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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Anna Devane by Terry
Played by Finola Hughes

Anna Devane (Finola Hughes)

In 1985, a mystery woman arrived in Port Charles.  Anna Devane was the ex-wife of World  Security Bureau (WSB) spy Robert Scorpio. Anna was born in the UK and raised in Canada. The deaths of her parents and younger sister left her alone, so she became a spy for the WSB.

During the mid-seventies, Anna married her partner, Robert, who divorced her when he discovered she was a double agent for the DVX (Russian spy agency). She found out she was carrying his child after the divorce and kept the pregnancy secret. She gave birth to a daughter and named her Robin. Robin was raised by family friend Filomena Soltini until she was eight years old and later became a doctor at General Hospital.  

Anna was involved in several escapades while in Port Charles; as a result of her heroics, she was appointed co-police chief of the Port Charles Police Department (PCPD). Anna was romantically involved with the owner of Duke’s Club, mobster Duke Lavery. She refused to believe that Lavery was a member of the mob until reporters stopped their wedding with proof. Questioning her judgment, she resigned from the PCPD. Eventually, Anna and Duke reconnected and were married. Anna became pregnant but lost the child when Olivia St. John of the Jerome crime family tried to kill her. Lavery was assassinated by the organization for turning state’s evidence.

While working together, Anna and Robert's relationship grew, and they remarried. The couple was presumed dead when the ship they were on was destroyed in a fiery explosion. A few years later, Anna turned up alive in Pine Valley, PA with amnesia, but she eventually got her memory back and reunited with daughter Robin. (Robert also turned up alive later.) She was married while in Pine Valley to Doctor Hayward. They had a baby, Leora, but she died. Eventually David and Anna were divorced.  She still works as a spy for the WSB.  She and her former husband Robert are estranged.  She briefly had a fling with rock star Eli Love.

Anna returned to Port Charles in 2012 when Robin was presumed dead.  Currently, she is helping former FBI agent John McBain, who wants to put Sonny in jail.  She is sharing a hotel suite with Luke Spencer.

Anna is about as close to a superheroine as you can find on TV without wearing a cape. She is a sexy spy who fights to save the world and have adventure. She can be very tough, especially when defending a family member, but she is also very nice, friendly, and sweet. She laughs a lot and tends to have more male friends than female ones.

Proofread by Laura on 1/5/11

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