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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2003 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Kelly

Week of May 5th, 2003


Must be nice to have a friend like Gia! She has a personal first aid kit in her purse. Courtney sure does go through a lot! First she's kidnapped, then a mine caves in on her, and now he's the victim of a hit and run. I'm surprised that she' still alive! Of course, half the things that happen to her are her fault. Are Ric and Faith dense? You'd think they'd take a hint and stop messing with Sonny. I thought that Georgie and Lucas were cousins. Why are they kissing? That is just wrong!


I'm still waiting for the romance between Alexis and Cameron. They shouldn't deny it anymore. God! Is there a man that Faith hasn't been with? I'm sure she'll be with Sonny next!


1. I think that A. J. and Michael might have a small relationship in the works. Michael deserves to get to know his real father.

2. The Quartermaines will find out about Emily's cancer before Zander. This could cause problems for their relationship.

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