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Sabrina and Ellie Must Go … !!!

Sabrina:  Far before Sabrina set out on her quest to revive the Nurses' Ball, I’ve been of the opinion that this character’s storyline is supposed to be a take-off on Cinderella, with the plain-looking, bespectacled Sabrina as Cinderella, Dr. Britt Westbourne being like an evil stepsister, and Dr. Patrick Drake as the Prince.

Now it turns out that I could be on to something -- Sabrina has since mentioned the need to find a “Fairy Godmother” (or Fairy Godfather) to underwrite the Ball, perhaps another nod to a Cinderella-like storyline?!

Additionally, Sabrina (with the help of Felix) has managed to get Lucy Coe (the force behind previous Nurses' Balls) involved, and Lucy herself made a Cinderella like transformation.  She went from looking plain and barely noticeable as a librarian to becoming (temporarily) the glamorous wife of the wealthy and powerful Dr. Alan Quartermaine, and second to Lila (or “Mother Quartermaine” as Lucy refers to her) as the grande dame of the Quartermaine mansion.

So, when the upcoming Nurses' Ball is finally held, will Sabrina go rushing out at some point (reason undetermined), and lose one of her golden slippers? Will Patrick find the slipper, discover that it fits Sabrina (not Britt!), and fall madly in love with Sabrina?!

Regardless of how it all plays out, IMHO, Sabrina is a waste of airtime.  I don’t find this character or her storyline the least bit entertaining (although the addition of Felix into the mix at least livens things up), and what I see as parallels to Cinderella aren’t working for me.  I just can’t get invested in the character of Sabrina, and I hope she goes the way of those soap characters who seem to just ** disappear ** (no write off).

Moving on to Ellie: Another waste of airtime for me.  At first, I was intrigued by the idea of a female version of Spinelli, but it grew old quite fast.  At best, the way she calls him ** Damian ** (his given first name) is a unique, apparently special thing between the two of them.  Otherwise, I can’t stand the way she practically froths at the mouth whenever she’s with ** Damian **.  I find her annoying, and her nasal-sounding voice grates on me.

On the other hand, I have no prior familiarity with Spinelli and Maxie because I had not yet resumed watching GH when these two were involved. I saw flashbacks of when they were on the verge of getting married but they broke it off, and Spinelli was nursing unrequited love for Maxie. 

However, from what I have seen since then, I like these two together; IMHO, they’re a case of opposites attracting.

I can understand that Spinelli feels a certain kind of loyalty to Ellie since he ** chose ** her over Maxie when Maxie insisted that he make a choice between the two women.

However, IMHO, deep down Spinelli is still in love with Maxie, and he knows it.  IMHO, he feels an obligation to remain with Ellie; because if he broke up with her, he’d see it as going back on a promise.  He told Maxie that he had given Ellie his word, that he would not disappoint her, or something to this effect, meaning that he would not hurt her feelings or let her down by breaking up with her.

Based mostly on eavesdropping (and some insecurity), Ellie has developed concerns about possible lingering feelings that ** Damian ** might have for Maxie, but when she calls him on this, he denies it.

I have no idea how the storyline with Maxie as the surrogate mother for Lulu and Dante is going to unfold, but whatever direction it goes, I hope that somehow Spinelli decides to stand by Maxie throughout the process, and that Ellie will have had enough of what she sees as ** Damian **  being overly concerned for Maxie and she will tell ** Damian ** that she can tell that he still loves and wants Maxie. He will admit to this, and Ellie will leave town.

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Page updated 12/23/12

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