the investigation because he wanted to help her. Cameron confronted "Kristina" and found out that she killed Alcazar. When Alexis realized what happened, she begged Cameron to help her. While he was treating Alexis, he discovered that she had been faking her DID, but he still could not say no to her, so he continued to help her. He was intrigued by Alexis and started to care for her. He helped her try to convince the judge that she was insane. Cameron also helped Alexis see her daughter, even though she had no visitation rights. When put on the witness stand, Cameron committed perjury and testified that Alexis had DID. The judge ruled that Alexis was not guilty by reason of temporary insanity and ordered her to undergo treatment. Cameron did not stay her shrink for long after that because Alexis did not take her treatment seriously (since she did not really have DID), so she missed her appointments. He made sure she was switched to a new therapist because he knew that Alexis had a lot of emotional problems, even if she didn't have DID.

When Alexis kidnapped Kristina, Cameron arranged to keep Alexis and the baby in hiding for a few days of quality time together. He covered for her when others asked him if she had the baby and he got arrested. When the baby was finally returned to Ned and the Quartermaines, Cameron blackmailed Edward into letting Alexis see Kristina.

On the anniversary of Peter's death, Cameron admitted that his son Peter committed suicide and that Zander wasn't responsible for his death. When Zander asked why Cameron never tried to find him and tell him, Cameron told him that he thought Zander would be better off away from Cameron. They had a better relationship after that.

Cameron continued to constantly cover for Alexis and her ridiculous schemes. They eventually started dating.

When Zander was being framed for shooting a cop, he went on the run from the police. Cameron discovered that Maxie was hiding Zander at the PC Hotel and offered to help. Zander did not want his father's help. Cameron was concerned because Zander had been shot and needed medical attention. Cameron got the bullet out of his leg and tried to get Alexis to help Zander. Alexis finally agreed to help, and they left Zander hiding at the hotel. A fire broke out in the room Zander was hiding in. Cameron found out from Maxie that Zander was dead, since paramedics had found a body burned beyond recognition in the same room.

Suffering from guilt and shock, Cameron went back into the hotel where he met Skye and Luke on his way up the stairs. Luke tried to talk Cameron into coming downstairs, but Cameron wouldn't go. While trying to get Cameron to go with them, part of the ceiling collapsed. Cameron pushed Lucky out of danger and got knocked on the head by the falling debris. Before he died, Cameron told Luke to take care of his kids and love them, to do the opposite of what he did with his sons. Lucky brought Cameron's body back outside where Alexis saw him. She felt deeply sorry for never thanking him for all his help in her life.

Cameron was selfless; he will be missed. Zander did not really die in the fire, but the grief over his father caused him to go completely bonkers. He talked to his father at his grave and planned to run off with Emily. Emily did not want to go with him, and Zander committed suicide by pretending to pull out a gun when he was facing the heavily-armed police. Now Zander and his father are together. It's a shame that we didn't get to see more of Cameron and Zander together, and that Cameron and Alexis' relationship did not go farther. Cameron had an enjoyable, sardonic sense of humor. Elizabeth named her and Zander's baby Cameron after him.

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