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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Alexis Davis
Played by Nancy Lee Grahn
Written by Taryn

Alexis Davis is an attorney who knows the law and is very efficient. She is very dedicated to her daughters, but at times she is very deceptive as well.

Her whole life was built on a lie. She was raised to believe her mother was a Cassadine and that her parents died when she was young. She also believed Stefan was her cousin. She later found out that her father was really Mikkos Cassadine, and her mother Kristen Bergman was killed by Mikkos' wife Helena (making her Stefan's sister). She was threatened by Helena to do as she was told to do. Helena forced her to defend Tony Jones for kidnapping, which cost Alexis her relationship with Ned Ashton, as well as her job at ELQ.

Alexis originally came to Port Charles in 1996 to defend Kevin Collins for stalking Felicia Jones. Because of her past, Alexis has trouble trusting anyone. She came very close to marrying Ned, but she ran off at the last second rather than say "I do". She had a great fear of becoming a Quartermaine because the family puts enormous pressure on the family members to act a certain way.

While Alexis and Ned continued to love one another for a long time, she had no trouble marrying his friend, Jax, because it was purely a business relationship. Ned married Chloe, the woman Jax loved, to help Chloe get her inheritance. Alexis and Jax have remained friends, even though they did get divorced.

After breaking up with Ned, Alexis put all her energy into defending her client Sonny Corinthos against his various enemies. They lived across the hall from each other and eventually developed a friendship. They shared an innate distrust of people. She has tried to focus on a life without the Cassadines and concentrated on her work. She even ran for D.A. but lost to Scott Baldwin.

In summer 2001, Alexis began searching for her long-lost sister, Kristina. With Jax's help, Alexis located her, and they had a pleasant reunion, although Kristina began to nag her constantly. Alexis soon developed deeper feelings for her client and friend Sonny. Her personality started to change; she became less independent and more shy and timid.

Alexis fell in love with Sonny, who was married to Carly. When Carly and Sonny split up in 2002, he turned to Alexis for comfort and they had sex. Their romance would go no further since Carly saw the two making love. She ran off and was involved in a car accident, which led everyone to believe she was dead. Eventually she was found alive, and she and Sonny reunited. Alexis was not happy to be left out in the cold, and she couldn't stand Carly, so she ended up leaving the penthouse and Sonny's employ.

Soon after she left the penthouse, Alexis discovered she was pregnant with Sonny's child. To hide the fact the child was Sonny's, Ned volunteered to be the father. This fake admission hurt Kristina, who was involved with Ned. She thought that Ned and Alexis had slept together, and they were afraid to tell her the truth. Later, Kristina found a note taken from Alexis’ journal that said that Sonny was the baby's father, so she went to find Sonny at his warehouse. Kristina walked into the warehouse and was trapped inside when it was blown up.

Alexis blamed Sonny for her sister's death because Luis Alcazar wanted Sonny to die in the explosion. She blamed Sonny's violent lifestyle, even though Alcazar’s revenge on Sonny was over a woman (Brenda), not because of business. She did not act rationally and when Sonny came to Kristina's memorial service, Alexis tore into him, saying really hurtful things.

Alexis gave birth to a baby girl, and she named the baby Kristina after her sister. The baby had to be put in neonatal intensive care under an incubator and on life support. Alexis and the baby almost died when she started labor outside in the snow. Alcazar saw her there but did nothing to help her. Fortunately, Cameron came along to help her.

Alexis went a little more nutty; she refused to leave the baby's side and pushed Ned further away in the process. She was also revealed to be the killer of Luis Alcazar. She was running around town with a Red Wing, trying to look like her sister. She was arrested for Alcazar's murder and claimed she had Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities), and that her alter, "Kristina", was responsible. Cameron was the only person who realized she was faking, but he agreed to keep her secret, perhaps because he was falling for her. Eventually we found out that Alexis accidentally pushed Alcazar off the roof while defending herself against him.

Alexis was found not guilty by reason of mental instability, but Ned was awarded custody of her daughter, and she had to face a long period in psychiatric treatment. During this time, she kidnapped her child, pretended to be a butler named "Dobson" in order to be close to Kristina, and pulled other stunts, despite Cameron's warnings. Eventually she obtained full custody of Kristina and grew close to Cameron in the process.

Her lies about Kristina's birth came out. In the Port Charles Hotel fire, she confessed to Carly that Sonny was Kristina's father. She was blackmailed by Carly into representing her in a custody suit between her and Sonny for their sons. D.A. Ric, Sonny's brother, found out her secret and tried to use it against Sonny.

Cameron died in the hotel fire, so Alexis lost her close friend. His son, Zander, another good friend, also died after that.  She thought she had lost Nikolas as well for a time, but he was found to be alive. They were very close until he left town. Later, Alexis married Ric Lansing (Sonny's brother) and had his baby, Molly.  She also found out that Sam was her long-lost daughter. Sam and Ric slept together, but Alexis eventually forgave Ric. Ric left town, and Alexis won custody of Molly.  She is very close to her three girls.

Alexis briefly had an affair with Jerry, Jax's brother. She and Jax were very good friends for a long time. Jerry turned out to be an evil gangster who tried to kill Sam.

Alexis' friends and relatives try to get her to have more of a social life because she tends to be a workaholic. They kept trying to set her up with Mac Scorpio, but she protested. She claims that there is no spark with Mac. She seems to have concluded that she only falls for bad men.  She and Mac dated a few times.  Alexis is very good friends with Diane, who is also an attorney and is now dating Mac. Alexis is now back to being Sonny's lawyer after a long respite.

Alexis is a fantastic attorney and a loyal friend, but she is a fierce opponent. When she wants something,  she goes after it, no matter what. Despite her lies about Kristina, she is usually very forthright (to the point of making others feel uncomfortable). She does not tolerate fools, but she has a soft spot for people in trouble. She feels very strongly about justice. 

Proofread by Laura on 10/25/10

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