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Dr. Alan Quartermaine
Played by Stuart Damon

Alan Quartermaine was the oldest son of rich parents Lila and Edward Quartermaine. Edward had always been hard on his family and put money first. He was disappointed that Alan became a doctor rather than taking over the family business, ELQ. Alan has always had that pressure from his father. He and his father never had a close relationship because Edward is not one to show a lot of affection to his children. Alan's mother, Lila, was very loving, so that has saved Alan from being a complete jerk like his father. Alan also had one sister, Tracy, who was a lot like Edward and resented that Edward seemed to give favor to Alan.

Alan was a skilled surgeon and a great doctor. He also had a great temper and was very jealous. His wife, Monica, had many affairs, which didn't help. He almost killed her when he found her with another doctor, Rick Webber, at their tryst. Monica is also Rick's soft spot. Alan and Monica had a very tumultuous relationship but loved each other, despite both of them having affairs.

In later years, Alan and Monica mostly lived for their children. Alan was chief administrator of General Hospital for many years. Monica was a heart surgeon. They had three children, Jason, AJ, and Emily. AJ was their oldest son. AJ had been an alcoholic and not a very good person. He always felt like his parents favored Jason over him. He was always looking for attention from his parents and grandfather. Alan and Monica were usually disgusted with him. Jason was more like the perfect son. He was a nice guy and was going to become a great doctor when he tried to stop AJ from driving drunk one night. AJ survived the crash, but Jason became brain damaged. Jason rejected his family and now goes by the last name Morgan.  He works for mobster Sonny. His personality was completely changed and he doesn't have much to do with his family. He did help out Alan, Monica, Lila, and Emily when they needed him, but he doesn't have much use for AJ or Edward. Alan and Monica had great sorrow about Jason and blamed AJ They adopted Emily when she was young, and she was their great delight.

Alan once murdered a man when he was attacking his friend Rhonda, whom he had a slight romantic involvement with (Karen's mother), but they were able to cover up the truth so Alan didn't go to jail. Monica had breast cancer in the 90's and that put a strain on their marriage, but Alan and Monica were able to go through all of the problems together.

At one point, Alan lost his surgical skills due to an injury. Later, he got hooked on pain killers and had to move out of his house. He was practically homeless and living in a bad area of town, and hanging out with a hooker. Eventually, after really hitting bottom, Alan went to AA and fixed his problems, and he  reunited with his family.

Alan's ex-lover Rae came to town and revealed that her daughter, Skye, was Alan's daughter. Skye and Alan had a tender, loving relationship. Skye has a drinking problem, which made Alan love her all the more and gave them a reason to bond. Later, Alan's sister Tracy revealed that Rae had lied and that Skye was not really his daughter. However, Alan still regarded Skye as his daughter, and the Quartermaines let her stay in their mansion as part of the family.

Alan can be very pompous, but he is basically a good guy. The Quartermaines always like to argue and bicker; it's their way of dealing with problems; but they all stand by each other and have great love.

Alan, as portrayed by Stuart Damon, is very tall. He is a big bear of a man. Alan had been a great father figure for many of the characters on the show, as well as the young interns on Port Charles. He could be very wise and kind. After Steve Hardy died, Alan sort of took his place as the heart of the show. He read the annual Christmas story to the children at the hospital every year (something that Steve used to do).

Unfortunately, Alan died of a heart attack during a hostage situation in 2007. He was able to see most of his family and loved ones before he passed away, but Jason arrived too late to say goodbye, much to his profound regret and sorrow.

Alan "haunted" his sister Tracy for a while on the show after that, as either a ghost or a figment of her guilt. Alan left his estate to Jason's children, but Tracy changed his will so that she got everything instead. Alan left her alone after she started acting motherly towards Lulu.  Monica was able to see Alan as a ghost at Christmastime in 2008, and they resumed their bickering relationship.

Alan and all of the Quartermaines are greatly missed on the show by fans. Tracy, Jason, Michael and Edward are the only ones left.

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Page updated 5/1/12

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